A mage build with the power to do some melee dmg slvl ~124

starting class: Sorcerer
Gift: master key
R1: Greatsword of Artorias (or any ench weapon of your choice)
R2: Izalith catalyst
L1: Crest shield or eagle shield
L2: Crystal Ring Shield
Head: Crown of dusk
Chest: Xanthous overcoat
Gloves: Xanthous gloves
Boots: Xanthous waistcloth
Rings: Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Cloranthy Ring
magic: Homing crystal soulmass, crystal soulspear, white dragon breath and hidden body (use only in emergency)

vit: 40
att: 16
end: 30
str: 24
dex: 18
res: 8
int: 50<
fai: 20

If youre goin to use a ench weapon instead regulate str, dex and fai after that and put some more in int
Its maybe not the ultimate build, but i have won ~90% of my battles as human invaded by blue phantoms, no estus flasks used (ppl dies to fast)

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