Ornstein and Smough
Mid-boss guarding the path to Princess Gwynevere's quarters.




Dragon Slayer Ornstein (The Spear Knight)

Quick and agile, Ornstein is opposite of his partner Smough, attacking with leaps, thrusts, large arcing sweeps, and shooting bolts of electricity from his spear. Upon death, he will be crushed and absorbed by Smough, who gains Ornstein's electric attacks which cause large amounts of damage. If Smough is defeated before Ornstein, however, Ornstein's attacks gain even greater range, improved damage, and a thrust that impales the player, shocking him/her on the end of his electric spear.

  • Ornstein is a clear reference to Leo Ornstein, American experimental composer and pianist of the early twentieth century. His armour, that represents a Lion, and his ring, the Leo Ring, are references to the name of the composer, Leo.


Executioner Smough (The Hammer Wielder)

Large, strong, and surprisingly mobile. Smough takes advantage of his size, and the size of his hammer, causing devastating damage to anything caught within his reach. He can be seen attacking with large swings, leaping vertical slams that can crush immobile opponents, and he will even charge at the player with his hammer, throwing him/her into the air if caught at the end of his devastating swing. Upon death, he will be absorbed by Ornstein, whom then grows in size substantially. If Ornstein is absorbed instead, however, Smough's already long attack range becomes even greater and several of his abilities gain different attributes from his increased size and strength. The most dangerous ability Smough acquires is an electrically-charged jumping attack, nearly impossible to block without the use of a very sturdy shield. (High stability and high resistance vs electricity is vital to block this attack. The Eagle Shield is a good suggestion).(Smough's name is related to the word Sumo <please provide further information if possible>).


HP Souls HP(Transformed) Souls(Transformed) Drops(* indicated if defeated last)
1642 0 2982 30000 Soul of Ornstein*
Leo Ring
Armor set available for purchase at Domhnall's shop.*

Attacks(* indicates 2nd form)

Swing Combo- Ornstein will swing his weapon in vertical and horizontal arcs up to four times. Use this chance to either get around him and hit him between swings or move towards Smough.. The move has relatively decent tracking and range, but is fairly easy to block.

Spear Slam- Ornstein jumps and stabs his spear down in front of him. The attack has decent tracking, hits rather far in front of him and can go through pillars if you are close enough, but its hit box is quite narrow. It is possible to roll to the side.

Lightning Bolt- Ornstein will hurl a lightning bolt at you. The cast time is relatively long, so take this opportunity to get some hits in on him or Smough, provided he is close enough. Until he throws the bolt, he will track you, so be prepared to dodge, but, thankfully, the bolt moves fairly slowly.

Gliding Stab- Ornstein will glide across the room as he makes his way towards you to stab you. The tell-tale sign of this attack is when he starts to kneel and begins a pouncing stance. Once he does this, prepare to roll out of the way. Warning- if he glides into an obstacle on his way to you, he will continue the attack until he reaches your position, so keep an eye out and see if he resumes gliding after running into a pole.

Lightning Stab- If you are close enough, he will stab you, rather than hurl lightning.

*Spear Swing- Ornstein will spin his spear from right to left and, if you are still in front of him, left to right. This is usually a pretty good opportunity to get under him and do some damage.

*Backstep sweep- If you very close, Ornstein can jump into the air backwards, attacking in a wide arc in front of him. There is a good chance that this attack will miss if you are directly below him.

*Spear Slam- Similar to the one used in round one, but bigger, plan accordingly.

*Spear downward stab- When relatively close, Ornstein can stab at the player and to the ground. He may also continue with a charging strike that causes massive damage.

*Gliding Stab- When the player is far away, he will glide. Similar to the first form, but slower and more powerful.

*Electric Crash- Ornstein leaps into the air and lands, producing a relatively large electrical Area of Effect below him. The AoE, while considerable, is much smaller than the transformed Smough. The player should be able to avoid it if he/she makes it about a roll's distance away from Ornstein's body.

*Lighting Impale- Ornstein's ultimate attack, if you are near him, he will charge his spear and then thrust it in front of him. The tracking is sub par, and it can be relatively easy to avoid. However, if the attack does hit you, Ornstein will skewer and lift the player into the air, shocking him/her on the end of his spear and doing considerable damage.

Tips- Ornstein is the faster of the two bosses, but his hitbox is narrower and his attacks are easier to dodge. Take care if you decide to kill Smough first, as Ornstein may sometimes be hidden by Smough's large body and his attacks can still reach the player. His gliding attacks make a good opportunity to get some separation between the two, as he can cover ground much quicker than his overweight companion. After he transforms, stay close and attack his legs, but watch out for the Impale and crash attacks.



Ornstein First (Buy Smough's Armor)

As you enter the fog wall Ornstein will charge you, head on, with his spear. Either roll out of the way or, with a sturdy shield (100% physical), block the attack and recover. Use the time it takes Smough to cover this distance to attack Ornstein repeatedly, with a chance of even finishing him. If Smough does reach you before Ornstein is down, pay careful attention to his hammer swings; neither boss should be able to one-shot a properly leveled character at this point.. After Ornstein falls, Smough will crush him and absorb his power. Ranged attacks are quite effective at this point, as Smough can be led around the pillars as the player presses the attack. Melee attacks can be effective as well, but the player will have to be very wary, as Smoughs attacks will have become quite powerful. Lightning resistance is also recommended, as Smough's super powered butt-slam will now release a highly damaging field of electricity in a two-roll radius.

Smough First (Buy Ornstein's Armor)

Note: The Leo ring can still be obtained if Ornstein is killed first, even if the player dies afterward.
GLITCH. Stay away from the back of the chapel. After defeating Smough, driving Ornstein straight to the back of the chapel, where he and Smough first start. With his back to the wall he has been known to dodge back, and go straight up the wall, ending up at the top, where he first jumps down from. He will not come down, but will stay up there firing lightning bolts at you.
The fight starts, as before, with Ornstein lunging at the player with a gliding stab. Block or avoid this attack, then sprint for Smough. Smough is extremely slow, and telegraphs most moves very noticeably. This part of the fight can be done most effectively by positioning Smough between Ornstein and the player. One trick to accomplish this is to lock onto Ornstein and stay behind Smough as you attack. After Smough dies, Ornstein will absorb his power, increasing dramatically in both size and strength.
At this point both ranged and melee approaches can work, even a mix of both. The player should take special care to avoid Ornstein's charging attack, lightning impale, and his version of Smough's butt-slam, all of which can one-shot certain player characters. It is also possible to "lock" Ornstein into spamming lightning bolt attacks. To do this, the player should position his/herself behind a pillar, maintaining certain distance away from Ornstein. At this point it is possible for a ranged character to do significant damage by shooting, then quickly ducking back behind the pillar. A melee approach usually works best if the player stays very close and focuses his/her attacks on the inside of the legs, directly underneath the opponent.

Summon Solaire

If you are in human form Solaire of Astora can be summoned for this battle. His sign can be found on the steps with the Silver Knight leading to the Giant Blacksmith. Solaire can help make the first half of the battle much easier and quicker, as he can draw the attention away from one of the opponents. The player should take care if they're targeting a specific enemy, however, as Solaire can kill an opponent and is especially effective against Ornstein.


The naming of Ornstein could be a tribute to pianist Leo Ornstein (composer of ), as Ornstein's gears resembles a Leo, from his armor's shape, to the rings name, hence the title Leo Knight.


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