Blue Titanite Slab

Blue titanite slab for weapon reinforcement. Legendary Slabs were the domain of the Gods.
Reinforces magic weapons to +10, and enchanted weapons to +5.
Legendary Slabs are the heirlooms of a nameless blacksmith deity, who forged the weapons of other Gods. Weapons forged with this slab become rare legendary weapons.

Blue Titanite Slab is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Blue Titanite Slab usage

  • Ultimate Magic and Enchanted Upgrades material.
  • It allows reinforcement of +9 magic weapons to +10 and +4 enchanted weapons to +5.


Blue Titanite Slab location



  • Blue Titanite Chunks display the rune "Laguz", which means "water". The significance of this is discussed here.



    • Anonymous

      01 Jul 2019 03:13  

      Uhh f*** these drop rates. You run through the same areas enough or more if you die alot. The risk with butterflies is generally high so the drop rate should be in the double digits or at least with 410 discovery. Poor design as usual.

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