Pinwheel Servant

pinwheel servant enemy dark soul
physical protection dark souls dks strike protection dark souls dks slash protection dark souls dks thrust protection dark souls dks magic protection dark souls dks
229 229 229 229 194
fire protection dark souls dks lightning protection dark souls dks poison resistance dark souls dks toxic dark souls dks bleed resistance dark souls dks
183 150 B B B
HP 506 (NG+ 829)
Drops 1000 Souls (NG+ 2000)
Mask of the Father
Mask of the Mother
Mask of the Child
White Titanite Chunk
White Titanite Slab

Pinwheel Servant is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.



Pinwheel Servant Description

The Pinwheel Servant is very similar to its master, a cloaked figure with three masked faces and six pikes with lanterns on the end pointing out of its body, except they cannot create copies of themselves like the Master can. You'll find four of them near the end of the Tomb of Giants, in the room before Nito's fog gate.





  • Energy Ball - A projectile that can only be blocked fully with a shield that has magic defence proporties.
  • Big Energy Ball - the same in a bigger version
  • Energy Breath - A breath of energy they do that only if you are to close to them. (it can pass through the walls)



The key here is to remain in cover and advance on them as quickly as possible when not firing their projectiles. The perpetually respawning Skeleton Babies - also in the same room - can make things difficult for staying in cover, so taking out a couple of the Pinwheels (or all of them, if possible) at range from the start of the room is also a good idea.
If you only want to pass this area to figth Nito you only have to cross the kind of bridge when you come to avoid the smalls skells.


Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Tomb of Giants 506 829 1000 2000 Yes


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    • Anonymous

      Harder than the boss version. All of them always being there by default and scattered around, and attacking you from range makes it much harder to deal with them individually.

      • Anonymous

        100 white chunks and a million souls later one of them dropped a slab. I was holding 10 hums and using the gold serpent ring for about 90% of the runs then switched to symbol of avarice instead of the ring and it dropped. This was worse than the knife the banshee drops. Got alot of souls tho, killing everything between the bonfire and pinwheels. So at least theres that. All to +5 occult the server sword i dont even use coz i accidentally used a slab to +10 a devine long bow i dont even use. Fml

        • went down there three times, got single chunk drops practically every other kill with 410 item dis and doubles only once, so i really cant see it that those two probabilities WERENT switched around

          • Anonymous

            I don't know for sure, but I'd imagine that the percentages for the White Titanite Chunk and the White Titanite Chunk x2 are reversed.

            • Anonymous

              I've gotten over 50 single drop White Titanite Chunks (not talking about the 10% 2-chunk drop) but still no slab, despite the minimal difference in chance. Using 10 liquid hums and Gold Serpent Ring... Is the drop chance perhaps 0.0% in the remaster?

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