Zwei Cleaver

Soul level: 45

Starting Class: Pyromancer


VIT: 30
STR:16 (two handed zwei)
DEX:10(two handed zwei)


RH1: Lighting Zwei Hander +5
RH2: ascend Pyromancy Flame +5
LH1: Grass Crest Shield +15
LH2: Not in use
Head: Mask of the child
Elite knight armor for body,hands and gloves. (Upgraded as possible)
Flavor's and Protection
Darkwood Grain
Great Combustion
Great Fireball
Darkwraith (to invade and invade with the red eye orb)

NOTE: As a member of darkwraith there is NO upper level limit when you invade.

Description: This build is 'cause of the actual PvP level.It's also great for PvE.Vitality allows you to have 1320 HP that is good to remain alive when backstabbed.With 30 on stamina you can do two strike,then roll and another strike! ( obviously R1 hits).As you see,I focused only on this stats and pyromancies allows you to have a little variety.The darkwood grain ring make you very faster and this is the real strenght of this build.With lighting zwei hander +5 your damage is 721 so you need at most two hits to kill your enemies.You can try variations of the build removing points to vitality (or simply up some levels) in favor of attunement for a better magic choice. (Poison mist,acid surge are so good,but i prefer using dung pies and have a little more vitality).


-Make you strength to be 16 and dex 10,then go to the cimitery and take the zwei hander.
-Kill havel and take the ring.
-Free Lautrec,kill him and take the ring of flavor and protection.
-Go to the darkroot garden and take the elite knight armor and grass crest shield.
-Level up stamina until you are at half weight with the elite armor set (not head) and then equip darkwood grain ring
-Focus on piromancies by free the NPC in the depths.Make piromancy flame +10 and go in blighttown.Buy great combustion and great fireball from quelana and then upgrade at maximum the flame.
-Go to anor londo and make the lighting zwei hander. Upgrade it at maximum (don't take the lordvessel)
-Go to kill pinnacle in the catacombs and hope for the mask of child to be dropped.
-Kill four king and join the darkwraith covenant.Offer 10 humanity to Kaathe for the red eye orb
-If pinnacle doesn't drop mask of the child you have to take the lordvessel,then kill nito.After this you can buy the mask from patches.
-Invade invade invade!

Playtrough is only a guideline.

When mastered this build is very awesome and you can easily finish the game at this soul level!However this build is for PvP.
To upgrade zwei hander,elite knight set and dark crest shield my advice is to kill darkwraiths.They drops titanite chunk and slab (very rarely).
Eventually I apologies for my english (I'm italian).
I hope it is understandable =D

My PSN ID is fluke_89

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