SL 3 Darkwraith; Lautrec of Carim
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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: SL 3 Darkwraith; Lautrec of Carim
  • Build Level: 3
  • Starting Class: wanderer
  • Gift: master key ( you will use it probaby just once to get havel ring )
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Lightning Falchion +5 (this is your main pve weapon), Lightning Shotel +5
  • Left Hand: Lightning Shotel +5, pyromancy flame (unupgraded)
  • Armor: 
    you will be using two sets of armour during your gameplay progress:
    elite knight armor
    upgrading elite knight armor to +10 is higly recommended, since this is armor you will use to "tank" four kings and smough and ornstein.
    havel ring
    steel protection ring
  • Spells: Power Within


Build Strategy

- you will be able to invade anyone anywhere
- bonus props for roleplaying

- a tad hard
- no shield gameplay ( you would not use any shields to block, due lack of stamina to absorb damage, and you will be inable to use shields with descent stability anyway )

So, after playing dark souls for quite awhile i decided to share my build for roleplaying Lautrec and how to become a darkwraith on sl 3, to be able to invade anyone anywhere ( almost ) 
this is a bit build and heavily rely on parry and dodging, both pvp and pve. 

so, starting class is wanderer because: 
you have enough dex & str to use falchion ( this will be your main bosskill weapon, since it's 2H R1 spam is fast enough ) 
you have enough atunment to have one spell slot, and here goes power within (PW) 
you have enough intelligence to buy dragon lingering ring , which will be quite usefull in couple with PW 
you have enough stamina to midroll in armor with havel ring and all types weapons you will use. 
you have enough strenght to use quelag furysword two-handed 
you have enough str & dex to use lightning spear two-handed 

quick walkthough 
first of all, you will need to do a suicide rush to blight town to get falchion. This will be your main boss kill weapon. 
next, you will need to buy rapier and equip it to right hand, scimitar will be used in left hand, so you will get used to parry animation and it's duration. 
rapier will be your main pve weapon against regular humanoid enemies. 
after you got rapier, go to tower basement and kill havel to get havel ring. it will be slightly faster using rapier then any other weapon. 
your next stop is elite knight armor, and it will be your main armor set untill you will kill four kings 
you will need to pick up lightning spear to get rid of iron golem 
you will need to join forest hunters to buy one shotel, in blight town and abandon it after you become darkwraith obviously. 
you will need hornet ring, you don't need to fight sif, just get there after you established forest hunters covenant and stay away from sword. ring is behind the grave. 
you will need to visit lower undead burg and kill capra demon to get large ember ( no tips on killing capra othe then dodging his attack at first, getting up on high ground, killing dogs and killing capra while dodging. no need to try to use shield to block his attacks, since your lack of stamina, so two-hand your falchion and roll, this is your strategy for every boss in game ) 
you will need steel protection and gold serpent rings 
you will need crest shield from undead asylym 
don't forget to pick up shotel in sens fortress, you would not use it as weapon untill you will become darkwraith so no need to upgrade it 
You will spend all souls you earn for weapons and armor upgrades. and keep character on starting level. 

Fight style

your fight style will be pretty simple: you parry with scimitar and two-handed riposite with rapier and hornet ring. this is how you will deal with all enemies except bosses. 
so, untll annor londo, your weapons loadout untill will look like this: 

Pre- Anor Londo weapons loadout

slot Weapon
right hand 1 falchion +5 / +10 ( you will turn it into lightnign later )
right hand 2 rapier +5 /+10
left hand 1 scimitar +5 / +10 ( you will use it to turn it into quelag furysword later )
left hand 2 pyromancy flame (unupgraded)

after you reached giant blacksmith you upgrade your falchion to lightning to use against Smough and create quelag furysword, which you will use to kill Ornstein. 
now your loadout will look like: 

