The Tomb of the Giants is a Location in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. A very dark Tomb located below The Catacombs full of giant skeletons. To make it easier to navigate it recommend that you follow our walkthrough by exploring Anor Londo and Lost Izalith before coming here. And obtaining the Skull Lantern, Sunlight Maggot (Lost Izalith), or the spell cast light so that it is possible to see, as the area is full of treacherous falls. 

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Full Tomb of the Giants Walkthrough

Things to come

It is not recommended to enter this area unless you have obtained the Lordvessel from Anor Londo, otherwise you will not be able to complete or access all of the area. In addition, the Tombs of Giants should only be explored by those with a Soul Level of at least 55-60, to avoid noobie frustration.

There are a total of 2 Bonfires, at about 1/3 and 2/3 through the area.

If you may have noticed, as you're leaving Pinwheel's Lair at the end of The Catacombs, on your right you'll notice the almost complete absence of light with Prism Stones used to show a path. It would make a lot more sense to venture the Tomb of the Giants with at least one of the following: the spell Cast Light, the Sunlight Maggot, or a Skull Lantern.

However if you have a death wish, and don't mind not being able to see anything, you can still make your way through the main areas here by following the placed Prism Stones carefully to avoid falling, and generally watching out for the pairs of white glowing eyes that indicate a giant skeleton. But for the sake of thoroughness, I will assume you've acquired a light source.


Entering the darkness

Into The Black - Your goal when first entering the Tomb of the Giants is to reach the bonfire. The good news is that there is a bonfire right after defeating Pinwheel, the bad news is that it's extinguished, for good. Traversing this area will be much easier if you have the spell Cast Light, the Sunlight Maggot or a Skull Lantern, to light up your surroundings as you enter the darkness.

tc endbossafter

Slide Into The Black - Upon climbing the two set of ladders to leave Pinwheel's lair, instead of looping round the path, head right; and follow the Prism Stones, across the first coffin (yes that's what they are), you'll find the extinguished bonfire. Hug the right wall going forward, and you will encounter the first Giant Skeleton. You have a bit of room to navigate, so don't worry too much about falling off the ledge. After dispatching him, follow the path down and you'll come to find a Prism Stone at the base of a coffin slanting downwards into the darkness. Man up, and slide down. Before continuing onto the next slanting coffin directly in front of you, you can turn right to find another Giant Skeleton and a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. It's a good idea to kill him because he may drop down on you once you continue your descent.


At the bottom of the coffin, two Giant Skeleton will be waiting to attack. You will also be fired at by some arrows from the darkness to your left. If you aren't confident in your ability to quickly take out the first Giant Skeleton before the second attacks, to make it an easy 1-on-1, the best way to survive this particular ledge is by heading straight to your right, and rolling past the skeletons onto another coffin-slide. It's likely that you'll die here until you get the hang of exactly where to go, but take heart!

Bonfire Uno - As you slide down this third coffin-slide, you can move to the right, as you begin the descent, to slide off-course and pick up the Humanity on the corpse on the ledge, then drop down to the end of the slide. Here you'll find Patches the Hyena to your right. Ignore him for now and head to the ladder straight ahead, next to a pile of giant bones. This will lead down to a small ledge with the bonfire; this is the first of the two in the area, the second being closer to the boss, Nito. Now that you have a checkpoint within the Tomb, you can feel free to explore around a bit. The first thing you should do is acquire the Skull Lantern. The easiest way to do this is to talk to Patches the Hyena; you can read up on him to see what he offers after this area.

tog patchesbon

Bottom of the Area

Patches the Hyena - Answer NO when he asks if you are a cleric to avoid making him hostile on your next encounter. He will tell you about a treasure he's found down the hole to his right. Walk over to the Prism Stone and it will trigger a cinematic of him kicking you off the edge, down into the area below. Yes it's a bit of  a **** move, but it's actually a good thing because you will find yourself next to three corpses with items: 2 Large Soul of a Proud Knight, and most importantly if you've made it this far without a light source, the Skull Lantern.

tog patchestrixy

Damsel In Distress - From your position when you land, you can explore around the right side and you'll find the NPC Reah of Thorolund, whose cleric companions have gone Hollow. Continuing along the same direction will lead you to the Hollowed NPCs Vince and Nico of Thorlund. Although they may not seem like it, they put up a decent fight, so don't underestimate them. Return to Reah to obtain the Miracle: Replenishment.

