Dragon Knight
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
    16 40 32
Strength dexterity Intelligence Faith Resist
16 10 99 8 12

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

  • Build Name: Dragon Knight
  • Build Level: 150
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stats:  Intelligence
  • Link to Dark Souls Calculator: Add link here.


Build Equipment

Right hand:

Enchanted Claymore +5 totals: Damage = 628 193/435/0/0 with 99 Intelligence
Someone might ask why not Bastard Sword since it has stronger damage with same requirements. My answer is that Claymores move set is just better. It has the same basic attack, but its strong attack is far reaching thrust. Bastard Swords strong attack is one and the same with Zweihander which is overhead slam with much smaller range than Zweihander. Of course this is matter of opinion do what you please, both weapons are good. 

Tin Crystallization Catalyst 
Tin Crystallization Catalyst totals: 315 Magical Adjustment with 99 Intelligence
Halves sorcery casts, but extends the damage of them to MAX

Logan's Catalyst 
Logan's Catalyst totals: 250 Magical Adjustment with 99 Intelligence
This option is for those who would not like halved sorcery casts which Tin Crystallization Catalyst gives. 

Left hand:

Crest Shield 
Crest Shield +5 totals: Weight = 3.0, Stability = 66, Defenses = 100/80/55/45
I prefer this shield, because it's great shield stat wise, especially since your faith is low which means your magic resistance is low


Set of Favor 
Set of Favor +5 totals: Physical = 178.3/169.3/206.8/178.3, Magical = 88.3/110.1/69.8, Resistances = 47.0/82.7/68.6/68.6
I am using this, but any other medium or heavy armor will do the trick. Why I am using this? Because of its epic looks and with bit of a farming it provides good defense at low weight


I will some options to go by, but I recommend Havel's Ring/Dark Wood Grain Ring and Ring of Favor and Protection at low sls. 

Havel's Ring 
Increases your maximum equip burden by 50%

Dark Wood Grain Ring 
Allows you to move as if you had 1/4 equip load if you have up to 1/2 burden. Also makes your character a flippin' ninja

Ring of Favor and Protection 
Increases health points, stamina and equip load by 20%

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring 
Increases spell damage of your sorcery spells 26%

Dusk Crown Ring 
In some events this ring could prove its uses. Halves HP, but grants extra sorcery casts

Ring of Steel Protection 
If you can move freely in your medium armor this ring will make your lovely medium armor a heavy armor. Increases your physical defense by 50 points. 


Build Strategy

This build is still on testing, but as far as I am concerned it start to shine above sl 50. (9.11.2011)

Sadly I haven't been updating this guide for sometime now. Reason for it is that my xbox 360 went dead few months ago and never truly got my Dragon Knight much farther than sl 50. For my luck one of the user (Uriel1339) of this guide contacted me and volunteered to help and has now provided In-depth Equipment & Spell guide. Also he's more than sl 150 using this guide so it very much works. All thanks to him testing it out since I'm not able to. (27.6.2012)

This build focuses on sorceries, good defense and still being able to swing your sword to do some damage. It's very fun to play and I consider it fairly easy to play in PVE and PVP.
Someone might ask themselves why a Dragon Knight? Well because it sounds rad and because sorcerers study a Dragon school in order to learn their soul spells. Knight comes to play, because of his/her bulkyness, hard-hitting Claymore and stout shield.

Starting class: Pyromancer (You can get your sorceries very early from Rickert the blacksmith in New Londo, Catalyst & Soul Arrow spell costs 2500 souls.)
Gift: Which ever you fancy, though before 1.04 you can find all gifts from Lordran but not Master Key.

  sl 1 sl 25 sl 50 sl 75 sl 100 sl 125 sl 150
Vitality 10 18 20 24 26 28 32
Attunement 12 12 12 14 14 16 16
Endurance 11 18 24 34 36 38 40
Strength 12 16 16 16 16 16 16
Dexterity 9 10 10 10 10 10 10
Resistance 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Intelligence 10 14 31 40 61 80 99
Faith 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Note: If you can manage with lower vitality and endurance feel free to put Int as soon as possible to 99 for better scaling of your Claymore and spells. If you ever get to above 150 sl put points to vitality. 


