Alluring Skull


A skull with meekly lingering souls. Throw to shatter and spread souls to attract certain types of enemies
Souls are a concentration of life, and the life-starved Hollows are lured by its power. Not effective for all enemies.

Alluring Skull is a Projectiles in Dark Souls.


Alluring Skull Usage

  • Throwable item. Attracts some enemies.
  • Effect lasts about 5 seconds.


Alluring Skull Location



  • Effect similar to the Aural Decoy spell, but more limited.






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    • Anonymous

      Can be useful in the room with a bunch of giant skeletons in the tomb of the giants. The one with the large divine ember. Better to distract some of them instead of getting stunlocked and gangbanged.

      • Anonymous

        Really effective in Lower Undead Burg - when you get ambushed by the thief hollows, just throw one of these into the fire near the initial stairs. Also, both Infested Barbarians & Infested Ghouls are affected, so it's quite useful in Blighttown as well - to make them plummet to their deaths. Wish there was a comprehensive list on affected enemies though; testing it out on all of em is gonna be a pain in the butt.

        • Anonymous

          the first ones you'll probably find will be on a bridge above the armored boar. throw them in the fire right below and watch dumb ass grown armored boar walk into it and die.

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