Quicky the Magician is obviously a quick magician. I've gotten bored with higher level PvP, so I decided to make a low level invader. I decided to use the Rapier since I personally like the moveset and does decent damage. The 36 intelligence is for soul spear and homing soulmass. I use Chameleon just for laughs and giggles to mess with people. Well enough of this, lets get to the build.
Plathrough: For the most part the playthrough is very easy. Choose a Sorcerer for your beginning class. Your first want to get your int. up to 20ish and use great soul arrow. get the Dusk Crown, and save the sorcerer and get the ring. All the "hard" bosses will now be easy once you get the ring, crown, and soul spear/homing soulmass. Your biggest challenge will be beating Four Kings. I'm currently still working on them, their a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. But once your a DarkWraith and your invade and stacking up on humanities, you'll realize it's worth it.


Weapons: Enchanted Rapier +4 (RH1) Heater Shield (LH1) Choice: Any medium catalysts, I use Izalith for looks.
Armor: Crown of Dusk (+20% to Sorcery) Black Cleric Robe Black Manchette Black Leather Tights Option: It's your choice whether you want to upgrade the armor or not. Uses twinkling titanite, so its easy to upgrade!
Rings: Ring of Favor and Protection (Gives more eq load, hp and end.) Bellowing DragonCrest Ring (+20% to Sorcery)
Spells: Soul Spear Homing Soulmass Great Soul Arrow Chameleon
Stats: 15 - Vitality 16 - Attunement 10 - Endurance 9 - Strength 12 - Dexterity 8 - Resistance 36 - Intelligence 8 - Faith
Extra options: Instead of using enchanted weapons, you can get CMW and use a +15 weapon and nobody will be able to even touch you. I personally don't use it because its was too OP. Also, the armor isn't required. Use dingy or whatever you like. I just prefer the black cleric set.
Cons - Very low HP - Due to Dusk, magic resistance sucks Pros - Hits very high - Can use a variety of dex weps. - Looks bah-dass

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