This builds a sl40 and consists of Ricard's Rapier, Parry Dagger, Dark Hand, Heater Shield,Catarina Armor, Hornet Ring, Dark Wood Grain Ring.
The class chosen was Wanderer
Stats consist of:
  1. 21 Vitality
  2. 30 Endurance
  3. 20 Dexterity

  • Had 1 more point apart from this so I put it in Strength to get 10 str for equipping the Estoc just to experiment (it was a good weapon to practice parry/riposte skills from the start of the game).
  • My max equip burden is perfect for this build, mainly because at 30 Endurance you get a total of 70 Equip load. With everything on (excluding the Estoc) you get a total of 35 equip, which is right under 1/2 of the Equip Load. This is perfect for when you put the Dark Wood Grain Ring on because when your equip is 1/2 or less, you roll as if it would be 1/4 now. (From what I read on other posts when your rolling is 1/4 it makes parrying better).
  • Obviously one has to experiment with the Onion armor because it says it in the Comments of the armor 'makes it very effective for parrying' (there's still disbelief towards whether this armor actually effects parrying or not). However despite all discussions it's what it is.
  • The shield is a no brainer. Low weight, fast, light, 100%phys and other dmg reduce% are good enough. I've tried parrying with buckler and target shield this one is personally what I prefer to use (seems easier to parry with it anyways). If you want go right ahead and use one of the other two of those shields, I can imagine it's really just the timing when parrying that I was messing up on.
  • Hornet ring (obviously).
  • Dark Hand is great if you think you can get a grab off (feelin' lucky) to get some free humanity (don't rely on it)
  • Everything of mine is at max upgrades so stats are much better. Good thing about Ricard's Rapier is you can put it to +15 and it scales at A (not much with 20 dex but oh well), also can be enchanted. Heater shield +15 is good too, good amount of poise and extra defense. Onion armor is pretty good at +5. Doesn't cost much to upgrade all these things anyways (what I did was I made Anor Londo Darkened so that I could farm 10000 souls off of those 2 dark knights at Chamber of Princess bonfire (right before Ornstein and Smough's room). Easy way to get souls and upgrade most of your gear at Giant Blacksmith. The only things I didn't upgrade are Parrying Dagger and Dark Hand.
  • Go join the Dragon Covenant in Ash Lake for invading people (or friends you can 1v1 against) who have dragon scales (best way to duel a friend is this way mainly because to invade, I believe the other person has to accept the summon by clicking on the Dragon Eye. You can just invade someones world around area's like sens fortress or blight town mainly because people around this level are around those areas. Currently I am Darkwraith just for quick invades. But if you really want to duel a friend Dragon Covenant is the way to go.
  • Comment's would be appreciated. This was just thought up in one sitting. Enjoy

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