:] Sl 60 build, The Janitor, named because he uses the washing pole. Why is it called the washing pole? Cause I use it to clean up your act and clean out Dark Wood Forest!

Bow/Katana using build, built for either staying a distance or upclose fighting. Either way, their going down.

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Sl 60

  • Starting Class:Bandit


  • Vit 20
  • Att 12
  • End 20
  • Str 20
  • Dex 16
  • Res 11
  • Int 8
  • Faith 35


  • Moonlight Arrows
  • Poison Arrows
  • Remember moonlight arrows do magic damage so they will go through most shields easily, and poison arrows poison obv so even if they have their shield up 2 arrows no more than 3 will poison them.


  • Tranquil Walk of Peace - This can be nooby if you just run around and backstab but I use it in a less bs way, I use it for healers in 1v1 or just for defence to keep them back incase its 2v1 when I invade, and i only shoot them with the bow, its pretty even because they can just block the arrows mostly.
  • Heal

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