Gravelord Nito

Location Tomb of Giants
Health * NG: 4,317
NG+: 7,076
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Nito is a Boss in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Nito Information

Holder of one of the four Lord Souls, Gravelord Nito was among the lords to wage war against the dragons. As the Lord of Death, Nito rules over the dead in The Catacombs and resides within the Tomb of Giants. His army of skeletons guard his tomb, while his Gravelord Servants spread death through the Eyes of Death.


You can join his covenant via a coffin next to the Titanite Demon, in The Catacombs. However, should you kill him - which you eventually have to do in order to progress with the main storyline - you will not break the covenant but will be unable to further level within it, until NG+.




Allegiance to the Gravelord

More of a passive ability,  Skeletons that appear in the area will side with Nito in trying to kill the player. However, Nito's attacks can damage them if they are hit. The same rules apply here with these bony enemies; kill them with a divine weapon to prevent them from reforming.


Gravelord's Gravelord Dance

Nito thrusts his sword into the dirt for one or more orange swords similar to those in the Gravelord Sword Miracle will burst out of the ground. This attack is preceded by a scream, which you can use as an alert and be ready to act appropriately. Unlike the apparent randomness of its Miracle counterpart, Nito's swords will target the player and any summons. With good timing, these can be dodged, however, viable strategies include to either roll continuously as soon as you hear the scream, until after the sword bursts, or to "count" the second before the sword bursts, and dodge right. If it hits, it will throw you into the air and fill a substantial amount of your Toxic Meter.


Death Wave

Nito sits and darkens, intensifying the aura around him, before exploding and sending a dark wave which will do damage to the player. It can be blocked for reduced damage but will stagger you and fill your toxin meter, at the very least. The upside to this is that any Skeletons roaming around Nito at the time of this attack will surely perish. You however, will not, as long as you run away from him when he starts charging; you should have at least 2 seconds before it goes off.


Toxic Sword

Nito's standard melee attacks with his sword are not very dangerous in terms of damage, however, has the ability to turn you toxic with two hits. Painted guardian or Shadow sets are good for slowing the process. The Bloodshield can also add further resistance. Nito has two observed swings: a right-to-left close-in slash, and an leaning overhead chop. The overhead chop has an extremely long recovery time, even if it hits you (unlike most enemies, who will take longer to recover if they miss).


Grab Attack

Nito can also employ a rarely used, but highly damaging, grab attack. Staying to his sides or back is an easy way to avoid this. Alternatively, if you are grabbed, repeatedly tap L1/R1 in order to escape the grab entirely. Fortunately this attack has a huge tell: his hand will start glowing, so that should give you enough time to get away.


It is highly recommended upon entry to this boss fight, you stay put and let them bring the fight to you; traversing too far in will result in attracting all the Skeletons that lurk in the corners of this area - of which include Giant Skeletons. Staying put will reduce the number of enemies you have to deal with, in addition to the boss. When the fight begins, stay put. Use a divine weapon to keep the Skeletons that come after you down. If you are not in possession of any, keep knocking them down until Nito arrives.

Make sure you equip either armor with high poise or the Wolf Ring, to prevent an interruption on your combos. Most of his basic attacks are easy to dodge. Strafe around him when he gets close and whack away. With the more complex moves, take the precautions and safety measures listed above, accordingly. Refrain from traversing deeper into this area during combat and stick to the entrance area.

After he uses his Death Wave attack, most of his Skeletons  will be dead so take this opportunity to move in and do some damage. He also moves extremely slowly and is very susceptible to fire, so going in with an array of Pyromancy Fireball/Chaos Fireball spells will go a very long way.

If you have a divine weapon to dispatch Nito's minions, he becomes one of the game's most laughably easy bosses for a heavy melee build. You can easily strafe behind him for free hits, and all of his attacks except the Sword Dance and the Death Wave can be blocked, resulting in negligible damage.


Easy Ranged / Mage Strategy

Equip the Ring of Fog and the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. Drop down into the boss arena, but do not move. When the cinematic is over, Nito will slowly approach you, while not aggravating any other Skeletons, leaving you to take him out with your bow or spells.


Tips & Notes

  • Gravelord Nito's biggest weakness is fire, use this to your advantage.
  • Nito is extremely slow and won't attack nearly as often if you aren't in full view. By keeping the central column of the cavern between you and Nito, you can take out the Skeletons and attack him with spells or arrows as he lumbers around the bend.


Nito - The Lord Soul Nito - Lord Soul Attack Nito - Lord Of Skeletons

Nito - Miasma Of Death The Gravelord Servant Covenant Nito - The Gravelord Awakens

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    • Anonymous

      I was scared coming into this fight tbh but I just hugged him and tanked his hits and death wave, since it kept killing all of his skellies lol (didnt have divine wep and went into this blind lol), kept hammering away with demon's greataxe+10.

      • Anonymous

        I get that Nito just woke up from his coffin, but if he was a bit faster with his attacks I think the fight would be more challenging. I still like the overall atmosphere during that fight.

        • Anonymous

          I had been doing my recent run with the sound off so as not to disturb my roommates. Figured I could pretend this character was deaf as headcanon. Then I got to Nito and was painfully reminded of the vital sound queue in his fight. Never so willingly ditched a headcanon in my life, haha

          • Poor Nito. Now everyone and their mother knows about using a divine weapon and staying away from the big skeletons, but back in the day, this was and can be the most chaotic and hellish of the Lord Soul fights and possibly in the game if you don't know that one simple trick. And believe it or not, folks, some people didn't.

            • Anonymous

              So the guy used his grab attack on me, and then he got clipped through the ceiling somwhow. I couldn't hit him anymore, is it a known bug?

              • Anonymous

                dodge the toxic sword by the moment he plunges it into the ground as if you were dodging the sword itself, basing it off the scream will only mess up your timing; also, if you bring a light source into the fight, he'll spam that attack and other more annoying ones, so take the sunlight maggot off and you should be fine

                • Anonymous

                  Grass Crest shield,ring of steel protection,furysword +5 and...Iron flesh pyro spell....just stand there,swing and iron flesh when needed with occasional estus...skellies die pretty fast as well or use a +5 divine weapon.

                  • Anonymous

                    I did so much preparation for this boss..kindled last bonfire before him...even put ring of sacrafice because i had about 30k souls and 12 humanity on me.. thinking ok this first time i'll try him then gift my humanity to daughter of chaos and..fight him for real subsequent times...
                    When at the end i ran from those skeletons and when he is alone hit him a few times with my trusty Quelaag's Furysword..then run around again...dodging skeletons...just to get to him to hit him again... and killed him on first try.. o.O
                    Didnt expected that...usually i dont kill bosses on first try ( so far on first try i only killed Gargoyiles, Sif and Pinwheel )... cool boss but he as a boss is pretty easy.. the skeletons are the problem but can be dodged...

                    • Anonymous

                      i find it funny that we literally walk in expecting a epic reval only for nito to be sleeping in his coffin

                      • Anonymous

                        where is nito in ds1 i enter the catacombs and get my ass kicked by his minions I want to kick his ass to return the favor for the endless skeleton deaths ive had

                        • Anonymous

                          I could wreck Nito with a +15 Lightning Halberd (roughly 400 damager per swing) if I didn't keep getting ganked by his skeletons

                          • Anonymous

                            Basically stand at the entrance until he comes to you and dodge his spell attack from the ground that you see coming when he screams. Then just beat him down from the front. His swings always missed for me when you're in his face. Run away when he does that explosion attack.

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