Taurus Demon

Location Undead Burg
Health * NG: 1,215
NG+: 3,162
Souls * NG: 3,000
NG+: 15,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Taurus Demon is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Taurus Demon Information

A minotaur-esque demon found on top of a narrow castle wall in the Undead Burg, on the road to the Undead Parish. Similar to the Bell Gargoyles encountered later, the Taurus Demon does not immediately appear when the host passes through the fog gate. Rather, the host must travel approximately halfway across the section before the boss appears atop the far tower and leaps down.








Jumping Attack

If there’s some range between you and the Taurus Demon, he will crouch down then jump towards you, and bring down his Greataxe in a vertical smash. This attack can be avoided either by rolling backwards or by running towards him, which causes his attack to overshoot you.


Standing Smash

This one has a long, obvious buildup where he raises his Greataxe before bringing it down. It can be efficiently avoided by circling around to his back which also presents a good opening to deal damage.


Horizontal Swing

The Taurus Demon draws back his weapon briefly before swinging in a horizontal arc, in front of him. This attack does not have much range, so the easiest way to avoid it is to roll backwards; it can also be avoided by rolling towards the boss, thus rolling under the swing.


Quick Ground Stab

A very short range attack, at least in comparison to the rest. The set up is similar to the Standing Smash, but he ends up thrusting his Greataxe into the ground, with some pace. Most efficiently dodged by side rolling.


Massive Jump

If you stay on the battlement that housed the crossbowmen too long, he will leap into the air and crash down on the tower, doing damage and giving him access to the top. This attack can be unexpected, and it can push you off the edge, causing you to plummet to your death. 

Tips and Notes

  • Using the Gold Pine Resin found in the previous part of the Undead Burg will make this fight considerably easier as the boss is very weak to lightning damage. Using it is encouraged, shall any player struggle with the fight.
  • Ranged attacks are not too effective compared to other strategies as he is very good at closing distance, and standing on the tower for too long will cause him to make the jump.
  • The feet of the boss can actually do damage to you if you're too close when he's moving. While the damage is not too high, it can be a very big nuisance with low poise.
  • The boss can be staggered and its attack animations interrupted if you deal enough poise damage; this tends to happen after a chain of attacks with one of the larger weapons. Relying on it is risky, however.
  • If a phantom is present, a good strategy is having him wait in the tower while the host triggers the boss, runs back to the tower, and goes up the ladder, luring the Taurus Demon. The phantom and the host can then take turns plunge-attacking the boss, until dead. You have to keep in mind that the boss is immune as long as the animation from the first plunging attack plays, so the host needs to be careful not to jump down too early.
  • The boss can only be triggered by the host, the phantom heading to the middle will not cause the Taurus Demon to appear.
  • He can stun lock you.
  • It is possible to make him jump off the wall if you have good shield.
  • This boss is optional. If you start with the Master Key as your starting gift you can in fact, skip him. In order to do so, when you happen upon the tower that contains the fog gate in the upper floor, open the locked door and head downstairs instead. You will find Havel the Rock, past him there's another locked door, this time leading to Darkroot Basin. From the Basin make your way up to the Darkroot Garden, then head to your left, go past the Titanite Demon, and you will find Andre of Astora and the Undead Parish bonfire. This is especially useful to know since the Undead Burg is a good place to find PvP and it may be of many players' interest to keep it open.


The tower enter from houses two Hollow Archers, which can be accessed by climbing the ladder to the right, as soon as you come out to the tower wall. They can and should be taken down before engaging the big boss; otherwise, they'll rain bolts above you while fighting the Taurus Demon, which makes it very much harder, especially at the level you are probably fighting him. Once that's done, climb back down and proceed to the middle, to trigger the boss' entrance.

The best way to approach this is to sprint back and up the ladder once again, and wait for the boss to position himself directly below, for a plunging attack. This will significantly reduce his health. At this point there are three options:

  1. Repeat this plunge until the Taurus dies. Multiple plunging attacks are often a safer option for starting players, because while the boss can and will make the jump to the tower if you loiter there for too long, he still gives you plenty of time to use your Estus and heal any damage he may have done to you.
  2. If you are confident, you can engage him in melee combat. All his attacks can be dodged but be careful not to get knocked off the thin walkway.


Taurus Demons of the Ruins

Like Capra Demons, Taurus Demons can be found later on in a group of seven, guarding some valuable loot - Chaos Flame Ember - in the lava lake at the Demon Ruins. They share the same attacks as the boss version, however have less health and appear to be easier - granted you've made a lot of progress since your first encounter with one. You can also find a few more near the Demon Firesage, which unlike their lava lake counterparts, do respawn.


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    • Anonymous

      I finally got to this guy since I'm more comfortable with Souls games than I was when I first played DS1. I'm starting a new save. I somehow ended up on top of a bit of the wall on the bridge and then got smacked off the bridge entirely before I could get back down. The stupid boss yeeted himself off after me. "You Died" showed before "Victory Achieved", so it shouldn't have counted, but it did. My souls were seriously stuck on top of that bit of wall from which I fell. I couldn't get back up there no matter what I did and I ended up rolling to my death. Over 6k souls lost. If I died from enemies or gravity on my own, then fine, but losing souls because the game stuck them on a bit I can't get to is bs and well worth me starting a new game entirely.

