Paladin Tank
Starting Class = Knight
Starting Gift = Master Key
Covenant = Warrior of Sunlight
Soul Level = 210+

Suggested Stats

Vitality = 75-99
Endurance = 66 (variable to maintain 50% equip load)
Strength = 36
Dexterity = 45
Attunement = 19
Faith = 75-99


Armor= Your preferred medium armor set, I personally like the Dark Armor or the Paladin Armor sets due to the good defense/weight ratio.
Rings= Ring of Favor and Protection is a staple for this set, and it should be paired with either the Ring of the Sun's Firstborn or Cloranthy Ring as a focus on miracles/melee.
Left hand Items= Main: Giant Shield Secondary: Darkmoon Talisman
Right Hand Weapons= I personally like having a +10 Divine Halberd but your main can be any preferred +10 divine weapon used one handed to make use of the shield.
For your secondary you need a good enhanceable weapon to be used with Sunlight Blade.
Miracles= Lightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear, Sunlight Spear, and Sunlight Blade.


This build is viable in both PvP and PvE. The only boss i have found issues with this build is Gwyn Lord of Cinder. Other than that you can defeat any boss without need of help, although it doesn't hurt to have friends. I usually PvP in Darkroot Garden. The basis of the build is to do the majority of your heavy lifting with your shield and divine weapon. I switch to the spears when i want to stay away from enemies or just out of reach, or i know the target has low lightning resist. The Sunlight blade is used on your basic +15 weapon against tough targets or bosses (other than Gwyn)

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