Build Name
npc placeholder
icon level icon vitality icon attunement icon endurance icon vitality
    12 10 11
strength dark souls icon dexterity icon intelligence icon faith icon resistance
15 10 8 25 11

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name:
  • Soul Level: 20
  • Starting Class: Cleric
  • Starting Item: Master Key
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

After arriving at the Firelink Shrine use the bonfire to upgrade your stats so encase you do die you don’t lose as much. Proceed down the stairs directly left of the Crest Fallen Warrior, simply follow the path down to the elevator, don’t worry about the undead in the ruins they are passive so you can just walk past without being engaged, once you come into an opening head right into a small tower and climb and open the door to the Valley of Drakes, cross the small bridge and head left.
There will be a large sleeping dragon, with 2 corpses under his right shoulder, walk as slowly as you can and as close to his claw as possible without touching him and you should be able to pick the Astora’s Straight Sword without disturbing him, if he doesn’t wake you can try your luck with getting the Dragon Crest Shield and dodging his claw swipe, if he does wake, just run and get the shield and try as hard as you possibly can to dodge his attack, chances are it will one shot you if you get hit, but no sweat.
If you have died run back the same way down into the valley but instead go right into Blighttown, Run past the Barbarians, when you reach the platform there is a chest at the far end to the left which gives you the Key to New Londo Ruins, the ladder to go down it located off a very small platform, if you are lucky the barbarians following you will fall off and you will gain 500 Souls each, climb down the ladder to the next level and if you wish kill the Cragspider, you can just dodge him with ease, descend 3 more levels, kill the Mosquitos but make sure you don’t get hit by the Dart shooter or else you will get the toxic debuff and die very quickly, when you are on the same level (Platform) as the dart shooter, run to the right while facing away from the ladder, there should be a path which leads to another ladder, descend it and run past the cragspider just to the left of the ladder, there should be a few roots making a bridge to another platform, cross it and try not to get hit by the dart guy, You will encounter a cragspider that you will need to kill because the platform isn’t very wide, don’t climb the ladder and go to the end of the path and you will pick up the Crimson Set which all the pieces will be a upgrade from the original armour, after you have picked it up, return to Firelink shrine.

This part you are not going to like, go up towards the Undead Burg but with Astora’s sword the Undead are easy to Dispose of, once you get to the bonfire just in the little keep just past the crossbow undead this is where you start the very annoying grind of killing all the undead in the area again, and again, and again. A Tip for Killing the undead spearmen, if you 2 hand the sword you should be able to stumble them in one shot and then just simply do a follow up and done and dusted.
Once you get 25 faith proceed to go up the tower at the very end of the Burg and Kill the Taurus demon (See Note). After killing him cross the bridge follow the path down and Cross the Bridge and run into the little area just under the bridge via the stairs half way across the bridge. If you don’t have a bow at this point use the shortcut to go and see the undead merchant and buy a bow and some 100 wooden arrows from him after that go up to the lower area of bridge and proceed to shoot off the dragons tail (takes about 45-50 shots). Once you have the sword go back towards the Bonfire and go up the stairs, if you run out quickly and make the dragon breath fire you can get about 500 souls. After the bridge is clear the little area you come out at should be a safe zone where the dragon wont engage you with his flames, remove all your armour and test how far you can go out onto the bridge before he attacks you, equip your bow and fire an arrow at him, when it’s about half way there, leg it up the bridge towards him and he should fly down and land half way between the stairs and the area he’s guarding, you should be able to get to the bonfire under him and light it and rest at it, once you do that he will fly away, don’t forget to open the gate. After you have done that, go into the area on the right of the statue, there will be a few passive undead and a broken statue, walk up to it and you should be able to interact with it, join the covenant and you will be awarded with the Lighting Spear Spell.

Additional Notes
Lighting Spear Spells – This Guide was made for Offline Solo Play but Online is also a path you can take, Greater Lighting Spear is only 5 faith up from the basic Spell and is a Valid Choice for anything past level 30 since it has the same charges as the Original but has more damage and you can acquire it if you find the originals damage lacking, However to use the Sunlight Spear you are required to Stay with the Covenant to use, so it is pointless to get if you wish to choose another covenant.
Taurus Demon – If you use the Drop down attacks on him while 2 handing the sword, you will kill him in 2 hits, it can be a little annoying to avoid his side swipe but he’s generally very easy to kill, just make sure you kill the archers first.

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