Gravelord Nito

Location Tomb of Giants
Health * NG: 4,317
NG+: 7,076
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Nito is a Boss in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Nito Information

Holder of one of the four Lord Souls, Gravelord Nito was among the lords to wage war against the dragons. As the Lord of Death, Nito rules over the dead in The Catacombs and resides within the Tomb of Giants. His army of skeletons guard his tomb, while his Gravelord Servants spread death through the Eyes of Death.


You can join his covenant via a coffin next to the Titanite Demon, in The Catacombs. However, should you kill him - which you eventually have to do in order to progress with the main storyline - you will not break the covenant but will be unable to further level within it, until NG+.



Allegiance to the Gravelord

More of a passive ability,  Skeletons that appear in the area will side with Nito in trying to kill the player. However, Nito's attacks can damage them if they are hit. The same rules apply here with these bony enemies; kill them with a divine weapon to prevent them from reforming.


Gravelord's Gravelord Dance

Nito thrusts his sword into the dirt for one or more orange swords similar to those in the Gravelord Sword Miracle will burst out of the ground. This attack is preceded by a scream, which you can use as an alert and be ready to act appropriately. Unlike the apparent randomness of its Miracle counterpart, Nito's swords will target the player and any summons. With good timing, these can be dodged, however, viable strategies include to either roll continuously as soon as you hear the scream, until after the sword bursts, or to "count" the second before the sword bursts, and dodge right. If it hits, it will throw you into the air and fill a substantial amount of your Toxic Meter.


Death Wave

Nito sits and darkens, intensifying the aura around him, before exploding and sending a dark wave which will do damage to the player. It can be blocked for reduced damage but will stagger you and fill your toxin meter, at the very least. The upside to this is that any Skeletons roaming around Nito at the time of this attack will surely perish. You however, will not, as long as you run away from him when he starts charging; you should have at least 2 seconds before it goes off.


Toxic Sword

Nito's standard melee attacks with his sword are not very dangerous in terms of damage, however, has the ability to turn you toxic with two hits. Painted guardian or Shadow sets are good for slowing the process. The Bloodshield can also add further resistance. Nito has two observed swings: a right-to-left close-in slash, and an leaning overhead chop. The overhead chop has an extremely long recovery time, even if it hits you (unlike most enemies, who will take longer to recover if they miss).


Grab Attack

Nito can also employ a rarely used, but highly damaging, grab attack. Staying to his sides or back is an easy way to avoid this. Alternatively, if you are grabbed, repeatedly tap L1/R1 in order to escape the grab entirely. Fortunately this attack has a huge tell: his hand will start glowing, so that should give you enough time to get away.


It is highly recommended upon entry to this boss fight, you stay put and let them bring the fight to you; traversing too far in will result in attracting all the Skeletons that lurk in the corners of this area - of which include Giant Skeletons. Staying put will reduce the number of enemies you have to deal with, in addition to the boss. When the fight begins, stay put. Use a divine weapon to keep the Skeletons that come after you down. If you are not in possession of any, keep knocking them down until Nito arrives.

Make sure you equip either armor with high poise or the Wolf Ring, to prevent an interruption on your combos. Most of his basic attacks are easy to dodge. Strafe around him when he gets close and whack away. With the more complex moves, take the precautions and safety measures listed above, accordingly. Refrain from traversing deeper into this area during combat and stick to the entrance area.

After he uses his Death Wave attack, most of his Skeletons  will be dead so take this opportunity to move in and do some damage. He also moves extremely slowly and is very susceptible to fire, so going in with an array of Pyromancy Fireball/Chaos Fireball spells will go a very long way.

If you have a divine weapon to dispatch Nito's minions, he becomes one of the game's most laughably easy bosses for a heavy melee build. You can easily strafe behind him for free hits, and all of his attacks except the Sword Dance and the Death Wave can be blocked, resulting in negligible damage.


Easy Ranged / Mage Strategy

Equip the Ring of Fog and the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. Drop down into the boss arena, but do not move. When the cinematic is over, Nito will slowly approach you, while not aggravating any other Skeletons, leaving you to take him out with your bow or spells.


