Royal Sentinel

royal sentinel enemy dark soul
physical protection dark souls dks strike protection dark souls dks slash protection dark souls dks thrust protection dark souls dks magic protection dark souls dks
349 349 437 349 244
fire protection dark souls dks lightning protection dark souls dks poison resistance dark souls dks toxic dark souls dks bleed resistance dark souls dks
298 280 C C C
HP 755 (NG+ 1322)
Drops 3000 Souls (NG+ 9000 )
Giant's Halberd
Giant Shield
Titanite Chunk

Royal Sentinel is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Royal Sentinel Description

A slightly larger and tougher variety of the Sentinel enemy found in Anor Londo. This variety has attack power beyond that of the normal variety and also have the ability to cast a healing spell and an AoE attack. There are only two of them in the game, located in the hall that leads to Ornstein and Smough's fog gate.




  • Shield Bash
  • Strong Shield Bash
  • Overhead Halberd Smash
  • Halberd Thrust
  • Halberd Sweep
  • Halberd Sweep Combo
  • Wrath of the Gods Spell
  • Healing Spell



Dealing with them is much the same as with the normal Sentinels, barring a few differences. Royal Sentinels have access to two spells: an AoE explosion which causes magic damage, as well as a healing spell. The same strategies also apply, although it is harder to slip between their legs due to the armored skirts they wear., and they also have a forward thrusting attack that can be easily sidestepped. The shield bash attack does still leave enough clearance for the player to slip between their legs, and it is just as easy to hug their shield arms. It is important to do a great deal of damage to them if they start to cast their healing spell, as it almost totally restores their health. This can be difficult as they automatically raise their shields in front of themselves while casting their healing spell. The other radial spell has a slow charge up, allowing you to retreat to a safe distance before it fires. One strategy is to stand on the staircase where the Silver Knight Archer stands and equip a bow and the hawk ring. Even cheap arrows will do ~31 damage, and they will not move or heal if you consistently get headshots.

You can snipe the sentinel guarding the fog gate from inside the arena (after defeating the bosses of course). This will not aggro him unless you are very close (from the top of the stairs to the arena, count seven tiles and you are in a safe distance; shooting from any closer might aggro him). The other sentinel at the far end of the hall can be taken out with a similar tactic, this time from inside the hall. Just watch out for the Silver Knight Archer if you havent killed him.

Additional note: The Royal Sentinels commonly jump away from the player, sometimes more than once, just before healing (although they occasionally jump around anyway to reposition.) If a Royal Sentinel with low health starts jumping away, stay close and try to turn him at an angle that will allow you to circle around his shield and unload when he begins his healing animation.


Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Anor Londo 755 1322 3000 9000 Yes


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    • Anonymous

      i think ive spent more time getting bullied by the two of these guys outside of O&S's boss fog than i actually have spent fighting O&S

      • Anonymous

        why do these guys have such a silly AI? Half the time I'll be up on the stairs with Solaire's summon and theyre chasing me, then one will turn around and go up the stairs on the opposite side of the cathedral and come down like 5 minutes later

        • Anonymous

          For pyros, get as close as you can with a high stability shield, strafe, and fire off Combustion when you have an opportunity. Easiest way to dispose of these jerks.

          • Anonymous

            I think these fellows and the regular Sentinels are remnants of the soldiers and priests of Anor Londo before the fall. They bleed when struck, so they can't be constructs like the Silver/Black Knights and the Crystal Golems.

            • Anonymous

              I don't get this - I equipped slumbering dragoncrest ring and zweihander +10. I came to RS standing under stairs and hit him with 2H heavy attack. RS was stunlocked so I can quickly finish him with second heavy attack. Easy peasy. Then I switched zweihander for large club (also +10). Same poise damage category but strike (which should be better) and slightly higher damage (STR 28). He was not stunlocked. How's that?
              Sorry my english...

              • Anonymous

                I don’t know why but one of these guys spawned by the doors and he’s red as if it was an invader. Same moves as the first two but same health as the next two. Is this a glitch? I can’t seem to find anything amywhere

                • Anonymous

                  Don't try to roll their WoG. Its damage frames last longer than your i-frames and will hit you out of your roll no matter how late you try rolling.

                  • Anonymous

                    They can get poisoned by poison arrows but their health stops getting decreased at 1 hp. At that moment, any arrow won't work, gotta go there and throw the last finisher attack.

                    • Anonymous

                      A shot below the knee does more damage to these guys than a head shot. Also true of the regular Sentinals.

                      • Anonymous

                        Not the best way to farm Titanite Chunks. Even with the gold serpent ring and 10 humanity, the drop rate isn't high enough to run all the way from the bonfire and only have 2 chances. I guess you could do it if you just really hate Ruins of New Londo.

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