Created by: Vikerness
Soul Level: 100
Starting Class: Warrior / Bandit / Hunter / Pyromancer; Master Key Gift
- Fast, unpredictable, great for mid range fighting, punish with black flame or great combustion in close range
- None


HP Stamina Equip Load Poise
1,708 169 <25% 53/56



Stat Ending Value
Vitality 45
Attunement 16 (4 spell slots)
Endurance 33 (for fast roll with any of the armor sets below)
Strength 14 (for weapon diversity / katanas)
Dexterity 45 (absolutely needed for fast casting pyromancies)




Item Weapon Set 1 Weapon Set 2
RH1 Balder Side Sword +15 Balder Side Sword +15
RH2 Rapier +15 Winged Spear +15
LH1 Ascended Flame +5 Ascended Flame +5
LH2 Heather Shield +14 or Target Shield +14 Heather Shield +14 or Target Shield +14



Item Armor Set 1 Armor Set 2
Head Family Mask / Pharis's Hat +9 / Thief Mask +9 / Witch Hat +5 or whatever works for you Family Mask / Pharis's Hat +9 / Thief Mask +9 / Witch Hat +5 or whatever works for you
Chest Maiden's Robe +9 (replace this with Painting Guardian Robe +5 if you want to use R. Rapier instead of the normal Rapier) Chain Armor +9
Hands Havel's Gauntlets Elite Knight Gauntlets +9
Legs Havel's Legging Hollow Soldier Waistcloth +9
Ring 1 Havel's Ring Wolf Ring
Ring 2 Ring of Favor and Protection Ring of Favor and Protection


Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies


Name Type (Magic, Miracle or Pyromancy)
Black Flame, Great Combustion, Great Chaos Fireball (or whatever you prefer instead) Pyromancy

Stat Progression:

Start out bumping up your DEX to 14 (for Balder’s Side Sword) and STR to 14 (to use the 2H Drake Sword and later on the Katanas)
Alternatively you can bump your STR to 16 for the 1H Drake Sword and even more weapon diversity (Chaos Blade / Silver Knight Spear etc...) trading either 2 Vitality points or 2 Attunement points (thus replacing Great Chaos Fireball with Great Fireball)
By the time you reach Ornstein and Smough and the end of Anor Londo it is recommended to have around 30 VIT and 25 END, with the rest in dexterity.


- get Havel’s Ring and the Grass Crest Shield with the help of the Drakesword

- upgrade your Estus Flask to +1 with the firekeeper soul found in the Undead Parish Church BEFORE going down in The Depths;

- The Depths: get the Large Ember guarded by the Butcher and free Laurentius

- Blighttown: get the firekeeper soul, join the Chaos Servant covenant (for Great Chaos Fireball) and upgrade your Estus Flask to +2; after you get your Great Chaos Fireball you can kill Quelaag’s Sister too for an extra firekeeper soul although its not recommended just yet

- returning to Undead Parish, buy the Weapon Smithbox from Andre of Astora, get the Balder Side Sword from the Balder Knights guarding the church (you’ll need at least 1 active humanity and 4-5 runs) and upgrade it to at least +6 before going in Sen’s Fortress; in Sen’s Fortress you will find enough Large Titanite Shards to upgrade your sword to +10, do that at the next bonfire

- Anor Londo: use the Black Eye Orb before the boss area, invade Lautrec, heal yourself with humanity if you need to and get your Ring of Favor and Protection

- After Ornstein and Smough are dead and you get the warp ability DO NOT TALK WITH FRAMPT and do not place the Lordvessel (or else you wont be able to join the Darkwraith covenant anymore); instead go down to New Londo Ruins and:

- get the key from Ingward, lower the water, get the Very Large Ember, use a homeward bone, warp to Undead Parish and upgrade your sword to +14

- return to Undead Asylum, kill the Stray Demon and further upgrade your sword to +15

- your next task will be to kill Sif the Great Grey Wolf and get his ring (it is way easier to kill him now with a fully upgraded weapon); with Sif dead you can return to New Londo Ruins, kill The Four Kings and join the Darkwraiths!

- time for The Duke's Archive, spend the souls you get from Seath on upgrading your pyromancy flame to at least +10

- Lost Izalith: with the pyromancy flame at +10 warp to Daughter of Chaos, go down in Blighttown and talk with Quelaana before (and after) Lost Izalith; she will not appear if you have completed Lost Izalith without speaking with her, thus losing the ability to buy her spells or ascend your pyromancy flame; make sure not to miss the Sunlight Maggot beyond the respawnable Prawling Demon found just before The Bed of Chaos

- Catacombs: downgrade the occult club found in Anor Londo to a +5 divine club and use that along with the Sunlight Maggot for The Catacombs; when meeting Patches he will ask if you are a cleric; make sure to answer "no" and forgive him after he tricks you, otherwise you wont be able to purchase the family masks from him later on

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