tog hollows

Ways To Go - If you follow the wall from speaking to Reah, you'll come across a split. Head right for now to find a  on a ramping ledge. Picking it up will incite aggro from Bone Towers. They don't have a lot of sustainability and will crumble with one strong melee attack, but they do have a slam attack and a thrash attack, both of which do substantial damage. It would not be such a bad idea to deal with them at range. Once you've dealt with them, return to the split, and follow the other path, which leads towards a ladder. After climbing that ladder, whack the illusory wall in front of you, and you'll come to a fork.

  • LEFT - Be wary of the Giant Skeleton Archers! This area can be difficult, but the Giant Skeletons have a short aggro range, and the Archers won't be able to hit some areas. After destroying the bones in the way, continue and drop into the square hole. (Note: If you continue on the walkway above, past the giant coffin, it will bring you back to the start of the area where you fought Pinwheel, and will allow you to nab the item on the body that you probably saw up and to the right for the very first Prism Stone. That path will also allow you to retrieve 3 Eye of Death.) Have you dropped into the hole? Congratulations, you are inside a giant coffin. You'll find yourself on a ledge above the bottom of the coffin, where 6 Giant Skeletons are lying in wait for you, as well as a dead blacksmith with a Large Divine Ember and a corpse with a Soul of a Brave Warrior. After dropping into the hole, make a running jump over the ladder leading down to the skeletons, and continue along the ledge around the inside of the coffin. Once you reach the other side, you should be able to target the skeletons below you. Ranged attacks are a good strategy here. Use a bow, or toss some fireballs, chaos fireballs, or firebombs to thin out their numbers.  Alternatively, you can go for a melee suicide run. Once you have the items, return to the fork.

tog skeletonden

  • RIGHT - This path will lead you back to Patches the Hyena, and the bonfire. Talk to Patches. If you choose to forgive him, he will present himself as a merchant later on.

tog patchessorry

From Patches, continue to his right, and find a path that leads to a fog wall and your first encounter with a Skeleton Dog.

Skeleton Dogs

There are several of these quadrupedal monsters in the following area. They are only found in the Tomb of the Giants, and while they have very low health, they deal very high damage.

The main danger of these enemies lies in their forward flurry attack that has significant range and seems to ignore all armor other than shield (need confirmation, but regardless the damage is insane). They will rear up when they are about to leap at you to perform this attack, so try to back up and keep your shield raised. It is sometimes possible to block all the damage from this attack by facing at the right angle with your shield up, but this will eat most of your stamina, and it seems that the attack can sometimes reach around the shield. If your stamina is not full, or if your shield/endurance/poise are not up to par, this attack can easily drain all your stamina or simply knock away your shield. If the flurry is not finished when you are left exposed, you will almost certainly die.


  • The best strategy to adopt in facing them is to minimize time spent fighting them; they have relatively low HP, so killing them quickly is feasible and necessary, even if it means eating a few of the monster's minor hits.
  • Another option is to pull them in using a powerful ranged Pyromancy, after which you'll be able to take them out in 1 or 2 hits. 
  • Another way to deal with them is to move around them and attack them from the rear; they take too long to turn around. However be careful not to fall off, since you will mostly find them in narrow corridors and the low visibility only makes things worse.
  • Alternatively, equipping the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring (found in Sen's Fortress) reduces the aggro range of the Dogs to the point where most dogs can simply be avoided by running past them. This makes traveling between the first bonfire and the location of the golden fog door, considerably easier.

tog foggatedoggo

Through the Fog Gate

Lotta Enemies - Note that, by traversing this fog gate, you've essentially walked into an arena as there are several Skeleton Dogs, a Giant Skeleton Archer, and a Black Knight. The best thing to do once you're through the fog is to take only a few steps, and prepare to fight the Black Knight, who comes up from a ramp on the left; you should do your best to steer clear of any Dogs, as to not make your job harder than it already is. Continue forward to face a Skeleton Dog, and once you deal with him, proceed to the Archer on the left, picking up the Soul of a Brave Warrior  on a corpse behind him. Turn around and proceed to the undiscovered small area on the right to find another Dog. Next to him, you'll find an opening on the ground that divides in two:

  • Right - Follows a long and thin walkway leading to the Effigy Shield, at the end of it.
  • Left - A ramp down that leads to a small area. Immediately you'll see the Skeleton Dog, and a Giant Skeleton - kill them. Continue hugging the wall, down another ramp, to the second bonfire. It is highly recommended that you kindle this bonfire, as you are 2/3 away from the boss.

