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A build for invading people @ lvl 21 and higher, with great power!
The aim is to invade as low level as possible while still having good defense, poise, health, damage and of course below 25% movespeed.

Starting class

Warrior, as its stats are the best suited. You will put 2 stat points in attunement (kind of optional) and the rest in vitality.

Final Stats

Attunement 10, vitality 39, the rest starting default

Attunement stats points are optional, I used them for power within in PvE and great combustion in PvP. The four kings fight might be tricky to handle on your own without power within or great combustion as the rapier is a very weak weapon vs bosses.

Character info and equipment (link below):

The build

The armor pieces along with the wolf ring provides 56 poise which covers stagger defense against all but the ultra heavy weapons (but those are easy to parry, even with lag) The armor pieces are carefully selected regarding weight, defense stats and poise.
The weapon is a chaos Rapier, a weapon with a very versatile moveset in pvp. You can poke from behind your shield, attack from a distance with the r2 thrust and last but not least it has 110 crit modifier for those lovely backstabs/ripostes. Having a chaos weapon means you can save the stat points that you normally spend on str/dex/int or faith. The chaos wep scales with humanity and you should always be holding at least 10 humanity for this reason.


Optional, but I recommend getting Power Within and/or Great Combustion
You can also attune a Firestorm for farming purposes (good for the farming the Red titanite chunk)


*Make your way through the burg, buy the rapier and level your vitality. If you decide to take on the gargoyles on your own I recommend going to the catacombs first and making your fire rapier (there is a green shard on the way down to the Blacksmith)
*When you reach level 34, save your souls and spend them on titanite for upgrades. The pyromancy flame will take a LOT of souls to upgrade and ascend, but you will have a lot of souls to spare.
*Visit The Great Hollow for extra Titanite
*If you have a friend to help you on bosses, there will be no problems. Otherwise Quelaag, along with ornstein/smough and four kings might be tough.
*If you have never joined the darkwraith covenant before, take a look at The darkwraith covenant as it's a slightly complicated procedure that don't allow for any mistakes.
*There will be quite some farming for you if you wish to fully upgrade all your gear, but trust's worth it.
*After joining the darkwraith covenant you can strengthen your defenses even further by gaining humanity from your invasions. 99 humanity will boost all your defense stats by roughly 110 points.

Pvp tips

The big advantage of the build is that you will be able to invade ANYWHERE. I do however recommend the catacombs and anor londo where you get to invade people close to your own level the most.
Another advantage is you get to practise PvP a lot due to your high health and low level opponents. Note that you WILL have a BIG advantage over many of your opponents. Not many low level players have
this kind of health/def/damage. On the other hand you will occasionally invade players above lvl 100, but this build makes even that lvl difference a fair game.
*if you dont want to become invaded yourself, defeat the area boss before you start invading.
I won't talk about pvp etiquette here because I don't think darkwraiths abide by it. If you wan't to do some roleplaying and be nasty...go ahead, its a chaotic evil covenant.

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