A large relatively open-ended area that looks suspiciously familiar to, but much more dangerous than the Darkroot Garden, featuring similar giant stone knights, and tree-tending ents of less dilapidated shades. Links the Oolacile Sanctuary to the Oolacile Township.

Royal Wood Walkthrough


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Full Royal Wood Walkthrough

Coming out of the sanctuary, you will cross a bridge and head up to the right to meet the first of 2 forms of the Oolacile-Ents: the Fork Scarecrows. Two will attack you straightly, using either a dash-and ram move or their forks to hit you. Easy to block, easy to avoid. It's suggested you clear the front of the cliffs by slowly approaching another Ent standing close. That will draw the attention of another one sprinting at you. Now you can choose two options:

  1. (optional) Head back to the side you came from, follow the wall to the other side of the woods to find a "copy" of Alvina's tower, containing the Guardian Gauntlets and then try to pull the conclave of Ents and Stone Guardians as singly as possible to get the Blue Titanite Slabhidden in a chest in the pool they are surrounding.
  2. Head forward along the cliff of the Scarecrow to see another one running away into an ambush for you. As you hear it crack and rustle, or see him turn, just back up the slope you came down only to notice 6-8 Ents coming for you. After beating them, you will see a Guardian in front of a corpse holding the Guardian Leggings. On trying to cross the bridge, Kalameet will show up and fly by.

Heading up the cliff drop down to find and hopefully kill a Crystal Lizard, as well as a nearby Stone Guardian. Deal with the nearby Scissor Scarecrow: he is a bit faster as his cousin, and has a 6-hit combo attack that isn't staggered by shields. On heading along the wall you jumped down, you soon will soon find a gap. Jump across it and turn right, going up a slope to find the Guardian Helmet. Head back down to see 2 Stone Guardians marching in front of a cliff. From here you can see another corpse with Gough's Arrows on it. Head along the cliff to find the Guardian Armor on a corpse hanging from the cliff near some bushes. Get back to the gap and now hug the left side, dealing with another Scarecrow along the way to find the only dropped Elizabeth's Mushroom. Now go further towards the ridged area and proceed in the tunnel to find another corpse with a Soul of a Proud Knight. Fall back down and proceed down one of two paths:

  1. (optional) Stay on the right side, go forward and find a Crystal Lizard and 2 Stone Knights and a Scarecrow.
  2. Head left down a slope with more Scarecrows and a corpse with a Knight's Soul.

When the Giants are close to you dash past them into the tower and on the plate to activate a lift. That one will take you down to the Colosseum fog gate as well as to Chester, a merchant selling useful, if overpriced, goods. and a shortcut in the tower close to him (a copy of Alvina's tower in the Darkroot Sanctuary) . There is also a shortcut to the Chasms nearby, but you can't access it - yet.
Note: The enemies in this section, with the exception of the first two Scarecrows, can be avoided by hugging the right edge of the map and dashing to the shortcut tower; this is useful for getting to Artorias the Abysswalker after finding all the goodies in the woods.
A subsection of woods is an area informally known as Kalameet's Valley, accessed down a path to the right and slightly to the rear of the player as they arrive in the area. On arriving at the bottom, turn around and follow the stream to kill two Undead Dogs and pick up an item on a corpse at the back of the valley. Head back the way you came and continue onwards to kill three more dogs, then a Crystal Lizard on the step-stones near the long ladder leading down into the valley proper, before clambering down. There are a few soul items near the center of the valley which can be safely accessed, but exploring too far will cause Kalameet to swoop down and hit you with an invariably lethal breath attack, so don't do this unless you're ready to enlist Gough's help with killing him, which first requires killing Artorias the Abysswalker and finding a key later in the area. Note that Kalameet is an optional boss.
Head through the fog gate into the Colosseum to fight the boss: Artorias the Abysswalker.


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Notes & Trivia:

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    • Anonymous

      Gold Coin23 Aug 2016 01:35  

      Where the first scarecrow is mentioned with the clippers, there is visible a body up ahead on a cliff, amongst some trees and some more scarecrows presumably trimming said trees. This body has an item to loot, a gold coin.

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