This is my role playing build for Lautrec, one of my favorite characters in Dark Souls, this is a definite PVP build modeled after some Faith/Dex hybrid builds on the wiki.
Word to the wise: This is a very difficult PVE build but it can manage if you have a decent shield. PVP wise, this has to be one of the funnest builds I have.
You will be aiming to Level 130 as all the competitive PVP occurs at those levels. Your main two weapons will be shotel's so you will need to get used to parrying.
Currently I have this build set at Soul Level 123, that gives me a lot of PVP action and 7 levels to upgrade my DEX if necessary.

Update, 2/7/2012:
Thanks to user HarlotsLoki for pointing out that Lautrec also carries a parrying dagger. So you may also substitute the LH shotel for a parrying dagger. If you will use a parrying dagger, the most effective one's are either chaos or lightning parrying daggers

Update, 2/12/2012:
User Xx_sLiNkYo_xX sent me an email though my PSN about how to start with the build. I have added a section on what stats you should update first and at what times. This little walk through should make PVE a bit easier.

Sex: Male
Starting Class: Cleric
Starting Gift: Master Key for easy access to Blight town or Twin Humanities because we all know Lautrec loves humanity.

Stats at Level 123:
VIT: 40
ATU: 14
END: 33
STR: 14 (Optional, may leave it at base STR 12. Pushing it to 14 will make PVE easier with the use of the Silver Knights Shield)
DEX: 35
RES: 11
INT: 8
FAI: 50

Helm of Favor +5
Embraced Armor of Favor +5
Gauntlets of Favor +5
Leggings of Favor +5

Right Hand 1: Shotel +15
Right Hand 2: Occult Balder Side Sword +5, or any other high dex weapon like an Estoc or Lightning Ricards Rapier +5, preferably an elemental weapon. So you don't juggle buffing/rebuffing weapons.
Left Hand 1: Lightning Shotel +5, Chaos Shotel +5, or any elemental Shotel you like.
Left Hand 2: Darkmoon Talisman

If you decided to use both a Shotel and a Parrying Dagger on your left hand, you will need to modify your miracle slots and quick item slots. For miracles, you will not be able to use Darkmoon Blade or Sunlight Blade because your Talisman will be carried on your right hand. So replace these miracles with either Replenishment, Gravelord Sword Dance, or Karmic Justice for some happy fun times. If you want to carry your Shotel +15, you will need to carry Resins in your quick item slot. I suggest carrying both Charcoal and Gold Pine Resins.

Right Hand 1: Elemental Shotel, occult +5 would be best but you can also use Shotel +15
Right Hand 2: Darkmoon Talisman
Left Hand 1: Lightning Shotel +5
Left Hand 2: Parrying Dagger, Lightning +5 or Chaos +5

Dark Wood Grain Ring, you may substitute this ring with Ring of Favor and Protection
Hornet Ring, you may substitute this ring with Ring of Steel Protection (favorite) or Wolf Ring
Note: If you use Ring of Favor and Protection, make sure you use it early on. That way you can place less levels in the endurance stat and either get an extra attunement slot, increase your dexterity, or increase of your strength.

Darkmoon Blade, Replenishment, Wrath of Gods (personal favorite)
Darkmoon Blade, Sunlight Blade, Wrath of Gods (NG+)

Blade of the Darkmoon or Darkwraith.

But why these covenants you ask? Well, you are Lautrec, and your main goal is to make life as difficult as possible for your victims. Not to mention that you get more humanity if you destroy your target.

Where to start?
I received this question so to make things easier, I will answer on the wiki because its a VERY long answer :)
Start by leveling up your VIT and END until 18, followed by leveling up your DEX. Once you get to Anor Londo, you can level up your STR to 14 to use the Silver Knights Shield, which is the best PVE Medium Shield IMO; this will help you block PVE enemy attacks that would most likely kill your shield like Bed of Chaos hand swing if you miss a roll, Skeleton Dogs. Don't level up STR until you are ready to move into these areas, this is entirely optional stat but having it makes PVE more bearable. Then you can start pumping your stats into FAI; try to get to 20 FAI so you can use Lightning Spear. Once you get Lightning Spear from the Sunbro's add another ATU slot so you can use two miracles. Once you are there, it's all on you on what to upgrade.
I would also suggest doing a Painted World run as early as possible so you can get both some Souvenir's of Reprisal and the Dark Ember for upgrade.

Note: What ever you do, DO NOT KILL LAUTREC. If you do, you will not be able to get his armor. The only way to get his armor is to let him kill the Fire Keeper at the Firelink Shrine and then invade his world while in Anor Londo, before the Smough and Ornstein boss fight.

As far as weapons go, you can get all of them very early on. Just go through the normal progress route and kill the Bell Gargoyles and open the short cut from the Undead Parish to the Firelink Shrine, this will allow you to farm the Knights of Balder. Once you get a Balder Side Sword, head to the Darkroot Garden and kill the Butterfly boss and take the Divine Ember. Immediately upgrade your Balder Side Sword to Divine +5. Now, farm some souls and buy the Crest of Artorias and join the Forest Hunter Covenant. Talk to Shiva and head down to Blighttown by using the New Londo short cut, now you buy your Shotel's off Shiva. Once you have a lot of them, kill Shiva and his body guard to get the Dark Grain Wood Ring. Now you can upgrade your Shotel's any way you want! Don't forget that there is a free Shotel in Sen's Fortress, it can be found by jumping down onto a platform near the chest containing the Ring of Steel Protection.

Finally, go back to the regular progress path and reach Anor Londo, invade Lautrec and kill him and his buddies. Continue and fight S'mores and Oreos, defeat them, head up to see Princess Gwynevere, opposite to her chamber is Lautrec's Armor.

This is a fun PVP build, your main strategy will be to invade and grief other players. Do this by either using Blue Eye Orb, Red Eye Orb, or Cracked Red Eye Orb. Once the duel starts, make sure you buff your equipped Shotel with either Darkmoon Blade or Sunlight Blade. If your opponent is a turtle, two hand your buffed shotel and start going at it, just make sure you stop swinging before your stamina runs out so you can backup and regen your stamina. For more aggressive builds, I have found that your running forward + R1 attack is very effective; even against rolling opponents.
If you are fighting more than one person, you can always switch to Wrath of Gods to give yourself some space. You may also change the pace of the fight by switching to your Right Hand 2 weapon.
Since you lack a shield, you will have to learn how to roll effectively. You can also use this build to help players out as a phantom because lets face it, Lautrec is not all that bad as he is in fact helping to bring the Age of Dark.
Make sure you have a quick equipment slot fitted with Lloyd's Talisman, Resin of any type, and Green blossoms
The 14 STR will help you wield the Silver Knight's shield, use this shield during PVE when you need extra defense to take out an enemy like the Black Hydra in Ash Lake.
Don't forget to use your L1 attack if you see your opponent trying to do a Pivot/BackStab.

Let me know what you think about this build by posting on the Forums, sending me a message through the wiki, or sending me a message to my PSN account: Kiwi_Commander

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