Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt

icon_prot_phy.png 23 icon_res_poise.png 0
24.6 icon_res_bleed.png 32
23 icon_res_poison.png 78
23 icon_res_curse.png 0
icon_prot_magi.png 27 400
icon_prot_fire.png 49 3.0
icon_prot_lightn.png 17    

Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt is a Leg Armor in Dark Souls.


Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt Description

"Worn by the witch Quelana of Izalith, mother of pyromancy and Daughter of Chaos. She wore this gold-hemmed black skirt before even the Age of Fire, and it offers strong resistance versus fire, poison, and other perils."



Where to Find \ Location




  • Cannot be upgraded
  • ??





Leg Armor

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