Orange Charred Ring

An orange ring enchanted by a witch. Reduces lava damage. Since his sores were
inflamed by lava from birth, his witch sisters gave him this special ring. But fool that
he is, he readily dropped it, and from that spot, a terrible centipede demon was born

Orange Charred Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Greatly reduces lava damage.
  • Adds fire damage element to kick motion.

Acquired from


  • Removed in New Game Plus.
  • If this item is dropped, it will reappear in the chest in Firelink Shrine.
  • This item can not be traded, since it will not appear to the other player(s) if dropped.
  • Only Power Within will increase its fire damage. Nothing else will increase it.



    • Anonymous

      08 Oct 2019 19:35  

      Would it be possible to add to the description of the ring, that the "german translation" is very different from the original? If i translate it back to english, the description is like this: "This ring once belonged to the pyromancer Carminia, the most talented disciple of Salaman, the master of the pyromaniacs. The orange gemstone is heavily charred, but still bears Carminia's powers. He reduces the damage by lava and grants his bearer the fire kick attack." Only by reading this wiki I learned bout the "real description" and the sad story behind this "cool lava-saving ring".

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