Snake Ring - Head back and up the ramp, turning right, to reach the area where you killed the giant Skeleton Archer. You should find the corpse you looted prior, laying cliffside. Destroy the bones and debris behind it so you can get a proper run up, and jump off as demonstrated below, and you should land on the correct platform, without issue.

tog jump

Continue until you see a corpse with loot in the middle of the area - Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. However, know that as soon as you pick it up, a trap that surrounds you with Bone Towers  will be triggered (great place to farm White Titanite Chunks).

tog bonetower

Once you get the ring, return to where you landed, and face the direction you jumped from. Below, is the area you jumped from. You'll notice an area with a slope, jump onto it. There are 3 ways you can go at this point: to your right is the bonfire, go left on the high road to be back at the area with the Skeleton Dog, and a Giant Skeleton, Going left, on the low road, will lead to an area with an White Titanite Chunk from a corpse in an alcove, 3 Skeleton Dogs ahead slightly to the left, plus an additional Skeleton Dog, and a Giant Skeleton from the highroad area, if you ignored it earlier.

tog bonfiretwoarrows

Out of the Darkness

Finding The Light - From the same direction you entered, take the ramp on the right down. At the break of this ramp, turn around and into the little hole under the ramp to find another corpse with Soul of a Brave Warrior. Turn around once again, and continue down the bottom of the ramp. Here you should find a short ladder going down. From there, continue down the ledge, and eventually you'll exit the pitch black of the Tomb of the Giants -before you go through with this, make sure you are in your human form, to save you the unnecessary backtracking.

Death Of Leeroy - Enter the opening on the right of the mountain, and kill the Crystal Lizard trying to escape. Do this quickly as you will be invaded by the Black Phantom Paladin (if you are in human form). After defeating him, and making sure you don't knock him off the ledge, you will receive: Grant, Sanctus Shield , 2 Humanity, and 20,000~ Souls. You can also find his complete Paladin Set after you defeat the boss in its arena (as alternative, you can also go back to the The Catacombs and use the coffin to get to Nito's area for the Set). If you do accidentally knock him off, you may be able to get his drops by quitting and re-loading the game. 

tog paladin

Boxed In - Now continue into the cave (only accessible after lowering the golden fog gate by placing the Lordvessel) killing the two Bone Towers along the way. Be careful when dealing with the second, as he retreats to the floor, exposing the Archer behind him. While the best course of action is to rush him and kill him ASAP, make note of the Giant Skeleton hiding behind the corner, and the fact that the Bone Tower that previously retreated, will emerge again in an attempt to box you in. Once they're dealt with, proceed further into the cave.

tog bonesbeforebossfight

Room Of Chaos - This room is almost like a mini boss with the multiple Pinwheels, and infinite toxic Skeleton Babies. The best strategy in this chaos is to avoid getting swarmed by the Skeleton Babies, while dodging the ranged attacks of the Pinwheels, closing down on each of them as you go; do not stop moving. There are also a few invaluable goodies to pick up from here, including different high-end soul items and, a White Titanite Chunk on a hidden corpse in the left corner, you will notice a hole in the wall.

