Mini Bosses

Mini Bosses are also scattered around the levels. These bosses may look like common foes, but will not respawn after they are killed. They can usually be distinguished by their size, and they often drop unique items.






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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone have any help tips on how to defeat Dragonslayer Orstein and Executioner Smough as a level 54 knight?

      • Anonymous

        Should bounding demon's be considered for this page as they do not respawn and are decently strong and tall.

        • Every mini-boss in a nutshell:
          Hydra: pretty menacing but not that bad
          Black Phantom/NPC Invader: the closest to a pvp that you ever have in dark souls 1 because of the horrible server programming
          Butcher: their dogs are harder to handle, also fun fact: they are women
          Fang boar: hardcore an*l
          Giant Cat: hehe spin go zoom
          Giant Rat: pretty intimidating but also pretty pathetic
          Golden Crystal Golems: woman's pokeballs
          Havel, the rock: WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING
          Black Hydra: same sh*t as the other one but with a different color and in a cooler area
          Ricard, the archer: pretty forgettable in my opinion
          The Berenike Knight: everyone got smashed when first encounterd him in the undead church
          The Black Knight: cool armor, cool weapons, cool lore, good for grinding titanite, badass; One of the best enemies in the game
          The bridge Wyvern: hehe fire go wooosh
          The channeler: the buffer of the team//ironpineapple
          Titanite Demon: the most broken enemy in the whole game

          • Anonymous

            "Minibosses", lol. A few of these are just slightly more difficult enemies than the standard losers that die in 1-2 hits. I guess the only reason the ones that seem like they would respawn dont respawn is how disgustingly much backtracking there is in dark souls 1 and that you HAVE to rest at bonfires to spawn at them after death, and the ability to warp is minimal and only in late game.

            • Anonymous

              the undead dragon is easy. you need to unlock a door right inside one of the towers in new londo, then you walk forward a little bit. there will be 3 items. one is the astoria strait sword, one is a humanity, and one is a soul cannister. but when you collect one of the items, the dragon will wake up, then you run away and shoot it up with a ton of fire arrows(you will need to have traveled to the lower part of the undead burg and open the door to the female undead merchant.

              • Anonymous

                I think a couple of mini bosses are missing. The pyromancer that attacks you for example before bed of chaos or the worm in blighttown where you find power within. Also in sen's fortress the giants are not respawning except the one with loads the rocks.

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