Lightning God ThunderClees
LG Thunderclees begins life as a deprived, but starts ng++ SL 120. These are the stats:
Vit- 13
Att-16 4 Slots
RIGHT HAND Dragon King Great Axe, Pyro glove
LEFT HAND Sunlight Talisman
Items-Repair Powder, Gold Pine Resin

The Dragon King Great Axe double handed will be you're weapon of choice. You will likely only R2 this weapon. You're secondary right hand is pyro glove only for the use of iron flesh at the start of battle. In the left we wont use a shield as gods don't use them (that's what iron flesh is for). Instead we op to hurl the magnificent Sunlight Spear that took us two play through s to acquire all the sunlight medals for. Great Lightning Spear is present as backup. You have Havels and Red Tearstone as your rings. The reason for this is the armor you'll be wearing. Crown of the Great Lord along with his Anklets. No arm or chest on this one, you let your godly physique show instead. When players encounter you they will assume you are slow due to iron flesh and your monstrous weapon. When your spell wears off they'll be surprised to see you moving at fast (25% load) pace easily backstepping any swing they have and dodging any cast they use. The fight will be a very short one. At 13 Vit and super light armor you cant take much if any hits from weapons that deal big damage unless iron flesh is on (I wouldn't cast it a second time). The same goes for them as well due to the fact that your Primary attack is doing 1000+ damage usually one shotting builds in the 20s in Vitality. Here is the kicker. When they get your health low and start to feel that overcoming joy that maybe..just maybe they might be the victor, your tearstone activates boosting what once was a 1000 dmg attack to a 1500 dmg attack. Even 40s Vit builds will perish from this. Understand that you are Thunderclees so the items you'll carry are gold pine resin and repair powder. If you havnt seen what a DKGA lightning double handed does with its AoE smash...pretty much instakill on anyone in it's path. Repair Powder is for repairing your Axe should you exhaust all of its uses which is unlikely. Have fun with the build and be sure to react based on your opponents movements don't rush anything they will step into your death strike soon enough. One more hint as well, getting them to battle you on a water surface will prove fatal for them.

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