Created by: PSNID: Kuroichi1991 / WikiID: Andethir / Fextra: Corosar
Soul Level: Varies based on bosses killed
Starting Class: Hunter
PVP Viability: 3/5 (can stand up against most but the heaviest armored Red Phantoms)
Mostly a challenge character for people to try be warned if your not good at pvp this character may not be for you as you have to be reverse hollowed
Equip Load
00 - 40
(If wolf ring is equipped)


Ending Value
Varies to 42
(starting at 1.5 bars every boss you kill you must
level till you got an additional half bar per boss up to 10 bars)
28 / 34
(depends on rings as to fit all spells at the same time)
varies up to 40
(for stamina and equip burden as needed)
(need no more to wield everything)
Untouched (Raise if needed)
as needed for poison res
(for Crystal souls spear)
(for Great Magic barrier and buffing the Master Sword)

Weapons Usable , Equivalence , and rules if required (Can be any level of upgrade you choose)

Standard Dagger
lvl 1 sword and kokiri sword (MUST ACQUIRE)
Divine Broadsword
before Divine upgrade Skyward sword after Master sword (MUST ACQUIRE)
Fire Broadsword
lvl 3 sword (Tempered Sword)
Lightning Broadsword
lvl 4 sword (Golden Sword)
Raw Claymore
Big Goron's sword (have to dual hand it)
Raw Blacksmith Hammer
Megaton Hammer (have to dual hand it)
Divine Short bow
Magic bow / Fairy Bow
Claws x2
Digging claws (Has to be equipped in a pair)
Arrows are not limited but can only use
standard ,wooden , large , feather = Standard
Fire = Fire arrows
magic arrows = Light arrows
Optional: set a maximum of 30 arrows combined rest
50 After Sen's fortress
70 After Anor Londo
Max of 30 firebombs of any type (black and standard combined total)
40 After Completing Sens Fortress (Iron golem)
50 after Anor Londo (Ornstein and Smough)
allowed unlimited stored in Bottomless box
Optional: Can't use bottomless box to store spares must buy or find the max amount as needed
Wooden Shield (Not upgraded)
Deku shield (MUST ACQUIRE)
Knight Shield
Hylian Shield (MUST ACQUIRE)
Blood Shield
Red Shield (LTTP) (Optional)
Eagle Shield
Mirror Shield(Optional)
Note: if States MUST ACQUIRE you can get it through trading with other players but it must be done before defeating lord Gwyn.

Armor (Must equip when acquired) (can be any level you choose)

Tattered Hood
Brigand Hood
Wanderer's Hood
Sorcerer Hat
Priest's Hat
Looks most like link's hood
Leather Armor
Looks most like link's tunic (Starting gear)
Leather Gloves
Looks Most like link's gloves (Starting gear)
Leather boots
Looks Most like link's boots (Starting gear)
Any Tearstone
As a substitute to the low health beeping noise which is not in Dark souls
Any non Ring of Favor
or Tiny beings ring
For they mess with the Health bar system of this challenge / Build

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies (must try to equip all of them if unable to equip the ones you can use)

(Can use anything needed to cast the spells)

Type And Equivalence
Lightning spear
Miracle - Ether Medal
Miracle - Farore's wind
Great magic barrier
Miracle- nayru's love
Miracle - Quake Medal
Pyromancy - Din's fire / Bombos
Fire orb
Pyromancy- Fire rod
Crystal soul Spear
Magic - Ice rod
Magic weapon / great magic weapon
Magic - sword charge
(must use great once obtained)
Miracle - Life

Covenants available and reasons

Way of White (He is a Hero)
Warrior of Sunlight (Due to the Triforce)
Princess Guard (Zelda is a princess thus apply)

Covenants Unavailable

Path of Dragon (Must remain in human form)
Chaos Servant (Dark Path which is incompatible with links character)
Darkwraith (Evil Covenant thus unavailable)
Darkmoon (Invades which is a dark path)
Grave lord (Evil Covenant thus unavailable)
Forest hunters (Invades which is a dark path)

Additional Rules

  • After acquiring a Divine broadsword (Master Sword) Link gains the ability to detect any evil intention in a person (for example Lautrec (Not revealing any more)) and is able to slay them
  • Estus is ALLOWED
  • You can white Phantom to other peoples world or summon other players (FOUR SWORDS EFFECT)
  • you can invade other players (DARK LINK EFFECT)
  • for the first couple of bosses you will have more health than your suppose to have this is ok as long as you have 1.5 bars plus a half a bar per boss killed must not go over after the boss count catches up
  • no poisons as to they are an evil ailment
  • no bleed as to they are an evil ailment (The Claws are an Exception)
  • Additional: If you wish you may add the rule that reflects one of links personal traits the fact he hates public property mostly pots and bushes chop the out of them if you wish to add this to the challenge
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : NO ESTUS relying on the evil eye ring for sustenance (FOR PROS ONLY)
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : MUST BE ALIVE FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME AFTER THE ASYLUM if there is humanity on your corpus then you may recover it and immediately revive once you run completely out of humanity you lose the challenge and must restart. (AVERAGE CHALLENGE BECAUSE OF THE FACT YOU CAN FARM HUMANITY AND EARN THROUGH WP)
  • This Build is Part of the co-op triforce challenge Zelda can be found here Ganon can now finally be found here.

    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2017 02:05  

      can you tell me what to do about the whole master sword thing i dont get it, can i get any of the master swords or is there an order or what i dont get it, i have the devine sword now dont know if im suposed to get the others or not

      • Anonymous

        04 Aug 2017 02:06  

        This is a fantastic idea! I've been looking for something to spice up my Souls experience. Thanks :).

        I think putting in an "order of obtaining" items would make it sound less daunting, but it's a fun build regardless

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