The Witch of Pain
A lvl 85 PVP build
The Witch of Pain is a build based on massive damage dealt with Sorceries - Pyromancies, that relies on unpredictable use of magics and various tricks. I prefer to stay at SL 85 having noticed that at higher levels there are very few invasions; at this SL pvp is everywhere ;)
Now to the core of this build:
Starting class: Pyromancer
Gift: Universal Key
Sex: Female (you're a witch after all)

Soul Level: 85
Vitality: 30
Attunement: 23 (6 spell slots)
Endurance: 25
Strenght: 16 (to wield Moonlight Greatsword one-handed)
Dexterity: 10
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 44
Faith: 8

Spell Selection:
Crystal Soul Spear
Homing Crystal Soulmass

Great Fireball (not essential)
Great Combustion
Fire Surge
Acid Surge

RH1: Moonlight Greatsword
RH2: Pyromancy Flame +5 (Ascended)
LH1: Dark Hand (Very good shield 80.0 on all source of damage)
LH2: Tin Crystallization Catalyst
Head: Crown of the Dark Sun (+20% to Pyromancies)
Chest: none (due to the burden - need to stay under 25%)
Hand: Gold Hemmed Black Gloves
Feet: Gold Hemmed Black Skirt
Rings: Ring of Favor and Protection + Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (+33% pyro and sorc damage)
Items: Green Blossom, Lloyds Talisman, Humanity.

As you could have noticed, this build does not rely upon Ring of Fog - Magic Shield - Walk of Peace and other bugabusing specs. I prefer to play fair and simple and smack a couple of 600 dmg combustions on the face of those using those cheap tecniques.Said so, this build is fair simple to explain, a little harder to master: keep distance and force your target to leave an opening to land an Homing Crystal Soulmass or Crystal Soul Spear.That may be not easy, but a good trick is to use Acid Surge to either break your foe's equipment and stay hidden (they cannot see through the cloud, so cast in that time).Pyromancies are really good too: getting a Great Fireball in is 60% win, due to it's massive damage. Fire Surge will help you on people keeping up their shield, and Great Combustion rocks when the fight goes melee.This build has some downside: due to the low Poise, if someone gets you into their 54-hit-combo-i-have-500-endurance, you're finished. But as long as you can keep distance or overdamage with combustion, you're fine. For For ring users: use Combustion. Only way to win ;(
Sorry for my english, I'm Italian and I may have done some mistakes ;)
I'm trying to look if there are better armor sets that gives more Poise - chest usable and keeps you undeer 25% burden.
Currently pvping at Kiln of the first flame, come and try!
My PSN ID is Spirale83

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