Mask of the Mother

mask of the mother
icon prot phy 6 icon res poise 0
icon prot strike 6 icon res bleed 10
icon prot slash 6 icon res poison 0
icon prot thrust 6 icon res curse 0
icon prot magi 12 icon other dura 200
icon prot fire 6 icon other weig 1.2
icon prot lightn 8    

Mask of the Mother is a Helm in Dark Souls.


Mask of the Mother Description

"One of the three masks of the Pinwheel, the necromancer who stole the power of the Gravelord, and reigns over the Catacombs. This mask, belonging to the kindly mother, slightly raises HP."



How to Get / Where to Find Mask of the Mother




  • Cannot be upgraded
  • Increases Maximum Health by 10%
  • Stacks with Tiny Being's Ring and Ring of Favor and Protection
  • Removing it when health is below 90% does not influence current HP, neither does putting it on. If health is above 90% when the mask is removed, HP is truncated to maximum HP without the mask. 
  • For PvP widely considered one of the strongest headpieces alongside the Crown of Dusk, within duel spaces which prohibit healing, the ability to swap from the mask to the Crown of Dusk is a further major bonus.


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    • Anonymous

      Tell me you don’t know how to do anything but backstab without telling me you don’t know how to do anything but backstab

      • Anonymous

        I'm surprised to see all the comments about tryhards. I'm here for the Fashion Souls, and I use Mommy's Mask in my outfit that stays under one-sixth of equip load for the light roll. I assumed I was being janky by picking a headpiece with poor physical defense and no poise. The extra 179 hp is nice, but mechanically, I'd rather have the Kiddo's Mask's stam recovery.

        Steal my lewk: Mommy Mask, Witch Cloak, Maiden Gloves, and Crimson Waist — with 6.1 weight units available* for weapons while maintaining a light roll (one-sixth).

        *Assuming an equip load of 96 cause Endurance level 40, and the Ring of Flavor & Confection.

        • Anonymous

          I just cant get this mask to drop.. I create a new character, speedrun to catacombs, jump down to kill pinwheel, but I think the estoc goes through the pinwheel cuz I only get the mask of Father and the kiddo, its been 5 hours and I have 17 characters with wrong masks..

          • The mask doesn't boost criticals or anything like that... I don't like the masks (they look quite ugly) but maybe a good player, will make a lower than Meta build, and to get the extra HP points they will wear this mask... And a Good player will BS you, and I would argue that the thing that differentiates a good player from a new player is how he BS and how he avoid BSs

            • Anonymous

              This mask is synonymous with backstab only players. Literally every invader I face who wears this backstab fishes exclusively and nothing makes me cringe as hard as these players even if I beat them.

              • Anonymous

                this mask is broken: +10% means +1/3 of your HP stacking with FAP ring so you just go from 600 to 900, from 1500 to 2000 as you can see the advantage in early game is huge to save levels

                • Anonymous

                  Who here doing an Iron Mom build. With the tarkus set and this mask, it's the perfect counter to send Giant Dad sleeping in the dog house.

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