Demon Firesage

Location Demon Ruins
Health * NG: 5,950
NG+: 8,791
Souls * NG: 20,000
NG+: 40,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Demon Firesage is a Boss in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Demon Firesage Information

 A large demon found at the end of the Demon Ruins. It very closely resembles the Stray Demon and Asylum Demon, though its behavior and abilities are much more closely related to the former of the two bosses.









The Firesage Demon looks, moves, and acts similarly to the Stray Demon, but is faster and more fiery.

Plunging Strike

The Firesage Demon takes a leap forward and crashes down with his staff. Normally uses this move to engage the player, and can be easily dodged by rolling to the right, when the demon is at the peak of his jump.


Horizontal Sweep

With a slow wind up, the Firesage Demon swings his staff from side to side. This attack does a decent amount of damage, if caught in it and can stagger the player. A well-timed roll in any direction but that which the swing is following through in, should be enough to avoid it. Hugging the demon's under belly will also prevent this, and will cause him to do his Ground Pound move instead.


Magic Wave

Slamming his staff on the floor, delivers a fire blast that does damage, and subsequent waves in front of him. This can be quite easy to doge as he normally uses this after a Ground Pound, in which case you would have probably already gotten away from him enough to minimize this threat. The Wave Strike is a magic-based attack, so keep that in mind when preparing your defenses. The Wave Strike for the Demon Firesage seems to have a greater affected area than the Stray Demon's. Even directly behind him, you could still get damaged by the effects of the Wave Strike. So always be ready to run around or behind him and whittle him down while he's occupied

Ground Pound

The Ground Pound move is used when the player is very close to, and/or in front of the Firesage Demon. It is characterized by the Demon flying up into the air momentarily then thrusting his weight and hammer down into the ground, either crushing the player or damaging them with area of effect shock-waves. The resulting damage varies, depending on how far the character is from the Demon but ranges a maximum of 10 feet, or roughly a little less than two character's heights. This attack will also track you, including when the Demon is in the air, so continue moving.



  • Can be skipped using the Firesage Skip, that is commonly used in any% speedruns
  • Using Vow of Silence prevents his AOE attacks.


More Melee Tips

When meleeing the Demon Firesage, the safest places to be are to his rear and his right side. Here, you are safe from his melee attacks. If he stops and holds his staff upside-down, run behind and away from him! He is about to stab the ground for his Wave/explosion attack. If you remain close to him, he will fly off the ground and try to drop his big, demonic butt onto your head. Just move (read: roll) out of the way and he should miss.

Be careful when moving back towards him again as you will take damage if you come into contact with any part of his staff. He may leap backwards and away from you. Try to close the distance as quickly as possible and get into position on his right/rear side, and remember: bleeding attacks!



It moves and acts like a more powerful and faster version of the Stray Demon, so employing the same tactics with quicker responses, works well. It is for that reason that it is recommend to not lock-on to the Demon Firesage for this specific battle, as you will have to do a lot of running to and away from him.

Strategy 1 - Mage

This is the easiest way to take him down easily because of the weakness to magic. The recommended steps are the following:

  1. Equip a shield with good stability and enchant it with Magic Shield (Greater Magic Shield for better effect) . 
  2. Enter the Fog Gate, cast Homing Soul Mass (or Crystal Homing Soul Mass) and immediately raise your shield to block his jumping strong attack.
  3. After blocking his attack QUICKLY run behind him to dodge his Wave Attack. After this, you are free to cast another Homing Soul Mass, and Souls Spears (or Great Soul Arrows).
  4. Be careful, stay close, and run behind him when you see that he is going to do a horizontal attack, this means he is going to follow with the Wave attack. If you're too far away from him he will do the jumping strong attack. Block it because it's very hard to dodge. 
  5. Rinse and repeat until he dies.

Note: The Crest Shield +5 is good option following the steps above. It can also be enchanted with Magic Shield and can block the Wave attacks reducing their damage by 90% (aprox.). Also it's highly recommended that you wear light equipment (25% or less).


