Leviathan925's Sunlight Spellsword (Soul Level: 120)
by: Obsidian_Lord/PSN: Leviathan925

Starting Class: Sorcerer
Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

VIT: 25
ATT: 28
END: 20
STR: 16
DEX: 16
RES: 8
INT: 36
FAI: 50


RH1: Flamberge+15/Sunlight Straight Sword+15 (Flam. is main, bleeding is nice!! Sunlight sword for change-up/attack vary/Sunlight Blade..)
RH2: Tin Darkmoon Cata.
LH1: Sunlight Shield
LH2: Sunlight Talisman


HEAD: Royal helm(looks/def+)/Crown of the Dark Sun(mag dmg+)
CHEST: Gold-Hemmed Black Cloak(build)/Robe of the Great Lord(looks)
HANDS: Brass Gauntlets+5
LEGS: Brass Leggings+5

- with said armor u get around 210-250 in all def. which isn't to-to bad, round 90-110 less then full Havel (not tested, memory only) an you'l least have some poise, w/ Royal helm u get 25, but hey you could always use ring slot i put darkwood grain/booster rings on to boost 50 points giving solid poise to deal with heavy hitters (not recommented, maybe when using Sunlight Blade, i dont use as not getting hit is much better then not staggering an getting hit).


RING 1: Ring of Favor and Protection (Default Gear)
RING 2: Darkmoon/White Seance Ring {Til last Att. slot magic is used up (soul spear)}
RING 3: Darkwood Grain Ring/Hornet Ring {to replace above ring(2)}
RING 4: Ring of the Sun's Firstborn/Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (Temp, use of Miracles/Sorcery, after removal of Att. Ring)

-Will have 7/8(w/ring) slots to work with, heres what i use;

Slot 1: Heal/Greater Heal (PvP must)

Slot 2: Great Lightning Spear (with said stats does 300-500 dmg, use when they are afar, running away, big-whiff an/or are distracted)

Slot 3: Wraith of the Gods/Emit Force (both great, both will hit 350+ on anyone with 50fth)

Slot 4: Sunlight Blade (Whole reason, the 'bread an butter' of build, with stats and gear, AP will be like 620ish with Flamberge an like 560ish with Sunlight sword which i prefer to use during(mostly) cause its faster an u get more swings. An unlike Ele weapons which are 1/2 an 1/2 this is way more lightning dmg which is good as DEF for said element is much rarer. Use when invaded by 2 people, sticky situation's or on worthy foe(s) :)

Slot 5: Sunlight Blade, /Crystal Magic Weapon (<during playthroughs u dont have 3 Sunlight blades, it does bout exactly same AP at SL/stats but u get 3, so better 'hands down' choice but Magic DMG def is on more gear so likely it will do less actual DMG on foes an Sunlight blade fits build 'idea' better plus looks totally bad-a*s)

Slot 6: Sunlight Blade, /Crystal Magic Weapon/Strong Magic Weapon (<for later two same as above)

Slot 7: Homing Crystal Soulmass (your anwser to Fog Ring users, this will make there job much more difficult an with stats if all 5 'masses' land almost game over for enemy everytime. does like 1000-1100 without Crown of dark sun an Dragonscrest Ring, an like 1500-2k DMG with both which will distroy any SL120 build. IF THEY ALL HIT.

Slot 8: Soul Spear (always have this on last slot an try an use these first. Great spell that hits for 400-650 on average depending on enemy MAG DEF, quick spell that i switch spam with Great Lightning bolt, as using lightning bolt from afar will often cause oppenent to think u suck cause ur using lightning when they can see, which is hella easy to dodge due to start-up then quickly fire off a almost-instant Soul spear which normally lands for bout half there HP.

- On occasion il remove 1 Sunlight Blade an Great Lightning Spear an put on my Sunlight Spear, these do around 600-800(w/o) or 800-1000(with ring) each, an sends foe(s) flying back, but u lose 5 spears which will add up to damage diff anyways an (1) of ur best weapon buffs. But this suits builds 'look/idea' better an is still perfectly good. Since you have Homing Crystal Soulmass already as your 'defensive' spell i sometimes knock off WotG/Emit force an add another Soul spear as i find this spell awesome!