  • ALTERNATE METHOD OF DEALING WITH THE PINWHEEL COPIES: The Pinwheels can be taken down with Standard Arrows & Longbow+14. Dex 29 Str 24 - only took 4 shots and each shot stuns the Pinwheel so they don't have time to get their fireball charged. Using this method, one can draw the attention of the Pinwheels individually, to minimize danger. - Gregor Lenko 03/10/12

tog woodfoggate

Biggest, Baddest, Bone - After exploring the room enough, you should have come across a pile of wood atop a slope. Break through this wood to reveal the fog gate to reach the boss of the Tomb of the Giants.

tog nito

Big Boss: Gravelord Nito

FARMING: Also note that, although the Baby Skeletons only yield 121 souls apiece (First Playthrough, with overkill bonus; which is almost a guarantee since they have less than 60 HP each)(174 souls with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and and Symbol of Avarice; 3 times 20%), this is an excellent place to farm for souls due to their infinite respawning. Also, with 410 Item discovery (using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and a humanity of 10 or more), they drop Humanity fairly regularly. Make sure to bring some blooming purple moss clumps in case they toxify you, and a weapon with a wide sweeping attack (Gravelord Sword, Battle Axe, etc.), so you can take out a lot of them with every swing. Make sure to pick up anything they drop as fast as possible though, as they fade fairly quickly due to their respawn rate (items WILL fade in just the brief amount of time it takes to swing your weapon once more, just to put into perspective how fast they will go away). In about two hours, this user racked up an astonishing 400,000 souls and 130 Humanities.



Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.
  • Another alternative if you don't mind dying a few times to figure out the route and missing out on some soul items is simply equipping the lantern and run past everything.
  • Starting from where Patches stay right past the first dog, after the fog door run towards the skeletal archer and roll straight off the ledge where the item is. You will land on a platform which leads towards the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Unless you really want it face directly behind you and roll off the ledge again.
  • Following the right path will lead you the second bonfire. When heading to the left make sure to hug the right wall and keep heading down until you see the hole with the ladder in it which leads out of the dark area. Most skeletal dogs that do follow you will most likely to fall off and die. However, on a rare occasion one might follow all the way to where Paladin Leeroy spawns, so take a minute to make sure its clear.
  • Once you master this route it will make any successive trip to the Tomb of the Giants much quicker. 

Notes & Trivia:


Anor Londo  ♦  Ash Lake  ♦  Blighttown  ♦  Chasm of the Abyss  ♦  Crystal Cave  ♦  Darkroot Basin  ♦  Darkroot Garden  ♦  Demon Ruins  ♦  Depths  ♦  Firelink Shrine  ♦  Kiln of the First Flame  ♦  Lost Izalith  ♦  New Londo Ruins  ♦  New Londo Ruins Lower  ♦  New Londo Ruins Upper  ♦  Northern Undead Asylum  ♦  Oolacile Sanctuary  ♦  Oolacile Township  ♦  Painted World of Ariamis  ♦  Quelaag's Domain  ♦  Royal Wood  ♦  Sanctuary Garden  ♦  Sen's Fortress  ♦  The Abyss  ♦  The Catacombs  ♦  The Duke's Archives  ♦  The Great Hollow  ♦  Undead Burg  ♦  Valley of Drakes



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    • Anonymous

      I really liked this area and it was one of the few areas to give me a sense of explorations. Wandering around in the dark with a lantern while my estus slowly started running out from enemies was a fun experience. Getting chased by a skeleton dog thing then falling off the path and landing next to a bonfire was one of my most memorable moments.
      Then I had to walk all the way to the surface because I hadnt gone to Anor Londo yet so I was blocked by a golden gate.

      • Anonymous

        I actually really liked this area. It is kinda annoying that there's no easy way to get a light source until 1/3 through, but I liked fighting in the dark and switching between shield and lantern. It made the area feel more creepy and unwelcoming.

        Just make sure you aren't underleveled. SL60 at minimum

        • Anonymous

          in the room with the divine ember, i aggroed all the giant skels with my bow and they all gathered near the ladder all clumped together. i then hit them all with a plunge attack

          • Anonymous

            the silver serpent ring is complete bullspit. no hint or clue at all, they just expect you to make a leap of faith into the darkness. frig this game.

            • Anonymous

              I always thought that pinwheel boss is hard after watching many videos of Players died when fighting him. But when i first encounter him, with solid 3 hit with a +5 black knight halberd he is confirmed dead. Now that i think about it, i'm pretty buffed at that time

              • Anonymous

                I didn't know the 2 giant skeletons could follow you to where patches is and they knocked him down the cliff he is supposed to push you and he ****ing died

                • Anonymous

                  There is a white titanite SLAB to the left of the woodpile leading to Nito. Drop down and run to the back of the passage.

