Low SL PvP Build


This is a PvP build, purely designed for taking on higher SLs in most middle areas of the game, and can also do quite well in later areas. It's mainly focused on your equipment, ability to dodge and quick thinking. As it it a low SL, you will not have much hp and therefore will not be be able to take many hits from most of the players you will be coming up against (1-3 unblocked before death.) If not using the "Bottomless Box Glitch", it will also require an adequate amount of PvE and preparation before you start sole PvP. This can be difficult, and i suggest that this build only be used by more advanced players, or those looking for a real challenge. With this build, the right equipment & skill, you should be able to take out players who are hundreds of SLs higher than you with difficulty, and anyone <SL100 with ease. It's offensive style will focus on a Katana, high stamina recovery, and hard hitting Pyro spells.


As stated previously, you will either need to be prepared to complete up to mid-game, or do the "Bottomless Box Glitch" before you are ready for full PvP. This will require completing up to, and including, Anor Londo. So be ready to work pretty hard.
As a starter class, you will be picking Pyromancer, and for the gift, masterkey. Pyromancer can be a very heavy DD class at the start of the game, and will make it easier for you to progress through parts of the game needed, as will the Master Key in saving you time with making this character. Below is To Do List, which i advise you complete before playing any sort of PvP. They can really be done in any order, as & when you feel ready to do them, but obviously some must be done before others (i.e Ringing both bells before Anor Londo.)
  • Fully Ascend your Pyromancer's Flame
  • Ring both the Undead Parish Bell, and also the one before in Quelaag's Domain
  • Defeat Havel
  • Acquire both the "Large Ember" & "Very Large Ember"
  • Purchase all Pyro spells from both trainers
  • Acquire other Pyro spells from around the "Dark Souls" world
  • Kill the Undead Merchant (Male)
  • Defeat "The Four Kings"
  • Enter the Darkwraith Covenant (Optional, but the most recommended covenant)
  • Kill Shiva of the East's bodyguard
  • Access to the Giant Blacksmith

You will also need to obtain several pieces of equipment, but i will go into more detail in the Equipment section.


As a Pyromancer, you will starting with these stats:

Vit: 10
Att: 12
End: 11
Str: 12
Dex: 9
Res: 12
Int: 10
Fai: 8

The basis of this build relies on using a weapon which requires 14 Str & 14 Dex, so those will be the first two stats that will be reinforced. This is will give you a SL of 8, after this, i recommend that you put 7 points into Vit, finishing you off at a SL of 15. Really, you can put those 7 stats (or more) into any stat really, but i feel you should put them in Vit, as it will usually help you survive a backstab from someone in PvP. 12 Attunement will give you 2 magic slots, which can help as you can have either 2 offensive Pyro spells, or one offensive spell & one buff spell.

Your finishing stats should look like this:

Vit: 17
Att: 12
End: 11
Str: 14
Dex: 14
Res: 12
Int: 10
Fai: 8

Obviously, you can mix & match a bit here, as the stat points won't be much help past the 14 Str/Dex. I only chose Vit for that bit of extra health, but you could put it in anything really.


Head: Mask Of Mother/Father/Child - Elite Knight Helm +10
Chest: Elite Knight Chest +10
Arms: Hard Leather Gauntlets +10
Legs: Elite Knight Leggings +10
R1: Lightning Uchigatana +5
R2: Ascended Pyro Flame +5
L1: Grass Crest Shield +
L2: Heater Shield +
Rings: Dark Wood Grain Ring / Havel's Ring

There are several pieces that you can change in this lineup, but this is just a suggested set, as it's what i use myself. One of the most important things is being (or being like) under 25% weight. As you don't have much HP, you need to be able to avoid or have high def armor to take a hit.




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      There are some people who misuse this build30 Mar 2016 04:23  

      I've seen people invading at the parish with this build, I usually slaughter them with my own low level build

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