All out Mage
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
     19    25-30
Strength dexterity Intelligence Faith Resist
    12 25  

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: All out Mage
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
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Build Equipment

  • Right Hand:
  • Left Hand:
  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Legs:
  • Rings:
  • Items:


Build Strategy

Hi guys this will be my first guide for Dark Souls and I am willing to give it a shot and try to play the game as a "caster only" character 
So this guide will focus on getting free souls in the beginning in order to get early magic and make use of the shortcuts to get to some merchants quicker. 
After getting lv 5 in the Firelink you won't be spending any more souls with the exception of buying 1 key to unlock a merchant, you will be aiming for 20 000 souls. 
I'll be updating this page as I make progress. so I take one place at a time. 
I haven't played the game through fully so I will probably miss a couple secrets but I'll try to make the guide as complete as possible with stats being told on when to acquire new magic. 
First off let's start with picking the class and the gift you may select as well as a small overview on what stats we need for the basics. 
Stats Overview
Vitality: 25-30 Attunement: 19Intelligence: 12 Faith: 25

Vitality is taken to 25-30 to be able to allow you to wear the Dusk Crown Ring without having to walk around with barely no life, although you still end up with only 550-600 life. 
It's fairly enough if you play safe.. With 19 attunement you can equip 5 spells which is enough for the beginning. 
Intelligence is taken to 12 to allow the usage of heavy soul spears early game in the end you want 25 faith to be able to join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant 

Character Selection
The Pyromancer.Why this class and not the Sorc or Cleric ? Easy, as with the pyromancer you can buy 2 spells when you start in Firelink which give you killing power and the ability to cast fire and soul spears.

Starting gift
Let's pick the so very useful masterkey. This item will give you a couple of easy and fast shortcuts so you can have some good items pretty early.

The Playthrough


  • Play through the Northern Undead Asylum. Once you beat the boss there and go through the door follow the path upwards 'till you see some gravestones standing around. Go to your left and head down, walk around the wall and you will find a corpse with a lost undead soul. Go up and travel to the Firelink Shrine..