                  • Anonymous

                    It's F###ing ridiculous how dark is there. I love this game but sometimes hate it at the same time. For everything I have to search the internet without no in-game info at all :(

                    • Anonymous

                      Luckily found a skull lantern beforehand, so could actually see some **** there. Still, i think mage light is better, as with lantern you have to "use" it, so you won't see much when swingin a weapon or rolling.

                      • Anonymous

                        It's the THIRD bone tower that the giant archer and skeleton are hiding behind after the paladin invasion. Incorrect note got me killed.

                        • Anonymous

                          It pains me that I have not found a reliable build to effectively go toe-to-toe against the Skeleton Beasts . I always do a leaping forward attack just outside their aggro-range and one-hit kill them with a hard hitting strength weapon (either a Black Knight Greatsword , Great Club or a Greataxe) . Even when they let off an attack , it's damage is absolutely ludicrous . The toughest enemy by far in the entire game to solo for a melee build . Magic trivializes them , of course .

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm unironically pretty fond of this area - the layout is pretty simple, but the need to use a light source presents a unique challenge for both combat and exploration, and I love how you can see both Izalith and Ash Lake from here. Nito was slightly disappointing but I liked the vibe and the Pinwheel rave room. Only major points I have against the area are the skelly dogs and their OHKOs (thankfully you can run past them), as well as that suicide room with the Large Divine Ember.

                            • Anonymous

                              "Slide Into The Black - Upon climbing the two set of ladders to leave Pinwheel's lair, instead of looping round the path, head right; and follow the Prism Stones, across the first coffin (yes that's what they are), you'll find the extinguished bonfire." Am I just blind or something? I don't see a bonfire between pinwheel and the first giant. The only one I could find was near Patches.

                              • Anonymous

                                Man I went through this place first time with a +5 divine halberd because I liked the faith scalling (miracle build), had no idea until my next game that skeletons respawn, and to add insult to injury my non-divine weapons did less damage because of no modifier, apparently this isn't by far the easiest level of the four...

                                • Anonymous

                                  It is possible to lock onto the skeleton dogs just outside of their aggro range. At this range you can prepare a jumping heavy attack that will one shot them with most weapons before they can react. In combat with them you will always be in danger so try taking them out with a heavy spell (sorcery, miracle, pyromancy) or heavy jumping attack to avoid combat altogether.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    THAT IS NOT A DOG. THAT IS ANYTHING BUT A DOG.

                                    I expected to see, like, a skeletal version of the Undead Burg dogs, like y'know, SKELETON DOGS.
                                    Not some friggin quadrupedal titan. What the feck.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This and the catacombs guides really need some editing, a ton of stuff is very confusing and there are some editing mistakes as well. The warnings are also way too late like human form for the paladin invasion.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        If you hate this area because of the dark and difficulty please at least consider the trade off that was made which is how short it is compared to other locations. Very tough to get through but brief with both bonfires being placed very close to each other by DS1 standards. It just makes me sad when people only focus on the negatives ...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The coffin with the ember is a bully pit, as soon as you jump down there you’re in for one hell of a time as a melee character!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I thought this game was overrated and easy.
                                            Then I got two shot by a skeleton dog when at that stage not even bosses could do such a thing.
                                            Should make a game with nothing but this level of difficulty. Reminds me of old 2D sidescrollers that were equally as brutal as that. I'm super mad at these things, but when you beat them it's real satisfying.

                                            • Anonymous


                                              • Anonymous

                                                Vicious little programmer: "we're almost done with the Tomb of Giants, Your Excellency. It has huge skeleton archers, skeleton beasts, wild skeletons with huge swords in a confined space, narrow tunnels, clerics gone wild and if someone comes here without a Lordvessel he is desperate. But how can we make this place even more perfect?"

