Located in the far eastern part of the area in Darkroot Garden just past the magically sealed door.
A member of the Forest Hunter Covenant.


Stay at close range
Aggro an Ent and stand so that Pharis is in between. The Ents attacks can kill her(even the grabs!).This will allow you to stay in the forest covenant.Use for early bow access.



  • Pharis is most likely named after Paris of Troy, a trojan archer prince in the Homer's epic Iliad. According to Homer, Paris stole the heart of Helen from her husband King Menelaus of Sparta, triggering the Trojan War. Paris is also notable for slaying the Greek hero Achilles, who was invulnerable to wounds everywhere except his left heel.
  • However, the in-game description of Pharis' legend would suggest he is more aligned with the legendary English outlaw Robin Hood. The description of Pharis' Hat ("His hat is universally popular among children"), the use of a longbow, the bandit gang (Forest Hunter Covenant) and the forest hideout are all reminiscent of the sherwood yeoman.

    • Anonymous

      Since it won't let me reply properly to my own post11 Jun 2016 07:04  

      I would like to also emphasize how important it is that in the Japanese version the NPC is in fact called Pharis, most definitely, and undoubtedly. "Pharis the Heroic Archer" as I have mentioned. Peace.

      • Anonymous

        This isn't Pharis.25 Apr 2016 23:39  

        The forest hunter guard is not even a male, to begin with, and the character in question is not implied to still be alive, or at least not to be present. The point is, this character isnt even Pharis.

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