Update as of 21 Nov 2011, I made a further improvement to this build making a 3 slotter possible. The main purpose is to be able to use both Darkmoon Blade (Primary) and Sunlight Blade (Secondary).

Patch 1.0.5 made this already powerful build even better!!

This is a very powerful Darkmoon Blade PvP build using DEX weapons with the Darkmoon Blade buff and Sunlight Blade backup buff plus Miracles and Occult+5/Divine+10 Back-up weapons for support. This is one of the most powerful DEX builds that can be made in the sl 125 bracket.
Video Walkthrough of getting the Darkmoon Seance Ring and joining the Darkmoon Blade
SL 125
Starting Class: Cleric

VIT: 40 (gets you 1590 hp with Ring of Fav & P; and 1820 hp if you also add the Mask of the Mother)
ATT: 14
END: 30 (Plenty of Stamina to use DEX Weapons)
STR: 14
DEX: 40
RES: 11
INT: 8
FTH: 50 (To get the most out of your Darkmoon Blade Buff, Miracles, and Faith Based Backup Weapons)

Recommended Setup:
LH1: Darkmoon Talisman
LH2: Fully upgraded Hollow Soldier Shield, Caduceus Kite Shield, Silver Knight Shield, Grass Crest Shield, Bloodshield, Dragon Crest Shield, Crest Shield, Fire Painting Guardian Sword+10, Lightning Painting Guardian Sword+5
RH1: Uchigatana+15, Ricard's Rapier+15, Winged Spear+15, Painting Guardian Sword+15, Scythe+15, Great Scythe+15, Bandit's Knife+15, Baldur's Side Sword+15 (Main Slot)
RH2: 2 Handed Divine Gargoyle's Halberd+10, 2 Handed Occult Lucerne+5, Occult Scythe+5, Occult Great Scythe+5, 2 Handed Occult Claymore+5, Chaos Estoc+5, Lightning Longsword+5 for its low weight requirement (Back-up slot)

Recommended Miracles:
For 2 ATT Slot Set-up:
Darkmoon Blade + Wrath of the Gods
Darkmoon Blade + Sunlight Blade

For 3 ATT Slot Set-up:
Darkmoon Blade, Sunlight Blade, Wrath of the Gods
Darkmoon Blade, 2X Wrath of the Gods
Darkmoon Blade, Wrath of the Gods, Gravelord Greatsword Dance
Note: I included the Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracle in this build due to DEX based toons being able to cast it faster

Recommended Rings:
1. Ring of Favor and Protection (Generally a safe choice and is user friendly), Havel's Ring, Hornet's Ring
2. Darkwood Grain Ring (Highly Recommended)

Recommended Armor (Darkwood Grain Ring set-up) With Patch 1.0.5 Update
Set-Up 1. Dusk's Crown or Mask of the Mother and any armor set that will get you at least 55 Poise. Mix and match Giant's, Black Iron, Paladin's, Ornstein's, and Favor Sets to find a style you like.
Set-Up 2. Mask of the Father may allow you to achieve 77 Poise with full Giant's Gear (depending on weapons set-up).
Another viable option: If you are willing to forgo the Ring of Favor and Protection, you could swap it with Havel's Ring. The Havel's Ring/Darkwood Grain Ring set-up will get you access to armor sets with 70+ Poise total using a combination of Black Iron, Giant's, Stone, and Havel's armor sets. The downside: lesser stamina pool and Mask of the Mother will become a "must have" to compensate for the hp loss. Fbodieslive gave me this idea. I only recommend this setup to experienced players who can work with a lesser stamina pool.
Setup 3: If you want to hit 77 poise but don't want to use Mask of the Father, there are a couple of options depending on your weapon/shield setup:
  • The lightest setup that reaches 77 poise is Havel's Armor/Stone Gauntlets/Hollow Soldier Waistcloth, giving you exactly 77 poise using 31.4 weight. Using 30 endurance + Ring of Favor & Protection, this leaves 10.3 for your remaining 3 weapon/shield slots (1 is used by Darkmoon Talisman)
  • If you want full giants + mask, that comes to 37.3 weight including the talisman, leaving you with 4.7 weight for your weapon/shield/backup.
  • Another option is to take some points from other stats and put them towards endurance
    • 2 points from attunement is fine if you only want 2 spell slots
    • a few points from Vitality would work as well, however it isn't recommend to go below 35 Vitality. Also if you go below 40 Vitality, Mask of the Mother is a must.
    • Another option is dropping to 12 strength. This means you won't be able to use any halberds, or any katanas. You'll also lose access to the Silver Knight Shield if you go to 12 strength. Otherwise, you still have lots of options available, including most of the good dexterity weapons such as balder side sword, painting guardian sword, scimitar/falchion, quelaag's furysword (for PvE), all daggers, all rapiers.

