Oscar of Astora (Hollow)

physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg strike_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg slash_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg thrust-protection-dark-souls magic-defense-dark-souls
160 ~ 248  155 ~ 248  184 ~ 272  160 ~ 248  99 ~ 186 
fire-defense-dark-souls lightning-defense-dark-souls poison-resistance-dark-souls toxic-resistance-dark-souls bleed-resistance-dark-souls
104 ~ 193  69 ~ 155  E/C E/C E/C
HP 793 (NG+ 1522)
Drops 1000 Souls (NG+ 3000)

Oscar of Astora (Hollow) is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Oscar of Astora (Hollow)

The remnant undead form of the knight who gave you the Estus Flask in the tutorial stage. When you return to the asylum you may see him walking around but beware: he is not the same man he was the first time you met....





  • No special strategy is needed. Engage, dodge, kill. Parrying is easier when he fights one handed. He also is overburdened so whenever he rolls, feel free to wail away



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Northern Undead Asylum and 
Northern Undead Asylum Revisit
793 1522 1000 3000 ?



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    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2021 18:37  

      I don't know why but in NG+ when I left the room where he was he just died, like if he had committed suicide

      • Anonymous

        04 Jul 2021 21:06  

        damn it Oscar i wish we could of joined in jolly corroparation i never thought seeing the man who saved my life from the asylem go hollow would effect me so much

        • Anonymous

          02 Mar 2021 17:29  

          to think think this guy changed the fate of the world by giving you a chance and most people in the world will never hear of him

          • Anonymous

            14 Dec 2020 10:44  

            If you think about how the game starts it's kinda funny, you are an undead fated to rot in prison until the end of the world, but... It doesn't happen, some random knight drops you a corpse and before you know it you are in Lordran, slaying skellies, maidens and hollows. People say that in DS1 you can parry the world but I believe that he parried the fate itself.

            • Anonymous

              10 Sep 2020 07:47  

              I believe that the ensuing despair he felt at being unable to even overcome his first obstacle as an undead is what turned him Hollow.

              • Anonymous

                03 Aug 2020 16:20  

                I went to get the peculiar doll and fight against the black knight, but when I reached the ladder, Oscar appeared out of nowhere and tried to reach me and got stuck behind the black knight. In the middle of the chaos, Oscar backstabbed the knight and passed by him to be backstabbed twice by the tall guy, dying. I just had to R1 the man and get the shield and doll at once, lol.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Jun 2020 05:54  

                  I accidentally killed Oscar after he gave me the items, and he kinda just spirited away, saying "But... Why...?"
                  Did I miss anything by killing him before he became hollow?

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Mar 2019 20:24  

                    Upon my return to the Asylum, I was working my (wrong) way towards the Rusted Iron Ring - I think - and had the Black Knight on my tail. I managed to get back towards where the Iron Ball rolls into the wall and, of course, I died. As I went back to collect my souls, I noticed that Oscar wasn't there... He had died. From either the Iron Ball or the Black Knight attacking, or both. I still feel upset.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Dec 2017 23:34  

                      He should at least be spared, hollow or not. It's almost as regretable as fighting Sif. I regret killing both him and Sif on my story. I will use his shield and treasure it as a momento of his death.

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