Darkmoon Avenger
By Issac Frost

[This build is 1.05]

The Darkmoon Avenger, is intended to be a character that can fight well against most PvP builds. It's weapon buffs provide a way for offensive pressure and psychological warfare while Great Magic Barrier will force most Magic users to not attack with their spells.

SL 2(120) Dark Moon +3
Master Key
Vitality 11(40)
Attunement 11(16)
Endurance 9(32)
Strength 12(25)
Dexterity 8(40)
Resistance 11
Intelligence 8
Faith 14(30) -16

•Armor Options

Paladin Helm +5
Paladin Armor +5
Paladin Gauntlets +5
Paladin Leggings +5
-For being medium armor this one is pretty solid all around. It has decent defenses and solid resistances. It is the set I use normally and is light enough. The Poise is 52 which is decent, but if you want more Poise then use Wolf Ring netting you 92 Poise.

•Right Hand Options

Claymore +15
-The Claymore is an excellent weapon. It is versatile, has excellent reach, incredible combo proclivity, awesome movesets in both 1H and 2H forms, can perform easy dead angle attacks with WD R1, Running R1 and 2H R2. It's recovery swing has been nerfed so don't expect to rely on stun locks with it anymore.

Combos with the Claymore
[Credits: EWGF]
While 1H
1) R2, R1
While 2H
1) Forward + R2, R1
2) R2, R1
3) While Dodging R1, R1

Balder Side Sword +15
- The Balder Side Sword is possibly the best straight sword you can use. It's attack setup is similar to Claymore but with somewhat less range. However being a straight sword it has a faster attack and recovery than Claymore. It's 2H R2 is similar to 1H R2, which is a thrust. It's WD R1 is very similar to Claymore except it is a running side slash. It is possibly the best straight sword with Sunlight Sword being its only real competition.

Combos with the Balder Side Sword
[Credits: EWGF]
While 1H
1) R2, R2
While 2H
1) R2, R2, R1
2) WD R1, R1
3) WR R1, R1

Note: this build allows you to use a great plethora of weapons not just Claymore.

Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
-Pyromancy is mainly optional. However it is a good option because it does not scale off any stat, only from the upgrades performed on the item. It has some spells that are useful for pressure and/or baiting. I mainly use it for Great Combustion or Black Flame.

•Left Hand Options

Grass Crest Shield +15
-This shield has 95% Physical, 42% Magical, 70% Fire and 50% Lightning resistances with a 63 Stability. While it is equipped whether held or on your back it will grant a slight boost to Stamina regeneration. It is quite useful when 2H weapons.

Canvas Talisman
-At Faith 30 the Canvas Talisman is the most optimal choice as it offers the highest Magic Adjust of all available Talismans: 171. As a Cleric you start off with this item.

•Ring Options

Ring of Favor and Protection
-Adds 20% more Health, Stamina and Equip Load. But if removed it will break. This is the ring I personally ise and mever remove it due to increasing my health, stamina and giving me enough Equip Load for my setup.

Wolf Ring
- The Wolf Ring is a good choice to increase your Poise. With the aforementioned set and Wolf Ring your poise becomes 92.

Speckled Stoneplate Ring
- The Speckled Stone Ring adds +25 defense to Magic, Fire and Lightning.

•Ranged Options

Lightning Avelyn +5
-Lightning Avelyn +5 is a good ranged option that can deal great quantities of damage and put pressure on your enemy. It is most effective when used with Lightning Bolts bought from the Giant Smith. This weapon can be of great use to counter retreating enemies, certain casted spells that have delay and can be used a source of ranged harassment when opponent attempts to heal. However be wary of using it to close to the enemy that he can Pivot BS you as there is a short delay while the Avelyn reloads.

Longbow +15
-I find the Longbow to be stronger than Black Bow of Pharis. Either way you would only want to use it with poison arrows. If your opponent is unready to deal with poisoning proceed to mix it up with Dung Pies.

•Magic Options


Force 21
-Force may not do damage but it makes up for it in several ways. First you get 21 uses out of it. Next is the fact it can cause a stagger, which can be followed up by a backstab or combo. If using Force and Wrath of the Gods, you can fake out your opponent better.

Wrath of the Gods 3
-Perhaps one of the best Miracle spells you can get. It's an AoE that casts quite quickly and creates a blast around you causing damage and/or knock back. However it can be easily dodged by rolls/flips and punished with Roll BS. It is best used when the opponent doesn't expect it and specially when you need space. This spell can be cancelled.

Darkmoon Blade/Sunlight Blade 1
- You want Dark Moon Blade upgraded to +3, which would increase damage by MA * 2.1 making this one of the most powerful weapon buffs available to Miracle users. Sunlight Blade is similar except it stays at a fixed MA * 1.8. Darkmoon Blade is more powerful but also susceptible to being shutdown by GMB.

Great Magic Barrier 2
-From experience Great Magic Barrier blocks about 90% of anything that uses the keyword Magic as damage such as weapon paths like Divine, Occult, Magic, Enchanted and spells such as Dark Bead and Pursuers. Lasts about 40 seconds.


Great Combustion 8
-Great Combustion is perhaps the best Pyromancy spell you can have. It is melee ranged but is instantly cast, deals quite a good amount of damage, has a pretty big hitbox for its range and radius and can cause stagger. Use it like Wrath of the Gods. However if you are able to capture to your opponent in it and get them staggered used it several times then switch to your weapon.

Black Flame 8
-Similar to Great Combustion except it deals physical damage and deals higher stamina damage when blocked.

Spell List
Great Magic Barrier
Darkmoon Blade/Sunlight Blade
Great Combustion/Black Flame
Force/Wrath of the Gods

•Consumable Options

Charcoal Pine Resin (198)
-Adds Fire element and +80 more damage points. Bought from the Undead Female Merchant.

Gold Pine Resin (198)
-Adds Lightning element and +150 more damage points. Dropped by Mushroom Child and Mushroom Parents.

Dung Pile (198)
-Because of the Paladin's inherent resistances it is quite easy to add this to your repertoire. Dung Piles are a good way, although not completely reliable, to put pressure on your opponent by hitting them with Toxic.

Green Blossom (198)
-This greatly increases your Stamina regeneration, do note however that you cannot use Great Magic Barrier while this is active. It drops from Frog-rays in Darkroot Garden and with the nearby Bonfire, a 10 in Humanity and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring you can farm them easily for it. It is also sold by the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen's Fortress.

Humanity (198)
-For those occasions when, while invading, your opposition heals themselves then you might as well forgo the pleasantries and heal yourself.

Personal Loadout
•Full Paladin Set +5
•Claymore +15
•Ascended Pyromancy +5
•Grass Crest Shield +15
•Canvas Talisman
•Ring of Favor and Protection
•Wolf Ring/Speckled Stoneplate Ring

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