  • Firelink Shrine
    • Once you arrive here activate the bonfire and look around to spot the corpse on the well for 1 humanity. Go up in the ruins then take the right door and walk through it to find some firebombs. Head back take the next door and you will see a fat dude standing there. Talk to him and respond with "Yes" twice to allow him to sell you some miracles which we will need later on. Head up the stairs all the way to find another lost undead soul. Head back one stairs down then on your right you will see an elevator shaft. Jump down the right one to find 4 chests with loot in them, then jump down again and you will find yourself in the graveyard next to the shrine. The skeletons here will awaken once you get too close to them but they're no big deal, two fireballs and they're dead, just make sure they don't hit you too often. On your right there is a corpse with a large undead soul. Take it and then head back to the left. Don't go up the stairs yet, grab the undead soul near the corpse first. Walk back, now up the stairs and kill the 2 skeletons following you. Then continue straight ahead, not taking the 2nd stairs, 'till you hit a dead end. Walk around the wall to find another undead soul on a corpse. Head back instead of entering the door to your right and go up the stairs. Walk around the top level to find another undead soul for free. So now we basically got eveything we need here so return to the bonfire. From there go up towards the aquaduct, kill the skeletons and you will see a corpse with another lost undead soul. Make your way up and you will see once again a corpse. Loot it, then enter the aquaduct on your left. There is a rat guarding a corpse with an undead soul, so kill it and loot the corpse. Now turn around and continue. To your left there is a door. Head up and beat the 2 skeletons here, then don't cross the small brigde but jump down on the left side and kill the pretty useless zombies there. Enter the house for another undead soul and head back out. Take the only direction you can go to find a piece of dung. Some zombies waiting in ambush head up the stairs, so be prepared. Fetch the corpse on the end for 1 humanity. drop down to where you fought the 2 skeletons. This time, cross the brigde and take out the 2 skeletons here. Don't go through the fog door on your right but look to your left and you see another room with an undead soul. Take it. Now it's time to head back to the Firelink Shrine bonfire. From there on you can take the stairs down to the New Londo Ruins by takeing the elevator down. Then, after exiting, there is a corpse next to the bottom of the stairs with a namelous undead soul (these are worth a little more, yay). Just go down further until you find yourself in an open place with zombies praying and crying (or whatever they are doing there..) ?. The place is called New Londo. Go to your right and enter the building, head up the stairs and use your masterkey on the locked door on your left. There is once again another undead soul we are very willing to take. Cross the bridge of planks to the right and then head left on the narrow path to the next brigde and you'll see something big there. As you approach it, you will see an Ancient Bone dragon as well as two corpses holding the astora sword and dragon crest shield. If you happen to take one of them he will awake, be pretty mad and one-hit kill you, but if you walk past him there is a 3rd corpse with a soul of a proud knight (worth 2000 souls) you can take without waking up the dragon. For now we are done here, but beware, we will come back very soon and get those items there. Head back to the New Londo Ruins but this time go to the right to find stairs leading down. On the left there is a blacksmith in a prison cell. Talk to him twice to open up his shop and.. Guess what he sells? Soul Spear Magic, yay! Consume all the souls you found until now, this will be around 9000 souls, and buy both the Soul Spear, Heavy Soul Spear spells and the Sorcerer Catalyst. That's the only weapon he sells but you will need it in order to cast the spells. Head back to the bonfire and level up aiming for 14 attunement and 12 intelligence so you can equip both 3 spells. Now let's get back to where the Ancient Bone dragon was and use Heavy Soul Spear on him. Do not grab the items, just attack him from the side (not from the front, since he spits poison!). Cast one spell on him, run back a bit, wait until he spat is poison, attack again and so on. When he is finally defeated, He will be giving you 3000 souls, a much needed shield blocking 100% meele and a sword. Now we are pretty much done here and can continue. Let's get back to the bonfire, save one lst time and gith our way to the Undead Burg. Just take the path to the aquaduct and follow it until you reach Undead Burg. (Fog door we ignored..)


