Now, this Build, while designed to be a PvP Build, also works wonders in PvE. It is also a work in progress. This is the build so far:

Style of Play: Nimble, very aggressive and emphasis on dealing a great amount of damage in a very short space of time. Wields a Large Club and Lightning Shotel for backup, and makes use of Crystal sorceries for assistance. You can get great defense and poise, and still be able to flip about and move fast.

Covenant: Darkwraith
Class: Knight
Starting Gift: Lightning Washing pole+5 (If only it were that easy. Just pick anything you want.)
Stats (Soul level 150):
  • Vitality: 29 - I aim to get it around 35.
  • Attunement: 16 - This grants you 4 slots.
  • Endurance: 31 - I aim to get it to 45, to string up long combos with the Shotel. Also you want to be able to pull off your Ninja Flips.
  • Strength: 54 - You want your guy to be pretty Macho. You NEED him to be pretty Macho, and 50 Strength or more. This is essential for the Large Club+15 to shine.
  • Dexterity: 28 - You can ignore Dex completley, this was just me upgrading my Dex for diffrent weapons, for this Build, Dex can be ignored.
  • Resistance: 11 - This can be ignored too.
  • Intelligence: 32 - 32 is the requirement to use the Crystal catalyst. We are using sorceries for this build, so remember, The more Intelligence, the more groovy you become.
  • Faith: 30 - If you so desire, you may be a cheap, and use Tranquil Walk of Peace, and Wrath of the gods in PvP. 30 Faith is the requirement for this combo.

Now remember kids. This is just my Current set-up. Feel free to upgrade as much as you can.

You should mainly use the Sorceries here.
  • Crystal Magic Weapon: You will deal about 700 - 1500 damage in a single hit with the large club, when it's buffed with this, depending on your attack, and opponent.
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass: Great to use when charging into the enemy, in most cases, It will stagger them, allowing for an Easy staggerlock. Not Cheap at all.
  • Wrath of the gods: A handy AoE blast, If you use this while Tranquil walk of Peace is active, is frowned upon.
  • Sunlight Blade: Use this if you need another buff once your Crystal magic weapon has run out.

Usable Items:
  • Estus Flask +7
  • Red Eye Orb
  • Lloyd's Talismans (Even the score)
  • Black Separation Crystal (When you realise you have a 0% chance of Winning)
  • Green Blossoms

  • Remember, The Large Club+15 isn't unique! It can be buffed! And it also has an A in Strength. It is better than the great club in almost every way. When used correctly, you will do a metric ton of Damage. The Black knight greataxe is like a toothpick compared to the Large Club. A very large and hyper lethal toothpick, yes. But still a toothpick.
  • Before every battle, always drop an Indictment if you can be bothered. You want to get High in that Book of the Guilty.
  • During battle, your first priority is getting their shield down. Cast your Crystal homing soulmass, and crystal magic weapon, and use your sprinting two handed light attack (With club) while charging at the enemy. If they seem to stubborn to remove their shield, use the Shotel.
  • Timing and position is everything.
  • If you find that your opponent is too nimble, Get back at a safe distance, and Slam that green grass down your throat, embrace it's horrible taste, and whip your shotel out.
  • You need that grass because you aren't wearing the Grass crest shield, as the weight is too much.
  • You should wear Gwyndolin's crown/mask over the mask of the Child, for the extra sorcery damage.And that extra sorcery damage can get you a stagger on the first soulmass hit. To be perfectly honest, that is desired.
  • Since you aren't using a shield, you must be very nimble. So remember that your Dark wood grain ring is Rad to the max, and very groovy. Use it often in conjunction with the Green Blossom.
  • You have weapon buffs. Common sense guys! ALWAYS use them! I would like to see this with 99 Strength. So if anybody has that stat, try this build out.

The attacks you should be using are (With club):
  • Two handed sprinting light attack. (Simply the jumping strike, activated from a sprint)
  • One handed strong attack. ( A good swipe)
  • Two handed light attacks.

So go forth, For great Justice.
Whip out that Club and get some Homeruns.

    • Anonymous

      28 Oct 2017 21:23  

      Starting Gift: Lightning Washing pole+5 (If only it were that easy. Just pick anything you want.)


      • Anonymous

        10 Dec 2016 15:08  

        Instead of having strength just go int and vit and keep every thing else whilest using a moonlight great sword

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