Giant Stone Knight

A big moss covered stone knight. They are the defenders of the Darkroot Garden.

Darkroot Garden
200 - NG+ 1000
600 - NG+ 2,400



  • Swing- He does a overhead swing. If the player is close enough he will swing again fairly quickly.
  • Charging Attack- He charges forward and does a stabbing attack. Block it with your shield and you'll be fine.
  • Encumbering Magic- He lifts his sword and shield above his head and casts a spell which makes the player to be unable to run, or roll. It's better to try to kill him before he finalizes casting the spell, as it takes some time to do it. The spell lasts 10 seconds.

Note: All attacks will knock the player over and do a lot of damage if not blocked.


Walk sideways when you see they are attacking you, when they miss they swing, attacks a few times until they start swinging again. Rinse and Repeat. If they cast the spell, try to walk backwards until you get away from the area of effect of the spell or until it fades (it lasts 10 seconds).


  • Fire & weapons with strike damage, such as Maces, Clubs and Hammers


  • Slash
  • Magic
  • Piercing

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