Starting Class: Warrior


Vitality - 17 (+6)
Endurance - 25 (+13)
Strength - 14 (+1)
Dexterity - 14 (+1)


+5 Lightning Gargoyle Tail Axe
+10 Fire Gargoyle Tail Axe

Note: You're wielding both of these at the same time. They add to your poison resist, which is why they're the weapon of choice. If you wish to use a shield with the build, you'll be best off swapping in the Bloodshield, though I believe you'll end up with slightly lower poison resist as a result. If going this route, you'll be able to remove up to 8 points from Endurance and maintain the <25% equip load and put the points elsewhere (likely into Vitality), unless you wish to leave them there for stamina purposes.


Painting Guardian Hood +5
Painting Guardian Robe +5
Painting Guardian Gloves +5
Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt


Poisonbite Ring
Rusted Iron Ring


  • Wield whichever axe in your main hand that you feel more comfortable with, depending on if you want to dish out lightning vs fire damage.
  • The stat setup is to give just enough strength and dexterity to use the axes, enough endurance to push equip load to just under 25%, and the rest goes into vitality.
  • Armor is chosen for the maximum poison resistance (gold-hemmed skirt has more than fully upgraded painting guardian leggings), which the axes and poisonbite ring also enhance, bringing you to a total of roughly 850 poison resistance, enough to dance around in the swamp all day.
  • The rusted iron ring, with under 25% equip load, means you can chase anybody down in the swamp.
  • Level is kept low to be able to terrorize just about anyone (you're at 25 with this setup, and a great level to be in range of the average person trying to get to Quelaag).
  • Feel free to use dung pies to stack toxin on top of the swamp's poison (you'll pretty much never toxin yourself with them, having such an absurd poison resistance). Many people have limited blooming purple moss, so they may run out as you toxin them a few times, meaning free, unstoppable damage. Poison throwing knives are also nice to speed up the poisoning process, or if they try to run for solid ground.
  • Keep some purple moss on-hand to cure poison occasionally. It does happen, but it takes a really long time, and you can just use it while standing in the swamp, right before the bar fills up.
  • You can also try to catch the higher levels off-guard by slowly inching the battle toward the boulder-wielding infested barbarians. It's only fair if you're way out-leveled or are facing several summoned phantoms, since you're squishy and have zero poise, after all.
  • Try to keep the fights stuck in the swamp, since maneuverability will be an issue for your victims, and don't worry about being aggressive; the longer you draw out the fight by dodging and back-and-forth movement, the more poison will wear them down. If someone turns and "runs" for it, you'll have an easy backstab waiting to pull off, since you'll catch up to them immediately as they slosh off through the mud.

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