Smough and Ornstein weapons loadout

slot Weapon
right hand 1 lightning falchion
right hand 2 quelag furysword ( this is your weapon against ornstein, aswell as you will use it to riposite silverknighs in two-handed mode and just hit them one as they stand up )
left hand 1 grass crest shield ( don't worry it will be useless for blocking against any boss and especially s&o, due your lack of stamina, so don't even try to block and just go two-handed, and yeah this is how you will fight all the bosses, sl 3 is sl 3 afterall)
left hand 2 pyromancy flame (unupgraded) which you will use for power within

havel ring, steel protection ring and lingering dragon crest ring if you are planning to use power within agains super-smought or super-ornstein ( posible without ) 
elite knight armor 
before killing smough and orsntein you would want to kill knight Lautrec of Carim to get his armor after s&o fight. best way to kill him is get next to colomn where he and his buddies stand and wait for him to come to you. you will have a moment to parry him and if he would not die after that you should run away and catch him same way again. it may be hard, but this is one of the ways ( you don't necessary need to use pwer within, but if you willing, try to riposite him with quelag sword and hornet ring. not sure if he will die in one shot, since i killed him in 2 riposites and one hit using lightning falchion +1 ) 
it doesn't really matter who you will kill first and last, but i recommend to use power within only on super-ornstein or super-smough. 
alright, after you done with them, you can breath freely, but don't talk to frampt of you would not be able to become darkwraith, anyway only 2 more bosses left to become darkwraith, so your next stop is great greywolf sif. 
use power within and lightning falchion to kill him, get covenant of artorias ring and move to the next boss: 
four kings. 
you will need crest shield aswell ( pick it up while returning to unded asylym after finishing of knight ricard, and you don't need to fight demon down below anyway, unless you really desperate for titanite slab ) 
i highly recommend to farm titanite chunks on darkwraiths to upgrade your elite knight armor and lightning falchion, and of course you will parry them too. it's better to use quelag furysword, since it will be one riposite and one hit or even just one riposite, depends on how much you upgraded quelag sword. 
after you consider yourself as ready you can run in. 
your loadout will look like: 

Four Kings weapons loadout

slot Weapon
right hand 1 lightning falchion
right hand 2 power within
left hand 1 crest shield ( you will block aoe and magic ball using it , other then that useless )
left hand 2 empty

elite knight armor, havel ring and covenant of artorias ring 

your tactic will be simple: as soon as you on ground in abbys use power within and switch to falchin in two-handed of course. get close to king and spam him with r1. if your health is on 3-4 or half - heal. don't even block regular attacks and dodge only when you are about to heal. 
you will kill 3 of them quite quickly and then your power within will ran out, so you just heal yourself and kill the last one. 
bam! kaath appear and you place lordvessle with him, talk to him again and return to the abbys, he will ask you if you want to learn lifedrain, you say yes and you are SL 3 darkwraith. 
feel free to use souls gained to upgrade favor armor and ONE shotel, since another will be used to parry only anyway. 

next stop is pvp 
what you need to know about parries in pvp? if you followed instructions above and used scimitar to parry enemies in pve you got used to curved swords parry animation, it's duration and have no habbit to press L1 anymore, so only couple of details left 
in pvp you parry when person is abot to attack, not when animation started or in mid swing ( blind parry ) you will get used to it after some practice 
another type of parry is parry on 2nd hit, so if thats a fast weapon ( straight sword/katana/fist ) you press L2 right after you got hit 1st time, so your opponent will be stunned. 
thats pretty much it. practice make it perfect, so enjoy invading anyone anywhere as Knight Lautrec the embraced on your SL 3 darkwraith

have fun!

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    • Anonymous

      I wish the authors of these builds would be kind enough to update the page specifying that this kind of twinks can't be used in the Remastered anymore.
      Reason ? Weapon matchmaking.
      Bringing an upgraded (and even infused) weapon at low SL in the Remastered version will pretty much deny you any invasion, you will just stare at the screen as the message "Searching a world to invade" will pop out infinite times without actually finding any world.

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