In-depth Equipment & Spell guide by Uriel1339



Time estimated Armor
Start Pyromancer Set
  Don't upgrade it, you will get rid of it soon!
Soul Level ~ 20~25 (Before Queelag) Wanderer Set
  Upgrade ONLY the Manchettes to +10, they will be even better than Gauntlets of Favor!
  Acquired in Blighttown / Quelaag's Domain in the Swamp Area, before the Bonfire which is close to the Dragon Scale.
Soul Level ~ 20~25 (Before Queelag) Crimson Set
  It is better than the Wanderer Set and most other armors and lightweight, only problem later on is that it's only upgradeable to +5.
  You get it in Blighttown Swamp, when you go up with the watermill elevator and then walk over a tree.
  You will use this set a pretty long time, and if you think its cool, then better enjoy it as long as you can.
Soul Level ~?? (Before Sif) Crown of Dusk / Antiquated Set
  You won't need the Antiquated Set, the Crown of Dusk is interesting!
  Before you plan to get this you do NEED the Rusted Iron Ring from your re-visit to the Northern Asylum
  The rest depends on your skill when to get it, since you have to beat Crystal Golems and a Hydra in the Darkroot Basin.
  The Crown of Dusk will increase your Sorceries and Pyromancy if worn, but you get more damage since your Magic Defense will be reduced by 30%. (Sounds alot, but is worth it since magic using enemies are pretty rare)
Soul Level ~?? (After Seath) Big Hat / Logan's Set
  Like the Antiquated Set, it's not for the Logan's Set, but for the Big Hat!
  The Big Hat ist he ultimate Magic Defense headgear and is needed against some Bosses or areas with alot of Sorcerer enemies.
  The Big Hat +5 has 66,7 Magic Defense alone!
  You get it by following the questline of Big Hat Logan, which is recommended anyways for the ultimate and later needed Spells, without them you go down.
Soul Level ~?? (Before Ceaseless Dis.) Gold-Hemmed Black Set
  Here you go again for the whole Set, you will need it from time to time against fire enemies, latest around NG+ or NG++.
  It gives the best fire resistance you may get scoring 162 Fire Resistance by wearing the whole set, which is pretty useful for some encounters. Also it's very lightweight.
  You get it by starting the Boss fight with Ceaseless Discharge, so you will get it by playing the storyline, if you don´t happen to miss it. Exact location is right when facing Ceaseless Discharge.
Soul Level ~?? (Before Orn. & Smough) Havel's Set
  This is your main Armor when you want to get rid of Favor Set, since Havel's Set provides best defense whole game, but it will come with great cost as this is the most heaviest armor you can find. When you get used to it it will be kickass armor!
  Wear this set ONLY along Havel's ring! Exception goes for some battle strategy against Four kings or Gwyn.
  You obtain it in a secret way in Anor Londo, around the area where the bonfire is where Solaire is sat down.
Soul Level ~?? (After Orn. & Smough) Favor Set
  This will be your main Armor, depending on your gamestyle and latest around NG++ I suggest. Especially when you get it since Havel's Set weight might be too much at the time.
  It is a very good and cool armor, but forget the helmet! You won't EVER use it since its bad for you due to no special effects.
  Follow the Lautrec Questline to get this Armorset!
Unique Armor Pieces
Soul Level ~?? (Before Bed of Chaos) Sunlight Maggot
  Best fire resistance helmet AND provides light source for the dark places like the Catacombs.
  Dropped by redeyed Sunlight Maggot in Lost Izalith, Solaire has it on his head if you don't save him on the bridge with the Titanite Demon, around the area before Bed of Chaos.
Soul Level ~?? (Before Seath) Symbol of Avarice
  Increases Soul drops, important for Farming Souls. (Important for Logan Quests + Spells)
  The last Mimic you kill will drop it 100% so kill all Mimics in Anor Londo and Archives of Duke.
Soul Level ~?? While / After Pinwheel Mask of the Child
  Increases Stamina Regeneration, important if you are fond of blocking and dodging.
  Dropped by Pinwheel or bought by Patches if you say to him when he asks you if you are a cleric "no" and then kill Nito and in Firelink Shrine he will appear as a merchant.
What to wear against most of the encounters you face?
  Vs. Asylum Demon, Bell Gargoyle, Capra Demon, Crossbreed Priscilla, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Nito, Ornstein & Smough etc.
Meaning that you can practically play the whole game with these ones equiped.
  Crown of Dusk or Mask of the Child depending on your personal gameplay and preference, but for NG++ you should consider using Crown of Dusk for max Sorcery Boost.
  Armor of Favor +5 OR Havel´s Armor
  Wanderer Manchette +10 OR Havel's Gauntlets
  Leggings of Favor +5 OR Havel's Leggings
  As mentioned you need to use Havel's Ring in order to operate like a normal being while using the Havel's set pieces. Second ring is optional good option is Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring among many others.
What to wear against some unique encounters you face?
  Vs. Chaos Witch Quelaag, Ceaseless Discharge, Centipede Demon, Bed of Chaos and eventually Gwyn if you want to try it out against him.
NG & NG+ and further Sunlight Maggot
  Gold-Hemmed Black Cloak
  Gold-Hemmed Black Gloves
  Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt
  Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring or Fire Resistance Ring
  Dark Wood Grain Ring or Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
  Vs. Four Kings
  Here things get tricky there are few options to go by. For me personally I prefer going on light-weight & magic resistance instead of the physical defense focus, except on 1st playthrough since that is easy in comparison to NG+ and further.
NG Havel's Helm
  Havel's Armor
  Havel's Gauntlets
  Havel's Leggings
  Covenant of Artorias
  Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring or Dark Wood Grain Ring
NG+ and further Crown of Dusk or Havel's Helm or Big Hat
  Antiquat or Havel's Armor
  Antiquat or Havel's Gauntlets
  Antiquat or Havel's Leggings
  Covenant of Artorias
  Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring or Dark Wood Grain Ring

