Oscar of Astora

Stats (SL 80)

  1. Vit 30
  2. Att 16
  3. End 30
  4. Str 30
  5. Dex 30
  6. Res base
  7. Int base
  8. Fth 30

Right hand 1 astora straight sword +5 Right hand 2 talisman of your choice
Left hand 1 Crest shield +5 Left hand 2 Anything ( I decided with black bow of pharis maybe +15 not sure yet)
Armour Elite Knight set +9
Rings Ring of favor and protection Ring of suns first born ( Or ninja flip ring your choice)
Miracles lightning spear great lightning spear replenishment Great heal
This build is named after the asylum knight (the wiki says he's called Oscar) and is good for jolly cooperation. I would advise joining the sunbros due to co-op being easier and this build uses lightning spear and great lightning spear. I did say above to use the astora straight sword but with this build you can use the majority of the weapons in the game effectively. As a final note i'm going to take this build to SL 100 to get 50 faith so i can use the Sunlight spear miracle and get the most out of my talisman ( I'm thinking about using the Ivory talisman but I haven't decided yet)

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