Original Build by Conagan

Maintained by Issac Frost

The Grey Knight, as intended by its original creator, combines mobility, a powerful melee weapon and Miracles/Pyromancy being a very versatile and adaptable build.

[Since Patch 1.05 a lot of what was used in the previous builds are not exactly useful at the moment and a lot of changes means the need to adapt. After countless hours PvPing in Kiln and feedback from excellent PvPers such as EGWF this is what I have found useful.]

SL 2(120) Dark Moon +3
Master Key
Vitality 11(40)-29
Attunement 11(23)-12
Endurance 9(40)-31
Strength 12(16)-6
Dexterity 8(16)-8
Resistance 11
Intelligence 8
Faith 14(50)-36

Armor Options

Giant Helm +5
Giant Armor +5
Giant Gauntlets +5
Giant Leggings +5
-The Giant Set is probably one of the best sets in the game. When fully upgraded it is better then Havel's Set although Havel's Set has high Curse Resistance. It is lighter then the Stone Set and Havel's Set making it a great choice to maintain mobility.

Right Hand Options
Claymore +15
-The Claymore is quite possibly the best weapon in the game. It is versatile, has excellent reach, incredible combo proclivity, awesome movesets in both 1H and 2H forms, can perform easy dead angle attacks and in EGWF's own words:
"Still amazing. A 2-hit from 1-hand (not quite Flameberge R2s however) and combos from R2 and WD. Probably still the best with it's two amazing R2s."

Combos with the Claymore
[Courtsey of EGWF]
1) Forward+R2, R1
2) R2, R1
3) While Dodging R1, R1

1) R2, R1
[Claymore may have other combos experiment with its moveset]

Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
-Pyromancy is a good option because it does not scale off any stat, only from the upgrades performed on the glove. It can compliment your offensive with spells such as Great Fireball, Fire Surge and Great Combustion.

Left Hand Options

Silver Knight Shield +5
-Has solid defense against Fire and Lightning and great stability, but not much defense against Magic. You can compensate for this flaw with Great Magic Barrier. It reduces 75% Fire and 65% Lightning but only 40% Magic. It has a Stability of 76 making it one of the strongest medium shields.

Grass Crest Shield +15
-This shield does not have 100% physical protection nor does it have a high stability. However while it is equipped whether held or on your back it will grant a slight boost to Stamina regeneration. This shield can be very useful when 2H the Claymore.

Darkmoon Talisman
-This is the best Talisman you can obtain in game. You can farm the Crows of the Painted World for Souvenirs of Reprisal and you will need 10 to get Rank 1 in the Darkmoon Covenant but the Talisman is worth it. This Talisman has the highest Mag Adjust of any Talisman. For the time being make use of the Canvas Talisman your class starts with.

Ring Options

Havel's Ring
Darkwood Grain Ring
-These two Rings will allow you to move as if you where at 25% equip load with all the benefits it brings. You move faster, recover stamina slightly faster and gain a superior evasion.

Havel's Ring
Ring of Favor and Protection
-These two rings will grant 70% equip load as well as 20% health and stamina. It is the only way to bypass the normal Stamina cap.

Attunement Slots 6


Wrath of the Gods 3/6*
-Perhaps one of the best Miracle spells you can get. It's an AoE that creates a blast around you and anything caught in it will suffer damage and be pushed back. This can be dodged by rolls/flips and punished with Roll BS so it is best used as a reactive attack and not spammed. This spell can be cancelled.

*You can slot off one of the Wrath of the Gods for another spell.

Great Magic Barrier 2
-From experience Great Magic Barrier soaks up a lot of Magic damage making you almost immune to it. This is probably the best self buff against casters that you can get.

Dark Moon Blade 1
- One combo performed while this buff is up can be extremely devastating. You want Dark Moon Blade upgraded to +3.

Great Heal 3*
-This powerful Heal can recover you to full health giving you more staying power. If you are an invader, this is probably the only healing you can give yourself.

*This spell is optional and you can slot it off for something else.

Pyromancy Options

Great Combustion 8
-Great Combustion is perhaps the best Pyromancy spell you can have. It is melee ranged but is instantly cast, deals quite a good amount of damage even through shields, has a small splash effect and can apparently cause a sort of stagger.

Fire Surge 80*
-This spell acts as a flamethrower and it is a good spell to pressure opponents specifically if you are aiming for a BS. It doesn't deal high damage but it is effective due to its high rate of fire.

*This spell is optional and you can slot it off for something else.

Great Fireball 4/8*
-This spell has a nice AoE effect and deals amazing damage. Like WoTG it can be cancelled. It is best used while not locking on the target but rather manually aiming it also called "hip firing".

*This spell is optional and you can slot it off for something else.

Examples of Spell Setups

Wrath of the Gods 6
Great Combustion 8
Dark Moon Blade 1
Great Magic Barrier 2
Great Heal 3

Wrath of Gods 3
Great Combustion 8
Great Fireball 4
Fire Surge 80
Dark Moon Blade 1
Great Magic Barrier 2

Wrath of Gods 6
Great Combustion 8
Great Fireball 4
Dark Moon Blade 1
Great Magic Barrier 2

Wrath of Gods 3
Great Combustion 8
Fire Surge 80
Dark Moon Blade 1
Great Magic Barrier 2
Great Heal 3

Consumable Options

Green Blossom
-This greatly increases your Stamina regeneration, do note however that you cannot use Great Magic Barrier while this is active. It drops from Frog-rays in Darkroot Garden and with the nearby Bonfire, a 10 in Humanity and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring you can farm them easily for it. It is also sold by the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen's Fortress.

Charcoal Pine Resin
-Adds Fire element and +80 more damage points. Bought from the Undead Female Merchant.

Gold Pine Resin
-Adds Lightning element and +150 more damage points. Dropped by Mushroom Child and Mushroom Parents.

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