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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Sl 10 Invasion Specialist
  • Build Level:
  • Start Class: Sorcerer
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

  • Ring of favour and protection is a must. Also the red tearstone ring and hornets ring become devastating quickly. Quelaags Furyswords, Baller Swag Sword, and most importantly the bandits knife. I strongly recommend using the tower or cadeceus shield to get the max stability you can, every point helps with 8 endurance. The heater shield is a nice option early but only use it if you need 1 less in weight in late game play. Oolacilce ivory catalyst, Crown of Dusk, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, can turn you into a powerhouse from a distance with the great heavy soul arrow. Also with that 11 in strength you can still two-hand your drake sword or claymore or uchigatana. Crest shield is also a must against Seath,4 kings and any pvp action against a caster. For armour its really hard to say. you have 57.6 equip load with the rofap, so that means you need to stay under 14.4 in weight: shield(3.0)+qfs(3.5)+oic(0.5)+LBK(1.0)=9 in just weapons, that leaves you 5.4 weight for armour. The hollow thieves armour+9 offer excellent protection for chest(2.8)+tights(1.7) then probably the crown of dusk(0.4) or some other item that weighs under 1.1. Another option is to use the heater shield and balder ss to save 1.5 in weight from the weapons and go for the sorcer gauntlets(1.4)


Build Strategy

This is where this class really excells, you have access to the great heavy souls arrow and many useful situational sorceries. Fall control, chameleon and hidden body can be game changers in pvp, leading to crazy surprise backstabs that the silly host and his phantoms didn't even see coming. Remedy and cast light are also very helpful in your pve. Offensively, sorcery really helps in the boss fights like quelaag and super ornstein where some of their attacks can one hit you.
Recommended Game Progression
Early on the Hand axe and scimitar are good options from the undead merchant, they really help with getting the drakesword with your lightning resin too, heater shield is also helpful but i wouldnt bother uprgrading it, just buy the tower shield from andre. Then you should be ready for the gargoyle, or you could rescue the sorcer merchant first. Buy great soul arrow, then go back to the asylum. You can one shot the pesky torch hollows with great soul arrow at this point. Then get your crest shield, and rusted iron ring. Then you can take on the hydra to free Dusk of Oolacile and get your Great Heavy Soul Arrow on. With the great soul arrow and great heavy soul arrow, bosses like the gargoyles, quelaag, moonlight butterfly become cake. From there you'll want to get your lightning spear in sens, along with the gold serpent ring, and make sure you collect at least 4 demon titanite before you go to anor londo. I find with the rusted iron ring and sorcery from a distance, you can easily take at least three in sens fortress. Remember to free logan to get 8 more casts of great heavy, you will need it for the Iron golem. In anor londo there are a total of 6 demon titanites to collect, one guarded by giants on the way to the bonfire with the darkmoon firekeeper, one behind the elevator that takes you down to the actual level, 2 guarded by silver knights in the room by siegmeyer and two more with the titanite demon.(which you can cheese by holding the catalyst in your left hand and standing just outside the rooom it's in). Voila, you now have quelaags furysword plus 5. This weapon is gonna carry you through every boss fight that isn't immune to fire damage. The lightning baller swag sword steps in when it needs too, but doesnt do as much damage or swing as fast, so its really just my backup. Lightning knife is how you will want to use your first titanite slab. Then its off to the great wolf sif, do not forget the hornet ring! 4 kings can be really tricky, you could go for some heavy armour and try beasting them, but you'll want a estus plus 3 for sure. If you plan on dodging, i'd recommend the painting guarding set from the painted world for its magic defence, and keep that crest shield up if you see the magic attacks coming. After that speak to kaathe and donate youre ten humanity and get the red eye orb.
At this point you can realistically start invading anywhere you want.

vp tips, tricks and etiquette

First thing, you will be able to invade a lot of begginners, especially at the church, don't be a ****head. If they have a really*****ty weapon that can barely do any damage to you then it would be only fair to use one yourself. I carrry a*****load of just random crappy unupgraded weapons that i use all the time if i have the host in a one on one and he's clearly a noob. Also drop them a nice present. I find 9 titanite shards to be a very nice present. Send them a friendly message after maybe giving them some tips. You'll find that most noobs will try to strafe stab you and you can easily reverse it by strafing towards them and taking a well timed step backwards. Tell them such. 
If someone bows, and its clearly a 1 on 1 situation, then bow back and have a friendly duel. Still that doesn't mean you can't backstab. most lightning weapons like the claymore can one shot you if you don't have alot of held humanity so punish any mistake your opponent makes. 
3v1 will happen to you alot. Especially in anor londo and before the gargoyle fight. Never bow to an enemy phantom. If one bows to you and you can, bs them. 3 or 2 vs 1 is never a fair fight. If they are gonna be cheeky and bow, then ***** their***** up. You'll also want to use the environment to your advantage. If you see 2 phantoms and a host running at you, run away, it is not cowardly to lie in wait and strike when your prey is most vulnerable. I find jumping off something high with fall control or using hidden body will allow you to sneak in and get your one hit bs on the host or any other phantom that seems vulnerable. But never give your enemy a clear path to the fog door either, it's not like you lose anything if you die anyways, but if they get through that door it was all just a big waste of time. 

Logical Class Progression:

If you do feel the need to raise sl a little higher, the way to go would definately be endurance, the boost to stamina and equip load is very helpful. 
Or raise intelligence right up to fifty, grab the enchanted scimitar in dukes and fully uprgrade it, get the tin crystallization catalyst, take off the rofap and use the dusk crown ring instead. Massive damage and still 4 casts of css. although youll have like 277hp, just don't let anyone get too close.

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