Seath the Scaleless

Location Duke's Archive and the Crystal Cave
Health * NG: 5,525
NG+: 10,000
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Seath the Scaleless is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Seath the Scaleless Information

 Seath, the albino dragon, betrayed his own kind out of jealousy; for unlike his brethren, Seath did not possess the stone scales of immortality. Together with Gravelord Nito and the Witch of Izalith; Seath allied with Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder, and brought his own race to the brink of extinction, with many believing Seath to be the last of his kind. As reward for his service, Gwyn anointed Seath the title of "Duke" and gave him permission to build a grand archive where Seath could continue his research into his long held desire for immortality. This archive would come to be known as "The Duke's Archives". Along with these gifts, Gwyn also bestowed upon Seath a shard of his Lord Soul. After much research, Seath finally achieved his goal of immortality through the discovery of the Primordial Crystal. However, the discovery did not come without a price. As the dragon delved deeper and deeper into his research, Seath's mind began to fade, and by the time he had achieved his goals, he had descended into madness. Becoming more and more paranoid, Seath locked himself away in the archives, fearing the other lords would attempt to steal his immortality for themselves. Barricaded within the archives, Seath sent his Channeler servants far and wide across the land to kidnap fair maidens and undead for his experiments.




First Encounter

  • The first encounter with Seath is after taking the second elevator in the archives and going through a hallway, that becomes more and more encrusted with crystals towards the top. This first encounter is meant to be lost (Seath immediately regenerates health if any damage is done by the player), so going in with low health can be beneficial. The player can also exit the fog anytime during the encounter. Souls and Humanity will be lost upon death, unless a Ring of Sacrifice/Rare Ring of Sacrifice is worn.
  • The player will respawn inside the Archives Tower after being defeated, locked up in a cell in the Archive Tower Prison.
  • If the player escapes the Archive Tower without dying, the Bloodstain will still be in Seath's lair. To collect them, take the elevator back up, pick up lost souls and exit the fog or use a Homeward Bone, since Seath will still be there.
  • The Ring of Sacrifice can be equipped, before the first encounter, to lose nothing upon death.
  • The Rare Ring of Sacrifice can be equipped, before the first encounter, if you are concerned about Seath's ability to Curse you. However, if you unequip your armor before the fight, you should die long before becoming cursed.


  • When the tail is cut off, it emits a shower of crystals instead of blood, suggesting Seath's entire body is filled with crystal.
  • 60,000 Souls (Patch 1.05)
  • Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard (Soul of Seath the Scaleless)
  • 1 Humanity
  • Moonlight Greatsword: Attacking the tip of Seath's larger rear tail (not the smaller side ones) will eventually cut it off, giving the host the sword automatically. Players must attack the tip of the tail and not the base.
  • Once Seath kills you during the first encounter, re-enter the room of the first encounter in the Dukes Archives to find a Large Magic Ember and a valuable Soul. You may also return here after defeating Seath during the second encounter in the Crystal Caves. Note: the room of the first encounter will also contain a hostile, insane Big Hat Logan if you previously saved him from Sen's Fortress, Duke's Archive, and subsequently purchasing all of his magic spells while he was in the Archives near the moving bookcase, respectively. After he becomes hostile, Big Hat Logan will be naked aside from his hat (the rest of his gear may be obtained from a chest located in the room behind the moving bookcase, where you spoke to him before to purchase spells), suggesting he is attempting to mimic Seath's "scalelessness." You may obtain his other gear from the room down in the Archives before you fight him.


Easy Way to Get the Sword

  1. Make sure you have no armour. (Or have less than 25% Equip Load)
  2. Approach Seath directly from the front.
  3. Immediately after he begins his melee or vertical crystal breath, make a break for his tail.
  4. Seath's animation can be quite lengthy, giving you a short amount of time to get a hit or two in.
  5. Don't bite off more than you can chew. If you don't think you'll make the strike, or if he begins doing his AoE crystal storm, or if he raises his tail to slam down on you, back away immediately.
    • For optimum maneuverability, lure Seath into the center of the chamber.
    • If you have summoned someone, have them stand in front of Seath, distracting him (while they try to do a minimum of damage). This should keep him distracted long enough for you to cut off his tail. Remember step 5, though, and be careful if Seath starts getting ready to attack with his tail.


