50 Builds

Build Name Starting Class Created by
Twisted Metal (NOT FINISHED) Bandit Codemanster0
Obsidian GS SL50 Build Warrior / Bandit Vikerness


100 Builds

Build Name Starting Class Created by
VelkaKnight Wanderer Jakeylakes
DEX / PYRO Warrior / Bandit / Hunter / Pyromancer Vikerness
DEX / INT Wanderer / Sorcerer Vikerness
Moonlight Warrior Wanderer / Pyromancer / Sorcerer Vikerness
Quality Build Attempt Warrior / Hunter / Bandit / Pyromancer Vikerness
Obsidian Greatsword Co-Op Faith Cleric Xcelentx
(125) Cleric HugstheMarshmalo



200 Builds

Build Name Starting Class Created by



201+ Builds

Build Name Starting Class Created by

First, you will need to become a member of the wiki. If you are not yet a member, you will need to create an account and wait for a mod to accept it. This should take no longer than a day I believe.
To post a build, first click the "Pages and Files +" button located in the top left area of the wiki page. Name the page the same name as the Build that you have created and are posting. Set the template to "PC Build Template". Insert any tags that are related to the build. Copy the url of your newly created page.
Once you've created the page, come back to this page and click "Edit" in the top (you have to be a wiki member to do this). Click inside an empty box located under "Build Name" in the correct SL chart. Type in the name of your build, highlight it, click "Link" on the tools bar, and put in the url of your page as the link. Fill out the "Starting Class" and "Created by" box and click save :) -Steps provided by CM

-Started by Codemaster0 (AKA Codemanster0)

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