Recommended Consumables:
Green Blossum
Consumable Buffs (Gold Pine or Charcoal Resin)
Humanity (you can use these to heal between battles or in battle if you are being trolled or if your host is a chugger)

Playthrough Updated with Patch 1.0.5
You need Souvineers of Reprisal as a Darkmoon Blade to obtain the Darkmoon Blade Buff and the Talisman, then ultimately increase its power as you further advance in rank. I selected the Pendant as my "gift" for 1 free Souvineer trading it with Snuggly. You also get 1 by killing Knight Lautrec in Anor Londo. You can get 2 more doing these same events in your second playthrough. The other 6 you must either pull off successful Blue Orb invasions or farm Harpies in the Painted World. Recommend using Occult+5 Weapons or Lightning+5 weapons until you get your buffs.
To get both Darkmoon Blade and Sunlight Blade successfully without risking any glitches, You get Sunlight Blade and any miracles you wish to get from other covenants on your first playthrough. Join the Blades of the Darkmoon on your second playthrough.

Damage Testing Results: Attack Rating increased 35-50 AR with the new patch. I posted both numbers so you can compare
Base Damage: 378 AR Pre-patch; 422 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+1: 808 AR Pre-Patch; 852 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+2: 830 AR Pre-Patch; 874 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+3: 852 AR Pre-Patch; 896 AR Post-Patch

Painting Guardian Sword+15
Base Damage: 357 AR Pre-Patch; 406 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+1: 787 AR Pre-Patch; 836 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+2: 809 AR Pre-Patch; 858 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+3: 831 AR Pre-Patch; 880 AR Post-Patch

Ricard's Rapier
Base Damage: 300 AR Pre-Patch; 335 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+1: 730 AR Pre-Patch; 765 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+2: 752 AR Pre-Patch; 787 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+3: 774 AR Pre-Patch; 809 AR Post-Patch
This weapon has an awesome moveset if you know how to mix up your R1 and R2 combos. Great Backstab and Riposite damage. Hornet's Ring set-up has a chance to OHKO on critical hits.

Bandit's Knife+15 (Classified as a Dagger, has low base damage but swings very fast, DEX Scaling changes form "B" to "A" when upgraded to +15)
Base Damage: 238 AR Pre-Patch; 272 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+1: 668 AR Pre-Patch; 702 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+2: 690 AR Pre-Patch; 724 AR Post-Patch
With DMB Buff at Rank+3: 712 AR Pre-Patch; 746 AR Post Patch
Imagine, you can kill in 4 hits with a dagger with this build!

Baldur's Side Sword+15 (Post-Patch)
Base Damage: 377-385 AR (Depends if you 1H or 2H it)
With DMB Buff at Rank+1: 807-815 AR
With DMB Buff at Rank+2: 829-837 AR
With DMB Buff at Rank+3: 851-859 AR
Winged Spear has about the same AR as Baldur's Side Sword

Great Scythe+15 Results
Base Damage: 482 AR
With DMB Buff: 911/933/955 AR

Build Pro's:
1. Allows you to equip High Poise armor sets because of low burden on weapons
2. Fast Swinging weapons
3. Very versatile
4. Turtling capability
5. Tanking capability with Great Scythe
6. Outdamages CMW buff by a considerable margin

Build Con's
1. Low VIT and END compared with a traditional CMW Dex Build
2. Buff Reliant if you choose not to equip a Divine/Occult back-up weapon to obtain extra poise armor
3. Tough to break guards against turtles and high poise opponents
4. Time consuming to create. (2 playthrough required with some Titanite Slab farming)
PSN: Nut-Hand

Alternate Equipment Setups

RH1: Shotel +15
RH2: Pyromancy Flame
Spells: Power Within + Darkmoon Blade

This is for invading as a Spirit of Vengeance. Shotel +15 with Darkmoon Blade and Power Within will kill anyone quickly even with their shield up. Very easy way to quickly amass Souvenir of Reprisals.

Dragonoid "Glass Cannon" Style Set-up

This style of play is only recommended to the more experienced players. Although you will have an INSANE amount of power, you also bear a huge curse (only 1300 hp, no armor and you will have a time limit to win a match when using Power Within). Below are some tips to maximizing your offensive power in Dragon Form to end a match very quickly.

Armor: Dragon Form (Dragon Torso Stone)
LH1: Pyromancy Flame (Base Level)
LH2: Darkmoon Talisman
RH1: Winged Spear+15
RH2: Scythe+15 (Has the same moveset as the Halberd), Shotel+15 (for dealing with turtles)
Note: I chose these weapons because they have the best chance of landing a hit after stunning with Dragon Roar. Your weapons should be able to 2HKO most opponents (even some VIT gouges) with a chance to OHKO once you go into Hyper Mode.

Spells: Power Within, Darkmoon Blade or Sunlight Blade, Wrath of the Gods
Rings: Wolf and Red Tearstone

Walkthrough: You will need to join Path of the Dragon Covenant and offer 30 Dragon Scales to get rank up to +2 in order to receive the Dragon Torso Stone. This should be done before joining the Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant. Your Dragon Torso Stone will still always work once you receive it (covenant does not matter at that point). 10 Dragon Scales can be found per playthrough (includes getting 1 by trading an Egg Vermifuge with Snuggly). The rest can be obtained 3 ways:
1: Win Dragon Eye Stone PvP Battles
2. Find a Mule or someone who is willing to trade with you
3. Farm the blue Drakes in Valley of the Drakes (equip Gold Serpent Ring and have at least 10 humanity, you should be able to obtain at least 1 Dragon Scale per run).

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