This build can be whatever you want but must be based on the principles I set out. If used correctly, this build can use any weapon effectively without having to worry about gathering all of the embers. This is an enchanted-weapon based build.


Your stats will reflect what weapon you WANT to use. If you want to knock people all over the place, get strength. You want to attack fast and maybe add in some status effects, get dexterity. WARNING: This build focuses on melee weapons upgraded via normal, raw, or crystal path. Therefore, you will have little use for intelligence, faith, and attunement.


First of all you can be any class you want, but I suggest the master key gift. (get black firebombs if you want to be strength based) If you choose the firebombs, then when you reach the first boss, dodge a few times, throw a firebomb here and there, and wha-la! You have your pimped out hammer which will be your main strength weapon. I however will choose dexterity based.
I assume that you have played the game quite a bit, so I will just touch on important milestones. Get the drake sword. You will want the large ember as soon as you can get it. Before you beat the Bell Gargoyle(s), pick a stat. (strength or dexterity) Whichever stat you choose you will have to stick with because the other will be leveled only on a need-to bases. Use the drake sword until you open the shortcut between firelink shrine and the depths. Now pick a weapon that scales decently with your chosen stat, (hammer or greatsword for strength, curved sword or dagger for dex) and get it to at least +5, higher if you have enough large titanite. Now you have a choice. You can either get a single attunement slot and buy magic weapon, or you can buy a bunch of charcoal pine resin.....yea, i went with the resin too. Throughout your playthrough you will have to restock on resin and buy some rotten resin for pvp. SAVE THE GOLD PINE RESIN FOR BOSSES! Trust me you will need it for them. Now then, since this build is extremely versitile, you can use any weapon you want. If you want to use a weapon that has an opposite scaling to yours then just make it raw. That will give it a high base and hopefully raise its stat boost.
Don't bother with boss weapons. They can't be enchanted. Also only raise faith or intelligence if you plan on using the weapon enchantments for them. Sunlight blade is the best enchantment as it more than doubles your damage output with lightening and looks fricken awesome. You may want to use lightning or fire weapons if you are doing pretty low damage with enchantments. But know this: a +15 charcoal resin weapon does more than a +10 fire weapon. A +15 gold resin weapon does more than a +5 lightning weapon, and sunlight does even more than that. A weapon with darkmoon blade enchantment has very high magic damage and rivals +5 enchanted weapons used by people with 50+ intelligence. For best results, follow this chain of enchantment.

Enchantment Guide

magic weapon<great magic weapon<crystal magic weapon<darkmoon blade
gold pine resin<sunlight blade
For the ultimate status inflictors, use a +15 weapon with 300 bleeding and enchant it with rotten pine resin for a double dose of poisen.
Always save your most powerful enchantments for bosses and pvp.
While pvping, study your enemy before you enchant your weapon. Lightly armored enemy = fire, Heavily armored = lightning, Slow moving = poisen, Fast moving = Darkmoon Blade or fire. (they have glitchy reach)
Using an enchantment while using the fog ring does NOT make you targetable, just more intimidating. (especially with sunlight or darkmoon blade)
The lingering dragon crest ring works great for pvp and pve as it doubles the length of the effect. However it does not work on resin based enchantments, only magic and faith based.
Enchanted weapons scare most noobs. If they run when you enchant, you are fighting a noob. If they don't run, then show them the power of the mighty multiverse blade!

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