      • Anonymous

        I just started my first playthrough of dark souls and this guy was giving me trouble
        right before the last attempt I took a bathroom break and killed him
        I am calling this "toilet luck"

        • Anonymous

          He is using a tryhard meta weapon and still is one of the easiest (probably THE EASIEST) bosses in the game

          • Anonymous

            I just beat him for the first time last night. I noticed firebombs do a decent chunk of damage to him so I just backpedaled and threw firebombs till I ran out of room, then dodged his attack and repeated.

            • Anonymous

              More challenging than fighting this boss but oh so rewarding is making a run to get the BKG from the Catacombs with the help of Phantom Leeroy and then killing Pinwheel. Lvl up to 24 strength and 18 dex so you can two-hand. Plunge attack from tower and one shot his hairy behind. When I did it with 10 humanity he dropped his axe for me which made it even more rewarding. The BKG will also make the Capra Demon a breeze as well, just have poise. Leave a summon sign down and murder him over and over while looking like a casual badass!

              • Anonymous

                I dodged his first attck, I swung at him and missed, he then backed up then fell off the roof top, brilliant, I didn't know whether to feel proud or like I cheated haha!

                • Anonymous

                  Very good boss to co op. Host and phantom taking turns plunging him like cheeky goons is hilarious! Thank you Miyazaki.

                  • Anonymous

                    Get Black knight greatsword. Then climb the tower kill archers. Trigger him then climb back. Do a jump attack and he is dead.

                    • Anonymous

                      In NG+, using Power Within and a Lightning Greatsword +5, I was able to do a plunging attack for 3200 damage. First time I have ever one-shot a boss in Soulsborne.

                      • Anonymous

                        He’s an optional boss even without the Master Key, you can go down to New Londo, kill Ingward, open the seal and walk to Darkroot.

                        • While doing co-op in undead burg to get sunlight medals my 4 year old asked why I keep fighting that big guy. He said he's too cute and fuzzy and not to beat him up. Might be the first time the Taurus demon was called cute.

                          • Anonymous

                            it did not say what I was looking for so I will put my question here what is the percent chance that the demon will drop his axe.

                            • Anonymous

                              hmm. not a bad strategy in the video, but i do things a bit differently. I do the first plunging attack with my weapon in both hands then quickly switch back to weapon and shield. then, i run away after releasing my lock on him and bait him away. finally, after running about half way or so along the battle area, i bait him to attack, charge past, and prepare to do another plunging attack. repeat until he's dead and make sure not to accidentally fall off.

                              • Anonymous

                                1. Bait and kill the black knight to get black knight Greatsword, equip it 2.enter fog gate and to the right of the tower climb the ladder to kill archers. 3. Climb down and run to trigger boss 4. Run back to ladder and climb fast 5. Plunge attack on demon, instant kill when I tried this!!!

                                • Anonymous

                                  He is optional with the master key because you can go from new Londo ruins to valley of the drakes to undead parish

                                  • Anonymous

                                    1.Clear the tower of hollowed crossbowmen 2.Trigger the Taurus Demons spawn 3.Run away and climb the ladder to the top of the crossbow tower 4.Wait for the demon to climb up (and complete his full animation) 5.Use Firebombs and Gold Pine Resin 6.The lock-on control also helps in this fight 7.Win 8.PRAISE THE SUN!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      well, just get up in the tower, and wait till he jumps up, then stand at the ladder, so he gets to the other side of the tower, then get in close so he backwards jump, and boom, he jumps off a ledge and thats how ya cheese him another way