Tips & Notes

  • Gravelord Nito's biggest weakness is fire, use this to your advantage.
  • Nito is extremely slow and won't attack nearly as often if you aren't in full view. By keeping the central column of the cavern between you and Nito, you can take out the Skeletons and attack him with spells or arrows as he lumbers around the bend.


Nito - The Lord Soul Nito - Lord Soul Attack Nito - Lord Of Skeletons

Nito - Miasma Of Death The Gravelord Servant Covenant Nito - The Gravelord Awakens

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    • Anonymous

      06 Jun 2019 02:02  

      Nito is the true hero of Dark Souls. The guy gave us disco miracles and a survival simulator against other players for goodness sake

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2019 13:52  

        Nito, when I enter the fog gate: Bro, we have a covanent, wtf? Me: *applies sunlight blade to iaito* Nothing personal, Mr. Undertale.

        • Anonymous

          09 Mar 2019 18:44  

          In remastered skeletons still come after you even with rof And if you do the ranged tactic he just spams the sword spell

          • Anonymous

            09 Mar 2019 08:44  

            Might want to amend the easy ranged strategy. I enter the arena with hidden body cast and SDC ring equipped, I don't even touch the controller but Nito still spikes me immediately. Playing on PS3 PTDE

            • Anonymous

              10 Jan 2019 17:55  

              They must have expected you to run all over this boss chamber and aggro the mobs, because he's way too easy when you don't.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jan 2019 20:46  

                I always thought Nito was one of the easiest bosses. Even if you don't put anything in Faith, you can still easily kill his minions with any divine weapon. If you're a magic user or can use bows properly, equip Ring of Fog and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. You can even walk right into Nito's cave and the skeletons still won't see you. Cances are, he's getting stuck between the column in the middle and a minion. With both rings equiooed and a projectile weapon at hand, Nito won't last very long.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2018 14:31  

                  WHY is he sitting around in the Tomb of Giants though? Gwyn has to stay put at the kiln, the Witch can't really walk anywhere anymore, but Nito is free to do whatever he wants, but he just naps in his coffin

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Nov 2018 14:25  

                    idk just stand right in front of him, his melee attacks won't even connect most of the time. The only difficult part are the skeletons, which he will kill off himself with his "Death Wave". Pretty nice guy

                    • 29 Jun 2018 04:33  

                      Just owned him in NG+ with a Fire Scythe+10 and a Divine Washing Pole +10 for his little skeleton minions. Didn't move from where you land, killed his skeletons, then just used a Crest Shield +5 to block the magic attacks, then used the Fire Scythe two handed. Fight lasted maybe a minute.

                      • 27 Jun 2018 04:04  

                        Gravelord Nito, yeah more like Grave-BORED Nito. Sorry for the disrespect but I just don't like this fight.heres some reason why. 1.) the first time you ever enter this fight, instinct might dictate you towards the back of the room....... BIG mistake. You get raped by skeletons giants and skeletons. Though I think this is a somewhat cool and unique design forcing characters to develop a strategy to defeat Nito in the confined space of the first "room" ( per say) that you fall down into. I think that this shouldn't take health though. 2) I do love the awesome design of Nito himself. First of the undead. Giant ball and legs made of skeletons, nice. And overall the fight mechanics. he is seriously easy to dodge. And by date I have never been grabbed by him. I like the screaming sword out of the ground thing, but can quite easily be rolled out of though.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Sep 2017 07:39  

                          His skeletons are more of a danger than he is. Easy solution for a melee build is equip Havels Shield and when the fight starts just start strafing him. If you stay close enough he should use the poison cloud AoE attack every 20-30 seconds; killing all the skeletons allowing you 10 seconds or so to go Ham on him. Using the Havels Shield the AoE attack took maybe 20 health with minimal toxic buildup, and removed having to focus on the other skeletons entirely.

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Nov 2016 23:59  

                            I apparently have real ***** luck, he hit me with that grab attack 2 times in a row, back to back attacks, luckily I had enough health to survive both but yeah at the time I was thinking 'rarely used my ass'

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