Zwei hander build
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icon level icon vitality icon attunement icon endurance icon vitality
    16/19 40/43 40
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16/18 14   50/60  

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Zwei hander build
  • Build Level: 120-135
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats: Faith
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

Lh: Grass Crest Shield+14
Ivory talisman

Rh: Divine Zwei Hander +10
Ascended Pyromancy flame +5

Rings: Havels ring
Dark wood Grain ring

Miracles and Pyromancy:
Wrath of the gods
Great chaos fireball
Great combustion
Sunlight spear
Grave lord sword dance

Armor: Mask of the child
Havels armor
Havels Gauntelts
Havels Leggins/Gold hemmed black skirt(depending on your soul level and endurance)


Build Strategy

Playstyle: This build is great for pvp and pve,a two handed zwei hander will smash like 80 percent of the enemys. Zwei hander is a stamina waster, thats why you need the mask and the shield.The armor is great against physical and elemental attacks,and with this stats and the rings you are going to roll just fine.
PvP strategy and playstyle:You need to learn all the flaws and advantages of a weapon like this, first the flaws:Takes a lot of stamina,If you miss a hit your defense is down and you are vulnerable to a backstab.80 percent of the time you are going to use only R1 attack,And you need a lot of skill to use it.
Advantages:The divine Zwei hander is cheap to make , and you need low str/dex stats to wield it(So you boost faith),and you have early access to this weapon(this build is kinda like the meat cleaver builds of demons,cheap items to make it, great damage in early game)The zwei hander is a reactive weapon, its not defensive nor agrresive, its adapts to the situation, you are going to need a lot of judgment , you cant spam with this weapon(only if you connect a hit).Other great plus of this weapon its that it will crush high poise armors,you have a few of invencible frames and if you hit once is game over,And it has awesome lenght.
Pvp strategy and matches.(this is where the judgment of your moves comes in)
Against magic users, cross bow users and pyromancyers.(Long range )
You are going to roll a lot, thats why you need the ninja ring, you usaully get close in a circular clock wise motion, you can keep the low range battle with spells of your own, you can also trow some chaos fireballs and use the lava in you favor,you can trow magic of your own, but never use wrath of the gods in a long rage battle , its usless and you are asking for a soul arrow in the head.Once you are in its game over, 2 hits is almost a kill.
Against dex builds:If you are fighting against parrying dagger and katanas/rapiers and close combat slashing /piercing weapons,You got this match, usally they dont wear shields so they have an open guard and they are asking for a rage of the gods, just watch out against back stabs,Its a pain to parry this sword, and in a trade battle whith you poise and invencibility frames one swing and its game over.If you can trow them to the ground with a backstab or a R2 attack, when they are getting up you you can spam Great combustion or Wrath of the gods, this match is easy.If they run towards you, they are going to get a R2 punch in the face.
Against blunt a big weapons (Kinda of mirror)
Be a turtler, use a lot of space and distance and turtle with some swings, you have a bigger weapon, of all the great swords yours is bigger and meaner, with your poise usally you win the trades,just be a man and fight! if you trow them to the ground do the magic spaming.
Against spears and long range weapons:
Well you have an extreamly long sword, but not as long as a spear.If you want to fight face to face they have some advantage,a lot more if they have a shield,so dont spam moves, jusy move un circular motion and attack to the sides.If you connect is game over, with your poise you cant take hits, once you are in, is game over.And this kind of gear users wear shilds , this weapon destroys shields.
And the most imporant thing, dont be predicatable.
Well thats my build, i prefer divine zwei hander over occult, it cheaper to make and it deals very similar damage,this weapon is great, is like the new meat cleaver,(without the rolling aoe attack).Its awsome in pve,(you can switch to a halberd if you need use a shield).You can change your armor to a lighter one if you want, you will recover stamina faster , but remember that you need at least 30 to 50 poise .You can use the pyromancys that fit your style but combustion is a must have, wake up spaming is great!and with a weapon like this you are going to put a lot of pressure, sometimes you run out of stamina but if you landed a hit, they get afraid and go away, this weapon its a great pressure giver.
Alternate gear:Mask of the child and elite knight armor set(plus 9 or 10 of course),darkwood grain ring , Hornet ring and occult estoc plus 4 or 5., or occult uchigatana plus 4 or 5 and as second right hand weapon divine zwei hander plus 10,in left hand ivory talisman or ascended pyromancy flame plus 5 and parrying dagger.This alternate gear is focused in back stab and trust, when you do a backstab with estoc or uchi , in the wake up frames of you opponet, switch to zwei hander or rage of god to wreak havok,your spell pool is different because ideally you can only have talisman or pyromancy , you can trow away parrying dagger and use both. This alternete gear is very versatile and parrying dagger is really good with thrusting weapons and hornet ring,plus you can fight agressive and switch to reactive.
You can focus only on miracles or pyromancys or both, this up to you and you preference on spells ,personally i prefer miracles and parrying dagger.

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