Second Encounter

  • Weakness: Lightning
  • The second encounter with Seath will be after taking the path down through the Crystal Cave (the area found after going into the room with all the spilled books and the hidden staircase to a walled off grass field). To get to him, the player must walk across some invisible pathways. The pathways can be distinguished by the tiny crystal-flakes bouncing off of them. Prism stones and/or shooting arrows on the invisible pathway can be utilized to ensure proper footing, and messages left by other players on the invisible walkways can serve as a rough guide as well. A number of Man-Eater Shell enemies are inside a large cave just before Seath's area (which is helpful because they tend to drop purging stones, the cure for curse, which is one of Seath's attack types). If you move carefully or use a bow, these can be aggro'd one at a time and dealt with fairly safely. Note that some shells closer to you may be facing in the other direction, while those beyond may be moving towards you. If this is the case, wait for the moving maneater shells to approach you, rather than also aggroing the ones that have not moved yet.
  • Dashing past the maneater shells into the boss area will bring them in with the boss, but only the first time you fight him. If you die and return, entering the white fog will not allow the clams through. Regardless, Seath's attacks damage them as well, though you do not get the souls or drops from them.
  • Unlike most other boss areas, Seath's area will not have a fog gate in front of it the first time you enter. It is the area just past the group of maneater shells, with a number of statues of cursed players standing in low, glowing mist. As you move down into this area, a cutscene will occur. As the cinematic plays, take note of the crystal in the back of the room. This crystal is what keeps him alive, so destroy it quickly since it regenerates his health. It will be behind you after the cutscene ends and the battle begins. Alternately, if you are entering a second time, you'll be required to run around Seath to reach it. It is not HP-based; it breaks easily in one hit like other inanimate objects in the game, such as vases or boxes.
  • The cutscene only triggers when the host player moves into the area. If you have summons with you, give them time to run forward and position themselves near the crystal before you enter the room. Once Seath enters for the first time, he will block off the entrance, leaving you and your summons closer to the crystal.
  • It is generally better to not break the crystal immediately, unless you have already been defeated by Seath before and he is already in the middle of the room. If he is entering for the first time, wait for him to move forward into the middle of the room, then break the crystal. If you break it too early, Seath will spend most of the battle right near the area's entrance, and his tail will clip through the walls. This makes it extremely difficult to cut the tip off for the Moonlight Greatsword, and exposes you to much greater risk from his physical or breath attacks when trying to get behind him in close quarters.
  • It is possible to kill Seath without destroying the crystal yourself. Simply head over to where the crystal is at, but DO NOT HIT IT. Wait for Seath to reach you and start circling around to his tail. He'll most likely attempt to attack "you", but in the process of doing this, he'll hit the crystal and make himself vulnerable (and stunned), and thus you can go to town on his tail and get free damage.
  • Seath's crystal breath will leave residual crystal spikes on the ground that steadily builds curse. Avoid the crystal spikes after he unleashes a breath attack.
  • The miracle Great Magic Barrier is very effective against the magic damage dealt by Seath's crystal breath, although curse buildup can still occur.
  • It can be difficult to get behind him when fighting him solo, as due to his large size even his slow turning speed means his tail will quickly move away from you whenever he shifts position. Summons can help a great deal, as he typically focuses on one player at a time, allowing another to circle around and safely attack his tail. The typical summon location is at the second bonfire in the Archives, on the balcony.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have low curse resistance, make sure to equip the Cursebite Ring before the battle. This will help slow the curse if you do happen to get stuck in his crystal curse field attack. If you do, roll out of it ASAP. High curse resistance gear includes the Paladin Set, the Dingy Set, and the Antiquated Set. Holding extra humanity can also greatly increase curse resistance, although given the dangers of the Crystal Cave this is recommended only for summoned players. Finally, if you become stuck in one of Seath's crystal fields, keep your shield up as you try to escape. This seems to reduce damage and possibly curse buildup, and you will see stamina drain as if you are continually blocking damage.
  • Numerous strategies will be effective against Seath, as he moves slowly and can be target locked from very far away. Ranged weapons, spells, pyromancies, and miracles are all effective, as are melee attacks on his appendages. During your first battle with Seath, it is recommended that you do not rush him, but instead observe him to get a sense of his attack patterns and vulnerabilities. The boss area is quite large and it is usually trivial to stay out of range of his breath attacks until you decide to commit.
  • Specifically, staying off to either the left or right of Seath will allow the player to take him on quite easily. Just continue to hit his side tails until he lunges down to hit, then roll or block to get away and face his front. When Seath goes for a frontal attack, move to his side again and attack. Repeat these patterns until he is dead.
  • For Pyromancers and Mages: continually circle him while locked on and cast your best fast spells (great chaos fireball, crystal soul spear). It is unlikely he will even hit you, If he does, continue to circle and Heal when behind or beside him. He is very susceptible to spells and pyromancies, and the ability to lock onto him from afar means such spells may be used quite safely.
  • Seath is blind, as noted in the description of the Helm of the Channelers. Use the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring or the sorcery Hush to make it harder for Seath to detect you.


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    • Anonymous

      09 Nov 2017 02:45  

      yeah, makes it harder for seath to see you, my ass, he spammed the tail attack until i died and he kept turning to face me even with the slumbering ring on, so he must not be blind

      • Anonymous

        11 Oct 2017 02:00  

        I've already died to him in the first encounter twice, yet he will not move. I'm fairly certain I'm doing some thing wrong, but I don't know what that thing is

        • Anonymous

          No real strategy needed...07 Oct 2016 12:02  

          On my first attempt, I immediatly cut the crystal in the back and rushed him (i'm a melee figther). After some hits, he breathed some crystal curse and I rolled back, took a potion and immediatly rushed again just under him. After 3 times he died. I suggest that you go with two-hand to deal more damages (I had the Queelag Fury Sword +3) .After an exhausting fight with Ornstein and Smough where I had to level up a lot. This fight seemed quite easy.Good luck guys ;)

          • Anonymous

            tip02 Jul 2016 10:15  

            if the summons enter first isnt it better for 1 to go for the crystal and the second (if you are 3) goes for the tail ?

            • Anonymous

              Terrible boss fight23 May 2016 08:36  

              I like the boss design alot and the background story that he is basically a mad scientist but the boss fight mechanic could be directly from Dark Souls 2. Ok it's a bit better but there is not much of a moveset or attack pattern we have to adept to. Not much of a strategy required. Together with Nito who suffers from a similar problem we'll end up with the Bed of Chaos as the only true challenge. But this is also far from beeing a classic Dark Souls Boss fight. I've never played DS1 without the Artorias DLC but slowly I understand how important it was to the game and the whole franchise to estaplish certain standarts concerning the boss fights.

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