Sage Freke
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
    18 40 40
Strength dexterity Intelligence Faith Resist
  21 50    

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Sage Freke
  • Build Level: 120
  • Starting Class: Pyromancer
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.






Weapon Description
(R1) Iato +15 You should use this later in the game, after you have gotten Greater Magic Weapon. For the beginning get the Uchigatana and upgrade it with either lightning or enchanted. This will also be useful when you run out or are trying to preserve casting of GMW .
(R2) Pyromancy Flame Leave this alone. You will be using Power within witch will take out more life per second depending on it's reinforcement level. Feel free to swap it out for something else when you are not facing a boss.
(L1) Grass Crest Shield
This shield is very nice. It will boost stamina recovery and has good magic defense.

Use sanctus if you plan to use Power Within on low health.
(L2) Tin Crystallization Catalyst Use this as soon as you get the int to wield it properly. This will greatly increase the damage of your spells. Pair with Dusk Crown Ring for more castings but only equip the ring before a boss fight. It is also a bit optional since you can get spells more than once in each playthrough. Use Oolacil Ivory Catalyst for soul levels 12-32.




Item Description
Crown of Dusk This will add a 20% damage bonus to your spells (except CMW and CSS) but subtract 30% magic resistance. Always have this on.
Catarina Armor +5 This set will allow you to have high poise and damage reduction without having to do a fat roll. Use other sets untill you get enough equip burden to use this set. I would recommend the Sealer set or just plain old Wanderer set.
Catarina Gauntlets +5  
Catarina Leggings +5  
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Buy this as soon as you can. This will add a 33% damage bonus to your spells, except for CMW and CSS. With the combined buff from this and the Dusk Crown, Greater magic weapon will outdamage CMW.
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring This ring will increase the length of sorceries by 50%. Take off for boss fights and replace with another ring.
Dusk Crown Ring This ring will add additional casting but take half your health away. If you're going to equip this, do it before a boss and always use Red Tearstone Ring while you're at it.
Red Tearstone Ring Remember hyper-mode from Demon's Souls? Well here it is in Dark Souls. This ring will increase your damage by 50% when you health is below 20%. Use this for bosses and pair with Dusk Crown Ring and TCC for some amazing damage.



Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies

Name Type (Magic, Miracle or Pyromancy)
Greater Magic Weapon I know what your thinking, "Huh? Why GMW and not CMW?". You should use Greater Magic weapon because CMW doesn't get the bonus damage from Crown of Dusk and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. With both of those, my Uchigatana +10 was matching the damage from my other character witch was using CMW and had higher dex!
Soul Spear This spell is very damaging and perfect for those tough bosses. Use this instead of CSS for the same reason above. You can use soul arrows untill you get this. Feel free to double stack it too!
Power Within This will increase your damage output by another 50% but slowly take away health. Only use with an unupgraded pyromancy flame. Again, use this with just before a boss fight. If you're going to use this with health less than 20% then use Sanctus.


Build Strategy

-Can use all sorceries
- Ability to wear medium armor
- EXTREME DAMAGE, a maximum of 120% increase for damage! Very good for one or two shotting bosses.
- Has the recommended vit and end

- Low damage output at the beginning
- Very low health if you plan to use Red Tearstone ring or Dusk Crown Ring

-Kill the merchant early on to gain access to the uchigatana
-Use Oolacil or Logan's catalyst for regular mobs
-You will not get the full advantages of this build untill New Game +, therefore it is recommened for experienced players who plan on going through multiple playthroughs
-Can one hit kill others in pvp but getting a hit is unlikely due to how easy it is to dodge soul arrow.
-There are 5 extra points and a bit of equip burden left so you can experiment a bit.

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