  • Undead Burg
    • Upon entering the Undead Burg, clear the skeletons you meet, the small ones with Soul Spear and the 2 stronger ones (on the right) with Heavy Soul Spear. This will instant-kill them with an overkill resulting in 20% more exp. Once disposed of the 2 hollow spear using skeletons, hit the crates there to find stairs leading down. You will find a merchant where you can (and wilk) buy the mansion key for 1000 souls (to unlock a pyromancer skill trainer later). Head back up to where the archer was. On the left there is a bonfire. Lit it and rest there. Dispose the skeleton archer and the one on the stairs to the right as well as the 3rd one coming up again, then cross the bridge running so you can dodge the firebombs being thrown at you. In the next room be careful to not get slain since you will be fighting 3 on 1. You can choose to melee them with your axe for safety reasons.. Exit through the door and enter the house on your right. Kill the skeleton there and enter the back room to your left with a chest that has black firebombs. Go outside, then turn to your right and take the stairs to find 3 more skeletons. Just Soul Spear them, it's easy.. Enter the house to find a chest with gold pine resign, not that you will be needing it. Go back outside, enter the tower on your right to kill a sniper archer there. Then head back down and go right to see stairs. On the opposite, enter the house using the key. This will lead you to the those 3 firebomb throwers and a corpse with an undead soul. Clear the place and get that soul! Head back down and then take the stairs in front of the tower with the archer and beat the 3 shield skeletons here. Now you can either choose to go up the stairs and get ready for a boss or take the right one down to meet a black elite knight. Yes, the knight will kill you in one hit. It's fast. It's strong. But we are cleverer and to be honest, he will not even stand a chance versus us if you know what to do, so let's cover the strategy.. =)
      • Black Knight Strategy: Approach him slowly until you can target lock him. Shoot a Heavy Soul Spear in his faboulus butt, immediately remove the target lock and make your way back up where you went up the ladder. Go stand on top of that house and he will follow, but since he can't climb the ladder you will be safe (ain't no one can climb that ladder with this kind of armor, right?). Now if you turn around to the left you can run to the balcony via the roof (it has an opening). There, and in the meanwhile the black knight will have ran around the house since he is too fat to climb up the ladder, feel free to kill him by just target locking him. When he's dead, he will give you 1000 souls, but that is not why we killed him. Go back to where you first attacked him and find a precious item he was guarding. The Blue Tearstone Ring. After taking it, make your way back to the bonfire to restore your magic casts since you will be needing the Fire Spell and Heavy Soul Spear spell for the upcoming boss. Go back to the point with the 2 stairs option and take the one up this time. Be careful, there's a skeleton throwing a flaming barrel at you. Going up the next stairs, you will find a door of fog on your left. Don't take it yet but equip a fire bomb. In one of the barrels on the top floor with the fog door, there is a Crystal Lizard hiding. Free him and throw a fire bomb at him in order to get some items. Now let's go through the fog door and go up the ladder right next to it. Kill the two archers there with Soul Spear or Melee attack. If you cross the bridge, you will trigger the boss to jump down and stand in front of you. And now it's time again to use some special strategy :). Once the Taurus jumps down, immediately make your way back to the ladder and climb up on it. Now it's time for our killing method.
      • Taurus Demon Boss Strategy:
        Since you will be up on the tower and he will be standing down you can free hit him with Heavy Soul Spear or Fire Magic, but only once (or if you are lucky twice!). After that he will jump up, so right before he is doing that take the ladder and go down halfway. This way he will jump down and you can climb back up (we fooled him, muahaha). Repeat the drill to kill him pretty fast
    • Once that is done, congratulations, you beat a Taurus Demon! You may now cross the bridge and progress further, just make sure you get the corpse with an undead soul hidden in the crates. Take the stairs down, then turn to your left and you will see a bridge. Turn around, go down the stairs and you will find a knight who will give you a White Soapstone if you listen to him and respond with "Yes" twice. The soapstone will allow you to Co-op with other people once you are in a human state. Go back to the bridge but don't just cross it, make sure you take some steps outside and run back again, because there will be the Hell Kite Dragon spraying fire across the bridge. Once he did that, run along the bridge on the right side until you can see stairs (about halfway) leading down. From the bottom of the stairs, take a left, and unlock a shortcut to the bonfire by pushing down the ladder. Rest at the bonfire, resupply your magic spells. Go up the the ladder again and take the other door that leads to the part under the bridge (you are dragon-safe there).
  • Undead Parish
    • This part is still under construction! (Member following this build says: Finish this quickly!)

Feel free to comment with more information on stuff I missed out 

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    • If there isn't a purpose for getting 25 Faith other than joining the Sunlight covenant, it's a pretty pointless level to get. Unless you are only playing offline, just do some jolly cooperation and bring the requirement down by 5 Faith per boss you help someone defeat. After 4 successful summons, the requirement is all the way down at 5 Faith so you can join without having leveled Faith at all. If you plan on leveraging the various miracles in the game that is another story, but I would imagine it would make more sense to stop leveling Faith at the required level for whatever miracles you are interested in using.

      • Anonymous

        This guide repeatedly refers to Soul Spear and "Heavy Soul Spear", the former of which requires 36 INT and isn't available until Big Hat Logan has been freed, and the latter of which isn't even an actual spell. I'm assuming the guide is referring to Soul Arrow and Heavy Soul Arrow (considering that is the actual spells the blacksmith sells).

        • Anonymous

          It is inadvisable to simply consume these in the early part of the game. They only give 200/400 souls each.Wait until you have rung both bells (Undead Parish Church Tower and Blighttown/Quelaag's Domain) and sell these items to Kingseeker Frampt. He gives you 500 souls each for them.You can easily make up the souls you need in the early game for leveling by a few circuits of the Undead Burg (even w/o overkill, this nets about 2k souls a run).

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