Starting Class: Cleric
  • SL - 120
  • VIT - 40
  • ATT - 19
  • END - 40
  • STR - 36
  • DEX - 8
  • RES - 11
  • INT - 8
  • FTH - 40


Attunement Slot 1
The Wrath of the Gods
Attunement Slot 2
The Wrath of the Gods
Attunement Slot 3
Great Magic Barrier
Attunement Slot 4
Great Magic Barrier
Attunement Slot 5
Great Lightening Spear or Great Heal


Right Hand 1
Grant +5, Large Club +15 or Divine Large Club +10
Right Hand 2
Left Hand 1
Grass Crest Shield
Left Hand 2
Canvas Talisman


Crown of Dusk or Crown of the Dark Sun
Paladin Armor +5
Paladin Gauntlets +5
Giant Leggings +5
Slot 1
Havel's Ring
Slot 2
Ring of the Firstborn, Cloranthy Ring or East Wood Grain Ring
This build was inspired by Havel and his hate for all sorcery.
  • Miracles - Pretty self explanatory, GMB to shut down magic users. Wrath of the Gods to have an offensively viable miracle. Great Heal to heal.
  • Equipment - Grant is finally viable now thanks to 1.05 fixing scaling, but it's still outclassed in damage by some other choices so I listed my favorite alternatives. Grass Crest Shield for the stamina regeneration and the Canvas Talisman because it has the highest Magic adjust at 40 faith. You should make sure to carry lots of Green Herb and Repair Powder with you at all times.
  • Armor - This was to fit the theme, but the armor choices provide great defense and poise, both of which are critical for PVP.
  • Rings - Pretty self-explanatory, Havel's Ring for a higher equip burden. Ring of the Firstborn to boost miracles. Cloranthy Ring to stack with the stamina regeneration of the Grass Crest Shield. Lastly, EWGR to be able to use Grant's 2hand R2 more. Choose whichever is more important to you.

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