Hello! This is my first PvP build, and I have had a lot of fun with it, so I hope you will, too!
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Overall Level: 89
Vitality: 30
Attunement: 23
Endurance: 30
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 45
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 10

Right Hand: Ascended Pyro Flame +5, Fire Uchigatana +10
Left Hand: Ascended Pyro Flame +5, Dragon Crest Shield +5
Rings: Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, Havel's Ring/ Dark Woodgrain Ring
Armor: Gold-hemmed Black Hood, Black Cleric Robes +5, Black Maanchette +5, Heavy Boots +9
Pyromancies: Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball, Great Combustion,Fire Tempest, Fire Whip/ Fire Surge


Basically, this is is a really fun build, although it is not that hard to use. You should mainly use your Fireballs and Fire Tempest on groups of people and slow people. Use your Great Combustion, Uchigatana, and Dragon Crest Shield on the relatively fast people. Fire Whip/ Fire Surge should always be thought of as a backup and always use sword and shield before resorting to this, as they are relatively slow casting spells, even with 45 Dexterity. But most of all, have a fun time!

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