Changed links to equipments more appropriate. Also some fixes to overall look of the page and added additional Catalyst. (10.11.2011) 

Added In-depth Equipment & Spell guide by Uriel1339 which will help to endure some of the hardest fights and also just making the game as Dragon Knight more enjoyable. (27.6.2012) 

Added only armor section for it for the moment I'll add the rest soon as I'm able. (27.6.2012)

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    • Anonymous

      Excellent build! This was my fourth attempt at the game since 2013. Two of the first three attempts never made it past the Gaping Dragon. This time I got the Lordvessel for the first time ever, and beat the game around level 90. I'm currently on my NG+, and I'm looking towards a full complete by the end of NG++.

      I didn't end up using the Favor set, although I followed all of your other gear recommendations. When I wanted Medium armor, I started off with the Silver Knight chest and legs, since I could farm souls to upgrade it early at the Giant Blacksmith, and later switched to Elite Knight when I could upgrade them. By the time I got to 33 Endurance, I didn't need the Ring of Favor anymore to make weight. Switching to the Black Leather chest and legs gets me in under 25% weight for when I need to be more mobile. Wanderer's Manchette was my first +10 and I haven't taken it off since. I've been rotating my head pieces from Crown of Dusk, Elite Knight Helm, and Big Hat, as needed. Wanderer's Hood is a decent piece for early on when I was still using the Silver Knight set.

      Seath the Scaleless was a difficult fight, being resistant to magic. Because I saved a few Endurance points by stopping at 33, I put 3 extra points into Dex so that I could wield Quelaag's Furysword, and it helped to be able to properly wield a shortbow for some situations. I upgraded my shortbow along the Magic path and it does some nice things like one-shotting the mosquitoes in Blighttown.

      Hope this helps!

      • Anonymous

        This build looks really fun. I'm about to start my first playthrough in a long time, and I foresee this being a really cool way to play.

        One thing though - I plan to divest some of the faith points into other stats so I can wield Artorias' Greatsword with it. Anything I should know or anticipate by doing this (other than obviously weaker spellcasting)?

        • Anonymous

          Love the guide, it's working very well for me and is super intertaining :-)It is, however, kind of unclear whether to upgrade what when. Should I spend twinkling titanite on upgrading the crimson set to +5? Or save them for later?Thank you in advance, please keep up the good work :-)

          • You say we get rid of pyromancer armor soon but not until we reach blight town so why? There are 2 bosses you need to beat 3 if you count gargoyles and 4 if you count the new asylum demon from the revisit

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