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. If you see them, send them this information as text (screenshots frighten them): APkpgMWTYXNBcYG3Sn3jHyMl7T_iKY3nx0uzAU_NZXk38awo-f20eCjH NgYDjzooX2_QChAzkE_w_ziESBnU4oKkLhH7t0GWviC1PowDeAsOmwyB rCWtNFBQea9MkmrxsIr-qHpt-klfUkUdGHnDmkCeviPcx4Gx9Vlli7ft Vf3XF8JysguhL3l7jkBvOYHI2aBgKrhG7y3EGw4poBE9NdD14TMu7X-Z QDYKoNYPE07c7uQClncleQC2DXn-WI9eAdjyrjY34XOW9q52D_cBglzw PGtxOobQ9R2W-sn1JL-tCK55TLvo8pQQC0ecKPFYYuTI8zGlNsafA1yv IMauky1us4h2anUN0V3w20LOPvKd73h5iMFAGK79Qmpkd75I0oCjHmw7 bVHO_Ia3iH-e8FFNXrSC4cTtnyqu_XiVNeZjAOLnzrNwFaiYvUQVcqAf 76qTwPQ9qmUTudulALaR5q5BdmYwChcNjvB8ZnP0V1T-IuhT5NZMewdM wJwjRua1fqc6kOX4Lda_dui83wAmCLZ6PsHvK_4KYnmA8zk_v93N_LKe PdO4dWULcd62-0CAhwpl7zZjzMSrE3QGM-Dd8ub2I02CCsUcNPm16tXM tIXb5ZWtCGp9AJfFNsPBLGIyquVJKz6Q2RlVEQggweTzuOz-aiLSgCct hMAalErhznp3wL5oXeTOhKKeW9shjiKXmuPKDHjwBt_rx0gHmDIl5VtU u5Mmt8L_M0DN6NyqlZ1UyPgacsu9SbzlbcU0c30RxfDm_eIRee3ldUh1 p21D0xz-Ux-ZNQaR_rZ8NBGu9oaCtZtgarQNJ0SsZw5C4HbZ_F3WDYKG YASFq3-oFA4ZX4NyOnzC6owQGlfvBB7adtiiwoe5zdUE0OZDpa6gCq_V 4ZWeELKWEq19sTwF9HVF8JRjFu_cncVeD5FgAPOknWu_UzJZFU7U7Nzi Ikr0EW5P2iCSeoaBtyXqgNqygchoFJgWCpRgQlRo3xARgVx7vAzAXpmo BqLdO5uwWx7yUax0oYNgtUZZ3NMFfGCxIc9f3Yw7Kd3E12WvahUkyc5X RJ98__iJo-WdtWShol98zVPVacQwJiMSQagPC2Yyfr7ugRpGMHBWyuFm d1sP7g7lGNVlqbktZBN-sfGnQjPPhLH1JLv_yXTTgH3LdL_HnrULNt6h 1j62C5L_NVo03DjJPk0rpU8_M5RN4Di-0voFnxW8Yj5AsFn0D3QanYbs zG_yv-qXFXhksoirupv0nLTpNcc1_5eSvy-2jWSokHFKCJLD7hYrpBFg 45w4dmtCXC2ghGecNiS-69YkAbyqx3lsCBhI8QvXyNXrtgnZSupCBjBu N_uNygzZHkWkXG68b3XpGuSBguVPWZvdJYpf3zciHurstKtVJ69lwCNR 3edzrVl6NmTISBOaCEjrqrhjpMjjgf_RncVQhB0_2LiNnJGtaDf2_f83 b9RBRaNEDyWm5QhUaEy_LylP8Y5ATzMGxToLyZ9CeKqZT6qEeaoO1Qum SWtykXHRmXYqMx5jTppxswH6CpRbh4Gf9jvz7lLldNK_wh_7be5fjaRj q_ZaqZFYb9mGOgts6Ab-MbPoLnOrcQArTYBVNgVWVdtlqqz_CI2eAVRF 97Kpzr6Fripye8qntHGInKblAMu48rJ1NuPjNui9HqJ7cL5emR6IKHSG I5gWf_KROSTHwZXYf9-wUY7BuKrotOzEVyoo5ybMWysTxGNHdiI1XmAZ mWt-qeTFpnFf4Sc-YeFvTHMA3iVOuv2Z2wWCw5TpAvvAVouauuQDWC3X c4wGCY_k4ni2zNOaIv3CMCzDQ25kei_wolCCLj2qNFzgrp3u85xc3TCT E6sMZT-a_BkciWrzwElAO5DC_M9Ya81u_qyuSEGUCR3TKwWm3bfJnwfq ClyMuKhFhHva1tCD83SEsEteDeuRfdi52rLqdDktD7opWDSXkZJi2m2v SGwGcH2-ORanEYDXEh3Lu1CMyZNsh9cfeQN8T7DDfmCCUG4dBkxmi0zV CcadDlbpBRnYtUyrUyimWamDoibHtPKe8jwYslZXxKZWEfwyIhBdY62W OOfJou0RNmlZbRosqiagnHic7U9yguBoFUdYEuyV6YqveEGn0EBsLDZg Q0Q8OYo7OmWSh6WFWaJzD1h0oac1oqGKgjzabPwhq-V1G8Eo49exF7RQ aBBzitmMpXRfC4Y_177phDblPEf8rGso__zoU658nPmwLVhHQznCADf8 t9O5TehnC2nXQHaxxfIDnb1Tpdg2cbBpe77aJZ5JmddzmVRIC2hFG4K9 JNXrJ2_LSvt4wHmQcH7L8OXZXGaRSkrXhaXL0R1OMypqbH6bpZVv4JMm Dt_SBf3JGbBRJ_bMMp2ezzBs0BvOMQ

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Demon's Souls is better in my opinion, way better game, it is not getting enough recognition, you should be thankful it started this wonderful series

                                          • Anonymous

                                            level dex to 32 get great scythe +8 use power within use magic weapon pull boss to the tower climb the ladders go two handed drop down and hit dead

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Step one get mace
                                              Step two use golden pine resin on it
                                              Step e hit him 3 time to make him staggered and then hit him the fourth time and he’ll bleed then continue hitting till he dies

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Stand next to the broken part of the bridge and keep hitting him until he tries to backstep, he'll jump off the bridge and kill himself

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Step one, get Zwihander, step two, get enough str for two handing, step three get enough stamina for two swing. Step four, right before boss aggro apply lighting resin, and do a plunge. Swing right after. Step 5. Notice you just two hit the guy

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