Starting Class

  • Sorcerer


  • Vit 25
  • End 25
  • Str 20
  • Dex 16
  • Int 44
  • Other stats remain the same


  • Crown of Dusk
  • Chain Armor +10
  • Catarina Gauntlets
  • Catarina Leggings

Notes for you:
  • After upgrading the washing pole to +5 you have to get the large ember from the depths, bring it to the first blacksmith andrei he will +6 all weapons.
  • when it is +10 get the magic ember and bring it to the blacksmith in new londo Vinheim
  • when that is magic +5 get the enchanted ember and bring it back to him and enchant it to +5

  • You get this shield in Anor Londo, +10 it then bring it to the giant blacksmith in anor londo he will make it lightning if you only have 1 titanite slab(probably) use it on the chain armor not this

  • Follow steps on website to get crown of dusk
  • i told you where chain armor is +10 it the same way as the weapons
  • Catarina armor is at the top of sens fortress when you jump that gap sold for 8k a piece

  • After you save Big hat logan from sen's fortress he will be at the first bonfire, and sell you this ring for 20k
  • After buying the washing pole from shiva the east kill him and his body gaurd for dark wood grain ring (also heard he will give it to you)
  • Heavy soul arrow, head towards the depths and turn right when you get to the dogs there will be a door with a crying man inside it, open it with residency key (sold for 1k) from undead merchant talk to him and he will go to the first bonfire and sell you spells.
  • Crystal soul mass and crystal soul are sold by Big hat logan after you save him from sens fortress

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