                                                Miyazaki: "make it dark like the dead of night"

                                                From Software's devils laughed because they knew it was going to be fun

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  If you want to get Replenishment and follow Reah's questline, make sure to not pick up the white titanite chunk up the ramp until after you talk to her and at least get Replenishment first. Or, make sure to find and kill all the bone towers before talking to her. Otherwise, unlike the mosquitos in Blighttown when talking to Quelaana, they will not back off while you are in conversation with her and will attack and kill her, causing you to lose out on Replenishment, Great Heal and Wrath of the Gods. Ooof.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I’m shocked that there’s no mention of the Large Divine Ember or how to get it.. huge miss! From the first bonfire: go up the ladder that takes you to the platform Patches is on and go right, walking the ledge that hugs the wall all the way up until you hit a clearing with 2 archer skelz firing off from the darkness. There’s remnants of a tomb there with a whole in the ground that has a ladder going down into it (literally can’t miss it). Take the ladder down and find yourself on a ledge above a room with 3 large sword skelz clamoring for you (they can’t reach you while you’re on the ledge). You can see an item on the ground close to you and one in the distance. Jump down towards the one that’s close to you and pick it up if you want (I believe it’s a white titanite chunk), but then dash to the item in the back. Once you’re close enough you’ll see that, much like the ember collected in the Painted World, the item is being held by a fossilized blacksmith. This is the Large Divine Ember! As soon as you grab it, run like Indiana Jones because there are more large skelz in the back of the room making a total of at least 6 coming for your head. There’s no way in my opinion to fend off the skeletons (maybe some spells could make it doable, but no melee character has a chance due to the staggering and blood loss), so you should probably go in with low souls you don’t mind losing or with a RoS

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Man I made it all the way to nito and killed him without then lantern or any light! Only till I was exploring did I find it afterward lol

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        “In addition, the Tombs of Giants should only be explored by those with a Soul Level of at least 55-60, to avoid noobie frustration.“ I wish I’d known that 8 hours ago when I first decided to go through it only to find an impassable golden barrier at the end

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Ascended pyromancy flame was a must in my case. I really hate those skeleton dogs - honestly I think the guide is right and they might actually cut through all armor. But after I upgraded my flame I just baited with fire ball/orb, then booped them with an R2 and that made this section infinitely more bearable.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Homing soul mass makes this place a joke. Equip whatever light source you like and homing soul mass, and you’re free to stroll around without a care in the world

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Hi, I just made a video related to the view of Lost Izalith from the Tomb of Giants, feel free to link my video in this (or any) page

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                let me guess, if you don't have the lordvessel and rested at a bonfire there you can't get out, right? just answer me so that i may lament my lost warrior

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  It would appear that from the first bonfire in the area, you can see the Lost Izalith. Is this confirmed at all?

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    You said there are 2 bonfires, but I went back to TotG and count 3 bonfires. The one near Patches, one near the ramp with a bunch of skeleton dogs, and one that shows up as Alter of the Gravelord on my list of places to warp.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      So I accidentally traded away my only skull lantern to get a fog ring (to heck with the silver knight archers in Anor Londo) and now I am there any way to get another lantern because I don't have enough humanity for Chaos Servant and I am a melee build so going up 4 int is almost a no go. Thoughts?