- These items i try to have 99 of whenever possible as they are invaluable(required really) for this build

- Green Blossom (due to lower stamina this will help tremendously, always a good idea with any build)

- Charcoal Pine Resin (this and Green Blossom are most used items, use this all the time, cheap! an adds bout ~80-100 fire DMG an a 'flinch' effect, as even tho Sunlight blade will often get u through ur bout, if it doesnt tryin to recast in middle of battle is a def. bad idea, instead gain a lil distance, use a soulmass if need an pop this. I mostly use this an save Sunlight Blades for dire circumstances *caugh double forest invades*)

- Rotten Pine Resin (Flam. already causes bleed, adding poison just makes blocking attacks all the more worst, good on turtler's. Gives Sunlight Sword some edge.)

- Gold Pine Resin (same as above, these you'l have to farm but least its in same/'a' PvP area, best of three resins but harder to obtain)

Made this build when i got Sunlight Blade an loved it along with how Warrior's of Sunlight get to be gold in multi-play, had'nt done a Faith build in DkS yet so wanted to give a go knowing i'd want to belong to sunlight covenant. Not much to say stategy wise that differs from others, you will be on-par with 90% of mages ingame an can easly run melee with the big dogs. With 20 stamina, Ring of Valor/Protection and grass you'l get (5)1-hand R1's, (4)2hand R1's, (3)1-hand R2's and (2)2hand R2'S which will be enough to trigger bleed effect(4 hits normally) on most foe's. With Sunlight Blade thats at least 1200+ dmg from one round of R1's on ANYONE, an if bleed triggers much more. Vitality is low like most of my build's as with stat(25) an ring you'l have 1125HP(with mask like ~1300), not a ton but someone with 40-50VIT an ring is only a couple hundred above you but invested 15+ more points, sides in PvP if u get caught up in a 3+ hit combo from a good build, its probley over so i dont see the point as with 1100+ hp u can take like 2 heavy blows, which is suitable for me. This build is also very flexable with moderate-high attunment an 16 str/dex it can use several weapons, use all but 2 spells in the whole game not counting covenant based ones which adds a ton of strategy/manuvers to ur disposal an gets a ton of Co-op due to covanent. In NG++ an goin strong.

Quick Pros:
- Great all-around build

- Use of pretty much all worth-while spells save a few.

- Build offers much room to custom tune to your fitting.

- No CHEEZY starategy's, no fog ring, no TWoP, no glitch uses.

- with spell set i use, can counter all CHESSE-BALL cheap strategies many NOOBers are using to get easy kills. They use TWoP>Iron Flesh u quicky pop a Crystal soulmass an have Lightning bolts ready to crush them, literally i love when peeps use this as its over for them, 1000+ dmg bolt to there face an they cant do anything. They have fog ring equiped you counter with crystal soulmass, resin/Sunlight blade up an then ready Soulspear for a free-aim shot to the face when they close in(learn to free-aim spells, it catches so many of those cheeser's off guard thinkin there all safe, HA! They use magic shield to prevent DMG you run an fire off a Emit force(to at least harass them), by spamming this they will be staggered/on the run most of the spell time anyways. they spell spam, you light-up weapon then spam right back all the while covering ground an movin in close for the kill. For people who use Devote of Silence just out melee them (Black fire bombs are great during these times, even if just to get that second during their stagger). They try an back-hump you for a critical u WotG them into the ground or just let loose a mixer of kicks, melee an soulmasses to overwhelm them.

Quick Cons:
- Cannot have build exactly like mine till at least NG++ due to being able to only get (1) Sunlight Blade per playthrough or at least NG+ for Lord Gywn's Body.

- Have to kill several NPC's to get gear, including ruining association with the Drakmoon Blade Covenant

- Lower Vitality then most people

- For PvP longevity, you will need to relay on healthy supplies of items

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