Strategy 2 - Tank

If you've designed your character to be a stamina/defensive powerhouse you can actually tank the Firesage with ease. Here's how you do it:

  1. Equip Havel's Armor combined with the Crest Shield and Wolf Ring to grant you magic defense and make yourself as immovable as possible.
  2. Once the battle starts, move as fast as the heavy equipment allows and position yourself right in front of him. If he does his horizontal magic slash: Simply turn around with your shield up so you are facing the same direction as him. The blast will hit your stamina hard and deplete a small amount of health but the time you would have spent running around can now be used to get some hits in. This time is also plenty enough to drink the occasional flask to keep your health topped off.
  3. To make turning around easier I recommend keeping target lock off.
  4. In regards to his other attacks: move back to a safe distance when he initiates his downward stab AoE and butt-slam attacks. Once up close I found he very rarely did his physical vertical slash attack but this can be avoided with a side roll. Happy tanking!


Strategy 3 - Melee

  1. Equip a shield with good stability and your favorite Melee weapon. (I found that Hollow Soldier Shield +15 is able to block ALL of his attacks in NG+ with around 30 stamina. You still receive damage for the explosion-based attacks, but you do not fall down.) Keep your shield up and wait for him to attack then hit him once or twice. When he is about to do the explosion attacks, try to get behind him or roll away from it. Rinse and Repeat the strategy and he should be taken down easily.
  2. Alternatively, equip a weapon with bleed (tested with a Divine Painting Guardian Sword +5, though any bleed weapon should do) and the Iron Flesh pyromancy. Stamina regeneration boosts (Green BlossomGrass Crest ShieldMask of the Child, and/or Chloranthy Ring) are recommended but not required. After you enter the fog, cast Iron Flesh and close with the demon. Swing away, stacking up bleed damage and healing as necessary. If Iron Flesh wears off, move to a safe place (behind him is safer than most other places) and recast. This boss is weak to bleed and will die very quickly with relentless attacking. If he moves away, don't let up: keep following and laying on the bleed. He should go down rather quickly and easily.



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    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2021 19:39  

      “Time to get my revenge after the tutorial hahaha! No, wait, stop stabbing me in the belly button, aw man!”

      • Anonymous

        09 Jul 2021 16:43  

        the most stupid attack in all the dark souls series
        the almost undodgeable magical explosions that literally spawn under your feet and that you can't dodge that deals half your HP at 20 VIG
        this boss is extremely easy except for that attack, you run and the explosion is big enough to get you, you roll the explosion lingers and it hits you when your I-frames end

        • Anonymous

          07 Jun 2021 17:16  

          I really hope if they make a Dark Souls REMAKE! They fully flesh out Izalith and replace this awful, repeated, re-skinned, rushed boss with a unique demon to match his actual lore. It sucks there was such a time crunch on the game for this area.

          • Anonymous

            02 Jun 2021 16:13  

            You can cheese him still. There is a tree about 2/3 the way in on the left he gets stuck at. If you are at the right distance from him you won't get hurt. I killed him this way with a heavy crossbow +5 and standard bolts. Easy peasy, super cheesy.

            • Anonymous

              25 Apr 2021 11:07  

              “Can be skipped using the firesage skip” Great! I’ll start the moon ritual for it.

              What’s that, that’s not how the skip is done? Well then subpar wiki page, how *is* it done?

              • Anonymous

                05 Sep 2020 12:58  

                A fiery flaming beast. Literally formed from fire. Killed by my Pyromancer with Great Combustion and Firestorm ... From Software Logic at its best.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jul 2020 20:18  

                  Fromsoft employee #1: Hmmmm what boss should be in demon ruins?
                  Fromsoft employee #2: How about a stray demon but W A R M
                  Fromsoft employee #1: Whatever fine

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jul 2020 13:57  

                    Personally, for the tank method, I'd recommend the Stone Knight set. It has slightly less megic defense than Havel's set, but with about 26 endurance, Havel's ring and the FaP ring, you mid roll, which is a good deal for slightly lower magic protection. Also, Stone has a little more strike defense, and this boss uses a hammer, so that helps a little bit.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 May 2020 05:11  

                      Is the firesage resistant to fire? I don’t see anything on this page about it’s weaknesses and it’s a copypasta so I’d assume it isn’t different

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Apr 2020 17:03  

                        This guy was a pain in the ass. After a while just tried havel set and tanked it. Only had to move away from his butt slams but otherwise shield and armor minimized damage.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Mar 2020 06:05  

                          this fat bastard is super weak to pyro even on NG+++, confirmed myself just now after I tried seeing whether he truly was just a lazy reskin. Izalith really was rushed through and through when their 'firesage' is super weak to fire. Dusk Crown and slumbering ring with power within and Great Combustion was doing 1200 per cast without any stat investment in faith or int.

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