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        General tips for everyone in case you didn't see it above: 1) Most enemies have a short line of sight: If you move cautiously, you can normally see enemies before they even see you. Use this time to plan your moves, inspect your surroundings, buff your weapons/spells/whatever. This is especially useful if you have Pyromancy Flame spells! You can normally inch right up to within range and throw a fireball to kill the Giants or Giant Dogs before they even know you're there. 2) Tomb of the Giants is without a doubt THE BEST place to farm humanity...if you can make it to the area before Gravelord NIto, where the skeleton babies spawn endlessly. Getting there will take either patience or practice though... 3) The Giant Skeleton Dogs, alhough very strong and viscious, are incredibly weak and can normally be killed with two swings of your weapon. When dealing with them, it's best to be aggressive and take them out as quickly as possible. The MOST IMPORTANT things to help you in Tomb of the Giants are: 1) The "Cast Light" miracle (learned from Dusk of Oolacile after defeating both the Hydra in Darkroot Basin and the Golden Golem that awaits all the way behind the Hydra. YOU MUST RELOAD THE GAME after defeating the Hydra to make the Golden Crystal Golem appear all the way in the back and to the left of the Hydra's location. Defeat the hydra then load the game again. You should see a summon sign in front of wher the Hydra was. Touch it to summon Dusk of Oolacile and purchase things from her). 2) Sunlight Maggot Helm- Acquired in Lost Izalith by killing one of the Sunlight Maggots BEFORE fighting the main area boss. Check Fextralife link for extra info. 3) Skull Lantern- A lantern that can be dropped by Necromancers in the Catacombs, or can be acquired by the player in Tomb of the Giants in the pit that Patches kicks the player into. IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this item takes up one hand (left or right), so if you decide to use this YOU WILL BE LIMITED in terms of attacking/blocking because you will need to continually use one hand to hold this lantern. If you're a boss and don't mind this limitation, by all means, use it. Having one of those three things is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of traversing Tomb of the Giants. This cannot be overstated: IF you can't see down here, you're going to have a horrible time and it will be absolute hell for you. Aside from those, it's best to take your time when exploring this area. SERIOUSLY- TAKE YOUR SWEET ASS TIME. Don't waste any humanity to become human, and if possible, spend your souls wisely to level up or whatever so you have nothing to lose when you get down here. Your first priority when getting here from Pinweel should be to find the first bonfire. Once you've activated the first bonfire, everything gets easier and you can take chances and explore the area, dying as many times as necessary without the fear of having to come back down all the way from Firelink Shrine. I just cleared this place (save for Gravelord Nito), and I am currently at SL 72, rocking a Zweihander +10, Pyromancy Flame +15, and a Balder Shield +9 as my weapons and shield of choice. By far, the easiest way to take out any of the enemies in this area is with the Pyromancy Flame! WIth Pyromancy Flame +15 you can kill every single enemy with one fireball or fire orb (does around 550+ damage for me everytime with fireball, more with fire orb). If you want to make this entire area much easier, I cannot stress how important the pyromancy spells "FIre Ball" and "Fire Orb" are. Fire ball has 8 uses, FIre Orb has 6... so If you have enough attunement slots to equip both of these spells, and if your pyromancy flame is ascended to +15, they are truly all you need to get from Pinwheel to the first bonfire, then from 1st bonfire to 2nd, then from 2nd bonfire to Gravelord NIto. If you don't want to take the Pyromancy route for any reason (lack of souls, different build, etc) the next best thing would be to have a flame weapon; either by upgrading it down the fire path or by simply using Charcoal Pine Resin on your right hand weapon. If you don't already have a weapon ascended down the fire path, I personally recommend using your strongest weapon and just adding fire to it with the Charcoal Pine Resin. Save yourself the souls and upgrade items because the resin will do just fine since enemies are weak to fire damage (including Gravelord Nito). This is the best advice that I can offer. Good Luck!

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Hi there. Need some help. My joystick tilted and I accidentally hit Reah during the dialogue, so she don't talk to me anymore (at least I didn't killed her). Anyone knows if absolving sins makes the dialogue available again? I didn't take the miracle with her. Thanks.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            WTF DID THE DEVS SMOKE ! If you go there without the lordvessel and the bridge is turned, good luck getting out took me 4hrs. I'd almost say to restart a new character if it's not NG+. Again Ds1 has TERRIBLE mechanics and this is an exemple.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Do NOT use the second bonfire, it's a trap. Ng+ you'll attrack half the map if you start there. Why Ng+ ? Bc it's VERY noticeable how they buff enemies aggro range.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                So I didn't kill smog and I have to to progress but I'm already in the grave of Giants at the door... How do I get back to the two.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  You can easily snipe the 2 dogs and the archer before passing through the first fog gate if you're having trouble with this area. Bows do work wonders in the Catacombs and the TotG alike. With the Sunlight Maggot equipped you can enter the 'Crosshair Mode' with your bow and scan every area before entering. A small space on the screen will have significantly more light than the surrounding area. It helped me a lot & I got no qualms with the abuse of ranged weapons in DS.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    If you're stuck youtube guides will help ya out. Else you can always beg for help online on reddit or some place. Ask someone to put down a sign near you so you can summon them and delete all the monsters in your noob path. Though it does ruin the 'experience' but hey not all people need to have the psychological trauma of the catacombs...

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I hate this area. Think it's genius, but I hate it. Super dark, and hard hitting enemies within that dark. It's not fun to come through, but at least Nito is easy

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        This is the worst souls level, even more then shrine of amana, lost izaleth, and blightown with 5 fps. At least those "challenge zones" in ds2 were optional, and at least the smoldering lake was also optional and hidden

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