Seath the Scaleless setup( SL123 )

This build is based off of the boss and uses weapons and magic in the game that are related to him. The weapons choices allow a diverse play style but require you to be pretty nimble with what your doing to use everything to its maximum effectiveness, especially because your not going to be wearing any armor.
Starting class- Pyromancer
  • Vitality- 30
  • Attunement- 16
  • Endurance- 40
  • Strength- 24
  • Dexterity- 26
  • Resistance-*
  • Intellegence- 50
  • Faith- *

  • Right Hand- Moonlight Greatsword +5, Moonlight butterfly horn +5
  • Left Hand- Dragon Crest shield +5, Tin crystallization catalyst
  • Rings- Bellowing Dragoncrest, Wolf Ring-Ring of favor and protection-preference
  • Armor- Courage and your non existant scales

When I was first setting it up I thought I was going to be using the dragonslayer spear instead of the moonlight butterfly horn but because of the intellegence the horn is a bit stronger so you dont really need anything higher than a 16 in your strength. You can throw the extra points in vitality or dexterity to bump up your casting speed....or whatever. I also started building up the vitality and endurance first when i was making the character, and worked on intellegence wayyyy later, just because its easier for me to play with a character that can tank some stuff. For this setup your going to need to be in the dragon covenant until you have around 40 scales to upgrade your sword and become a dragon, which is kind of the main point, the easiest way to do this, besides sitting around trying to invade people, is to blast through playthroughs and collect all the dragon scales you can, there are about 9 you can get each game, 7 of which are pretty easy. The last 2 require you to trade egg vermifuge, which i never had, to snuggly, and go through painted world, which I never did because I was blasting through. You get 5 of the other seven from ash lake, 1 from the Hydra in Darkroot, and the last from the undead dragon near the entrance of the cave that leads to blighttown.
Whatever you want!!!! BECAUSE YOUR AN IMMORTAL DRAGON, atleast in your insane immagination, you poor scaleless creature.
...but here are some suggestions, roaring helps to fend off backstabbers if you get the distance right so you dont get hit. I suggest not trying it against the longer ranged weapons though, like spears and whatnot. Also if you think you can get in a good hit from the opening made by your roar, jump in and smack them because you have a dammage boost. The dragons fire is a good finisher but i suggest not using it at the beggining unless you see a big opening because it leaves you open for backstabbers...I have a mild dislike for people that just fish for backstabs the whole match, incase you haven't noticed. Your spells can also provide good openings for melee hits if you use them right, and if you can manuver your opponent into them 2-3 full hits from any spell should murder pretty effeciently.

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